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Rule Five Biden’s SOTU Lies Friday

Yes, I watched Joe Biden giving the State of the Union speech last week, and even though I was a couple of shots of Pendleton whiskey in before the debacle started, I was still barely able to keep myself from throwing things at the screen.  The President poured out falsehoods like a manure spreader, and the Democrats in the House and Senate, led by the execrable Kamala Harris, stood and clapped like trained seals at every turn.

Here, as documented by The Federalist’s Shawn Fleetwood, are some of the more egregious of at least 20 lies the President spewed out.

Biden claimed former President Trump told Vladimir Putin, “Do whatever the hell you want,” regarding Russia’s invasion of Eastern Europe. But that’s not accurate.

The former president’s remarks came during a recent South Carolina rally, during which Trump recounted a story from when he was president and speaking with a NATO member. Trump purportedly told this state that he would withhold U.S. support if they didn’t pay their minimum defense spending obligations.

“‘You didn’t pay? You’re delinquent?’” Trump recalled telling the unidentified NATO member. “‘No, I would not protect you. In fact, I would encourage them to do whatever the hell they want. You gotta pay. You gotta pay your bills.’”

Misquoting or quoting out of context is an old political trick; one of my favorite examples is the landing of then-President George W. Bush on an aircraft carrier which was flying a banner saying “Mission Accomplished,” widely spun to mean that the U.S. mission in Mesopotamia was complete when it clearly was not; what that banner meant, of course, was that the carrier’s mission was accomplished, as in that their deployment was ending, and they were heading home.

Biden falsely claimed the Covid jabs are “now being used to help beat cancer.”

I have no idea where the befuddled President go that one. It’s patently false.  Hell, from what we’re learning now, these jabs shouldn’t even be being used to treat COVID.

Biden falsely claimed he “cut the federal deficit by over one trillion dollars” and has been “delivering real results in a fiscally responsible way.” Both claims are false. In fact, the U.S. national debt has risen by more than 6 trillion since Biden took office.

Anyone capable of looking at a balance sheet should be able to determine that this was an outright lie; but then, politicians in general traditionally aren’t very up on, well, numbers.

There’s a lot more where that came from; go, then, and read the whole thing.  But now, after a little over three years, nobody – nobody – should be surprised at the ease with which Joe Biden(‘s handlers) just roll out outright lies.

The one bright spot?  Speaker of the House Mike Johnson’s eye-rolls and facial expressions.  Check them out for yourselves; it’s worth it.

Rule Five Imported Traitors Friday

I wrote about this over at RedState on Tuesday, but wanted to get in some more thoughts, unfiltered, here, where I drop F-bombs if I want – and in this case, I will.

I wrote:

Ilhan Omar’s speech here – she was speaking in Somali, which makes one wonder if she presumed nobody would bother with a translation – betrays her real allegiance, which is not to the people of Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District, as per the oath of office she took (but has clearly abandoned) when she was elected to the United States House of Representatives. She does not consider herself to be an American, instead claiming to be a “Somalian first, Muslim second.”

Where does American come in her calculus? Nowhere, it seems; as a member of the notorious Squad, she has been involved in anti-American activity since she entered Congress.


One can make a good argument that Ilhan Omar misrepresented her intent when she took the oath of allegiance to the United States. She has also allegedly misrepresented family attachments to aid in the importation of other Somalis. But the real key point here is in her speech; she has stated — openly — that her allegiance is not to the United States nor her constituents, but to a foreign power.

Yes, I said it, and I’ll say it again: Ilhan Omar entered the United States, gained citizenship, and assumed her seat in the U.S. House of Representatives, all based on a tissue of lies.  She lied when she took her oath of allegiance to the United States, she lied again when she took her Congressional oath of office, and she lied whenever she claimed to represent the people of Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District.  She is a serial liar, the agent of a foreign power, and must be expelled from Congress and from the United States.

The Federalist’s John Daniel Davidson also has some thoughts:

In light of Omar’s candidness, it’s fair to ask: Why is she allowed to serve in Congress? Why is she even allowed to remain in the United States? Omar is an immigrant and a U.S. citizen, but clearly she is not an American. She appears to have no allegiance to her adopted country — a country that took her in, sheltered and protected her, provided a safe haven from the chaos and violence of her homeland, and elevated her to a position of power and influence.

Omar herself is of course an antisemite and a radical leftist. Her remarks are only important because they illustrate how her presence in the United States is a searing indictment of our entire immigration system and much of our foreign policy over the last 40 years. We should never have allowed people like her into our country, and by “people like her” I don’t have race in mind. I mean people whose national allegiances lie with other lands and other people, and whose priorities and way of life are incompatible with American republicanism and our national character.

Ilhan Omar (D-Somalia) is a staggering indictment of our immigration and naturalization system.  She has revealed herself to be an agent of a foreign power, and not one that is friendly to the United States.  She should – nay, she must be expelled from Congress, have her citizenship revoked, and be deported back to that Third World shithole she came from.  She claims to represent Somalia – let her do it there.

Animal’s Daily Street Thug News

Before I get into this, check out the first of a ten-part series over at Glibertarians – this one is Barrett’s Privateers I:  Plague Ship. I think you’ll like it.

Now then: What is it about these feral thugs, and why do they always seem (just to name the elephant in the room) to have something in common?

The 29-year-old man beaten and stabbed by four men at a Bronx train station he wished a happy new year to was trying to squeeze past the cruel quartet when he was attacked, family members said Saturday.

“He was coming down [to the platform] and then these guys — he said it was two on one side, two on the other — he said ‘Happy New Year’ and then after that they came behind him and they just attacked him,” a relative of victim Carlos Pilliza told the Daily News.

Nearly a week after the attack, Pilliza remained at St. Barnabas Hospital, suffering from multiple stab wounds to the chest and neck.

“They stabbed him in the lungs and the heart and here,” the relative said, pointing to her neck. “And then they leave him there.”

Pilliza didn’t recognize any of his attackers and had no idea why they would hurt him.

They hurt him because they are feral animals, products of the toxic urban “thug” culture, and from childhood all of their role models have shown them this is an acceptable way to behave.

From surveillance cameras, here are the four thugs in question:

Image from linked article.

Here is how the story describes the attackers:

All of the brawlers are believed to be about 5-foot-8 with slim builds. One sported braids while another had braids and glasses, cops said.

A third attacker had long hair and was wearing red-and-black checkerboard-style pants while a fourth wore a black jacket and a black ski mask.

For one thing, these aren’t “brawlers.” They are murderous felons and street animals who need to be caught, tried, convicted, and locked up.  Notice that there is no mention of one key descriptive feature:

They are all black. (No, I will not capitalize “black.” It is not a proper noun, and I will adhere to the rules of written English; if anyone objects, tough shit.) So why not include that in the description?

I know a few religious folks who describe the “divine spark” that supposedly is possessed by all people.  Punks like this make me question that assertion.  There are many people alive of no more value than a roadkilled armadillo, and these four are among them.  Our major cities will never be safe until punks like this walk the streets every day in terror of being caught.

Animal’s Daily Chris Matthews Is An Asshole News

Yes, it’s true; Chris Matthews is an asshole.

Former MSNBC host Chris Matthews said that dealing with angry rural Americans is similar to dealing with terrorists.

During an appearance on Tuesday’s “Morning Joe,” Matthews emphasized the importance of anger in mobilizing voters in elections.

He claimed that rural Americans have a deep-seated anger toward liberal elites, comparing such anger to terrorists in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“This is rural rage. They are so angry at the liberal establishment, the coastal elite,” he said.

Fuck off, Chris.

This son of a bitch probably wonders why we poor rural rednecks in flyover country hate him and his leftist media counterparts; well, Chris, this kind of bullshit is precisely why we hate you and all your ilk.  You look out at the land outside the major cities and see a huge, ignorant, fornicating mass of first cousins.

I’ve got an MBA in Technology Management. My wife has two Masters’ degrees. I know plenty of rural folks with graduate-level educations.  That’s not really here nor there, but it would probably shock that stupid son of a bitch Matthews to know any of us got past the eighth grade.  Yes, lots of us own guns.  We’re also pretty law-abiding; crimes just aren’t committed with firearms out here, certainly not at anywhere near the level of the major cities Matthews seems so fond of.  Yes, we drive big trucks. After all, we need them for various chores or just for getting back and forth in bad weather, but also because we like them, and if Matthews or anyone like him demands we justify that, our response will be on the order of “Because fuck you, that’s why.”

Chris Matthews probably wonders why we hate media elites.  He should take a damn good hard look at his own attitude.

Animal’s Daily Get A Load Of This News

First up, thanks as always to The Other McCain, The Daley Gator, Pirate’s Cove, Whores and Ale, Bacon Time, and Flappr for the Rule Five linkery!

Now then:  Get a load of these assholes.

On December 3, a radical group hosted a “teach-in” titled “From Minnesota to Palestine.” The panelists linked America and Israel as “settler colonialist” nations–the only ones, apparently, in world history–and thus the source of all evil. This is the whole thing. It goes on for more than two hours, and I don’t recommend that you watch it. Among other things, the panelists celebrate the Hamas massacre of October 7 as a model for “indigenous” uprisings:

Here’s the money shot:

Yeah, it’s not going to happen.

What’s up with these dumbasses? What they claim to be agitating for ain’t gonna happen, not in a million years.  It’s not possible. It never will be possible. It’s not even within shouting distance of reality.  If these assholes think they are going to make me give up my little piece of land in the Alaska woods, they are going to have to come a’shooting, and it ain’t gonna go well for them.

But I think I have an idea.  These stupid asses are academics.  They are sucking on the taxpayer teat to spread this crap.  They don’t really give a crap about land back; that might force them to actually take care of whatever land they got back.  They certainly don’t want to return to an aboriginal lifestyle; they wouldn’t last a year.  What they do want to do is set themselves up as even more radical than yesterday’s passel of assholes, to keep that big government teat in their faces.

That’s all.  That’s what they want.  Not your land. Just your money.

Animal’s Daily Stupid Judges News

It’s a bit surprising to see this kind of stupidity coming out of Montana, but here we are.

District Court Judge Kathy Seeley ruled in favor of several young plaintiffs – ranging in age from 5 to 22 – saying they “have a fundamental constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment, which includes climate as part of the environmental-support system.”

As proof of the harm the plaintiffs are suffering, the order has a list of horribles that includes:

  • “Olivia expressed despair due to climate change.”
  • “Badge is anxious when he thinks about the future that he, and his potential children, will inherit.”
  • “Grace … is anxious about climate change.”
  • “Mica gets frustrated when he is required to stay indoors during the summer because of wildfire smoke.”

I’ve been watching political issues since the late Seventies and writing about them for over twenty years, and this is one of the most moronic things I’ve read coming out of our legal system in… well…  ever.  First, where in the Constitution is this “fundamental constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment”?  How do we define and quantify “clean and healthful”?

And these kids!  Where the hell do kids like this come from – especially in furshlugginer Montana?  Get these soft-shelled young skulls full of mush out on a cattle ranch, feeding the stock in a Montana January, and they’ll be really screaming for some global warming.

So they’re “anxious”, “frustrated” and “in despair.”  So what?  Cowboy the fuck up, you spoiled little invertebrates.  And Judge Seeley? She should be disbarred for terminal stupidity, and have a bucket of tar and a bag of feathers awaiting her outside the courthouse along with a rail to run her out of town on.

I swear. I’ve seen and written about some stupid shit before, but this takes the cake.

Animal’s Daily Pizza News

Before we get into the pizza news, check out the start of a new series over at Glibertarians!

Now then:  It seems government is determined to suck the joy out of everything.  Now they’re coming after pizza.

“They just don’t want people to be happy,” said Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis over a slice of authentic New York City pizza last month. “They,” in this case, were officials in New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection, who had recently proposed a regulation that could cost the city’s traditional pizzerias considerable dough.

The proposed rule requires establishments that use coal- and wood-fired ovens to install new air-filtration systems. The ostensible reason is to reduce what the department describes as “harmful pollutants” by 75 percent. The systems cost about $20,000 per unit, require a city-approved feasibility study, and need regular maintenance once installed.

One of the key tenets of leftists is that they are horrified at the very notion that someone, somewhere, is enjoying themselves doing something they don’t approve of.  But seriously?  Pizza?

This new stupidity is part of a longer policy trend that is killing Big Apple businesses:

Other opponents are more confrontational. The day after the regulation was announced, conservative artist and New York City native Scott LoBaido tossed 48 slices of pizza at City Hall, declaiming “Give us pizza, or give us death!” LoBaido added: “Destroying small business—that’s what this city keeps doing.”

The numbers suggest that LoBaido has a point. New York City leads the nation in business closures, with some 26,000 having disappeared between March 2020 and April 2022. Larger corporations still based in New York have instituted potentially permanent work-from-home policies or relocated personnel to places with friendlier tax, regulatory, or cost-of-living profiles. About half of New York’s commercial real estate remains vacant. But many small businesses, including pizzerias, don’t have the luxury of leaving town.

The Left seems determined to continue shitting where they live, with the primary result being that there will be shit all over the place.  In some leftist enclaves, that is literally true.

At this point it’s hard to see a way out of this for our major cities. They keep putting in stupid policies, they keep purposely driving the productive away, they keep coddling the criminal element, and the few remaining people who vote keep voting the same lunatics back in charge of the asylums.  I think things are going to get worse before they get better.

Get out of the cities!

Animal’s Daily Scumbag News

And by “scumbag,” I mean the man who is ostensibly the President of the United States – that guy who claimed to be bringing honor and dignity back to the White House.  Yes, he’s a scumbag:

Except for Navy Joan, right, you piece of shit?

I wrote about this over at RedState, but every day it just pisses me off more and more.  My RedState colleague Brad Slager  has a good take no the topic as well:

Yesterday, Axios came out with a report on how the president is prone to vulgar outbursts with his staff, saying harsh things when he is not pleased with how meetings are going — itself, not a major story. Except, this is the same man who, during those early days of promised magnificence, lectured incoming staffers that he would not tolerate anyone treating others with disrespect. Yet here he is shown defying his own dictate, a man incapable of following his own commands.

Yet this is hardly a lone example. Currently, the Bidens are dealing with concurrent news items that make them appear like a dysphoric, dysfunctional lot. The recidivist First Son Hunter is grappling with a legal case of a child he sired out of wedlock, and the treatment of this by his family is bordering on disturbing. Long an issue they chose to ignore (only six stockings hung at Christmas for the grandchildren, not the accurate seven) the details from the paternity court case were jarring.

OK, I get it, your son knocked up a stripper, and yes, that’s embarrassing.  But the child of that union is innocent.  She had nothing to do with the circumstances of her conception and birth.  She deserves the love, support and attention of her family – both sides of her family, maternal and paternal.  That the Bidens deny not only that love, support and attention but refuse even to acknowledge the existence of their daughter/granddaughter reveals them to be the worst sort of people – ones who would lay a parent’s sins at the feet of a child.

What utter scumbags.

Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks as always to The Other McCain, Pirate’s Cove, The Daley Gator, Flappr, Whores and Ale and Bacon Time for the Rule Five links!

Let’s talk for a moment about presentation in this, the digital media.  Specifically, let’s look at the Salem Media group, whose member sites (PJMedia, Townhall, and RedState, among others) I read regularly.  Now, let me start by noting that these sites produce a wide range of content from some fine commentators.  Sometimes I disagree with the points made, most of the time I agree, so I find them worth not only continued reading but springing for a VIP Gold membership.

But boy, howdy, do they ever need to spring for some editors.  Take a look at this headline from last Saturday:

Note:  It was corrected later that day.  But still.  “Fued?”  I presumed at the time that was meant to be “Feud.”  But the fact that this elementary and, let’s be candid, stupid mistake made it onto the headliner page of a major national alternative news media site is bothersome, and adversely affects the reputation of the site.  And it’s not just this; this is a problem that runs across all the sites of Salem Media, and what’s worse is that these mistakes are often pointed out in the comments but are almost never corrected.

Here’s another example from the same article:

Greene continued to call the Democrat Squad member out, saying that before AOC entered fbe political world, she bartender but still couldn’t do that job well enough. 

What the hell?  Did they not even try to edit this?

Now it’s bad enough that so many comments, from across the political spectrum, demonstrate only marginal literacy; those commenters are, of course, not passing themselves off as professional writers.  But I will say this:  Here in the digital world, the only thing we have to judge folks on is their written expression.  If they forgo even an attempt at proper spelling and grammar, our (or at least, my) estimation of them goes down.

But it’s far worse when a professional news/commentary site like Townhall, or RedState, or PJMedia just has daily mistake after mistake that ends up splashed onto the screen.  Maybe it bothers me more than most folks, being a writer who is married to an editor.

Salem Media desperately needs to hire some copy editors, and fast.

Animal’s Daily Sardine Tin News

Friendly Skies.

Before we start, check out Part II of Season of Ice over at Glibertarians!

Now then:  This has happened, to one extent or another, to everyone who (like me) has traveled a lot.  Excerpt:

My worst fear about flying isn’t crashing – it’s being stuck in a middle seat between two obese bodies. My nightmare happened to Sydney Watson. On an American Airlines flight from New York to Texas, Watson got stuck in the middle seat between two large bodies. She described it as being a human sardine. Instead of being encased in tin, Sydney was marinating in obesity.

Watson made the best of living my nightmare. She live-tweeted the experience. American Airlines was tagged by Sydney and it responded with a less-than-optimal answer.

Watson’s live-tweeting went viral. She was featured in several newspapers including the New York Post and The Guardian. Most of the journalists took the side of the unknown obese seat invaders. The Post described her comments as “offensive“. Apparently wanting to have 100% of the seat you purchased, is offensive.   She had her share of anonymous threats and haters too. She took the road everyone should take when making a valid point. She didn’t apologize. She said she meant every word. Never apologize. All your apology will do is embolden the haters who will demand more and more until you are “canceled” or fired. The left doesn’t really want an apology anyway. They want blood. They want your head on a stick.

Now, the thing Sydney Watson did wrong was to take to Twitter on this matter, which guaranteed a race to the rhetorical bottom.  Twitter is a snake pit that no sensible person should contemplate entering.

But her complaint is legitimate.  For a while, the airlines were requiring grossly obese passengers to buy two seats.  I’m not traveling as much as I did in the pre-‘vid days, but I’m still traveling some.  Even so it’s been a while since I’ve encountered a massive fatty on an airliner.  And my experience with airlines is almost wholly limited to United, with whom I have lifetime status.  If this has stopped being the practice, I’m not sure when that happened.

And American Airlines’ response is as inadequate as Sydney Watson’s claim is legitimate.  “Sorry, sucks to be you” is atrocious customer service.  A pox on American for that horrible, dismissive reply.

If I pay for an airline seat, I expect to have the use of the seat.  Not 50% of it, not 70% of it, all of it.  And if a fellow passenger is taking up 180% of a seat, then they need to be charged for two seats.  That’s all.