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Happy Hump Day!

I didn’t know this until the other day, but Heels-Up Harris is not the first “Person of Color” to be Vice President. From Wikipedia:

Vice President Charles Curtis.

Charles Curtis (January 25, 1860 – February 8, 1936) was an American attorney and Republican politician from Kansas who served as the 31st vice president of the United States from 1929 to 1933 under Herbert Hoover. He also previously served as the Senate Majority Leader from 1924 to 1929.

A member of the Kaw Nation born in the Kansas Territory, Curtis was the first person with any Native American ancestry and with acknowledged non-European ancestry to reach either of the highest offices in the federal executive branch. He is the highest-ranking enrolled Native American ever to serve in the federal government. He is the most recent Executive Branch officer to have been born in a territory rather than a state or federal district.

Turns out he wasn’t 100% Native, (who is anymore?) although he was 3/8 so than Liawatha Warren:

Born on January 25, 1860, in North Topeka, Kansas Territory, a year before Kansas was admitted as a state, Charles Curtis had 38 Native American ancestry and 58 European American ancestry.  His mother, Ellen Papin (also spelled Pappan), was Kaw, Osage, Potawatomi, and French.  His father, Orren Curtis, was of English, Scots, and Welsh ancestry.  On his mother’s side, Curtis was a descendant of chief White Plume of the Kaw Nation and chief Pawhuska of the Osage.

And he was a Republican.  Use that, True Believers, next time you hear a lefty crowing about Heels-Up being the first “Person of Color” to hold a job once famously described as being with a “bucket of warm spit,” which now that I think on it, may actually make her uniquely qualified, being of little more value than that herself.

And so…

On To the Links!


Inflation is costing the average American family an added $375 a month over last year.

Dolly Parton is Magnificent.  She surely is; a great talent and truly, sincerely a good person.  There are still a few around.

Elon Musk let’s Biden)’s handlers) have it again.

$7 a gallon gas, brought to you by the Biden(‘s handlers) Administration.

Funny how this never happens up here in the Susitna Valley.

If I find this horrible, is that kink-shaming?  Probably not – it’s not kink-shaming when the “kink” is literally murder.

Yeah, but I bet it won’t last.

Good luck with that.

No shit, Sherlock.

No shit, Sherlock Part Deux.

I love a happy ending.

If America were invaded, Republicans and independents would stand and fight.  Democrats would run.  Draw your own conclusions.

Is Ukraine really winning?  They seem to be giving it their best shot, but the old soldier in me says they still have an uphill fight.

DeSantis for President, 2024, please please please!

The Dow has been taking a big dump lately.  Hang onto your 401ks, at least until the Imperial City decides to confiscate them in the name of “fairness.”

This Week’s Idiots:

Chuck Todd is an idiot.  And it’s schadenfreudealicious.

The San Francisco Chronicle’s

Stacey Abrams is still claiming to be the Governor-in-Exile of Georgia – and she’s an idiot.

Paul Krugman (Repeat Offender Alert) remains a cheap partisan hack, and an idiot.

Donna Brazile is an economic illiterate, and an idiot.

Some ideas are so stupid, you’d have to be an “intellectual” to believe them.

Salon’s Kathryn Joyce is an idiot.

Vox’s Rebecca Leber is an idiot.

The LA Times’ Michael Hiltzik is an idiot.

Jonah Goldberg is an idiot.

This Week’s Cultural Edification:

A while ago I posted a video from Tom Petty, who we lost much too soon.  In that post mentioned his long-term friendship and sometimes partnership with Stevie Nicks.  Their styles and voices went together well, and I’ve long thought it was kind of a shame they didn’t work together more.

Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers collaborated with Stevie on a number of projects, but my favorite is from Stevie’s first solo album, 1981’s Belladonna.  The song, of course, is the classic Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around.

And, without further ado, here it is.  Enjoy.