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Animal’s Daily Stupid Judges News

It’s a bit surprising to see this kind of stupidity coming out of Montana, but here we are.

District Court Judge Kathy Seeley ruled in favor of several young plaintiffs – ranging in age from 5 to 22 – saying they “have a fundamental constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment, which includes climate as part of the environmental-support system.”

As proof of the harm the plaintiffs are suffering, the order has a list of horribles that includes:

  • “Olivia expressed despair due to climate change.”
  • “Badge is anxious when he thinks about the future that he, and his potential children, will inherit.”
  • “Grace … is anxious about climate change.”
  • “Mica gets frustrated when he is required to stay indoors during the summer because of wildfire smoke.”

I’ve been watching political issues since the late Seventies and writing about them for over twenty years, and this is one of the most moronic things I’ve read coming out of our legal system in… well…  ever.  First, where in the Constitution is this “fundamental constitutional right to a clean and healthful environment”?  How do we define and quantify “clean and healthful”?

And these kids!  Where the hell do kids like this come from – especially in furshlugginer Montana?  Get these soft-shelled young skulls full of mush out on a cattle ranch, feeding the stock in a Montana January, and they’ll be really screaming for some global warming.

So they’re “anxious”, “frustrated” and “in despair.”  So what?  Cowboy the fuck up, you spoiled little invertebrates.  And Judge Seeley? She should be disbarred for terminal stupidity, and have a bucket of tar and a bag of feathers awaiting her outside the courthouse along with a rail to run her out of town on.

I swear. I’ve seen and written about some stupid shit before, but this takes the cake.

Animal’s Daily Pizza News

Before we get into the pizza news, check out the start of a new series over at Glibertarians!

Now then:  It seems government is determined to suck the joy out of everything.  Now they’re coming after pizza.

“They just don’t want people to be happy,” said Florida governor and Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis over a slice of authentic New York City pizza last month. “They,” in this case, were officials in New York City’s Department of Environmental Protection, who had recently proposed a regulation that could cost the city’s traditional pizzerias considerable dough.

The proposed rule requires establishments that use coal- and wood-fired ovens to install new air-filtration systems. The ostensible reason is to reduce what the department describes as “harmful pollutants” by 75 percent. The systems cost about $20,000 per unit, require a city-approved feasibility study, and need regular maintenance once installed.

One of the key tenets of leftists is that they are horrified at the very notion that someone, somewhere, is enjoying themselves doing something they don’t approve of.  But seriously?  Pizza?

This new stupidity is part of a longer policy trend that is killing Big Apple businesses:

Other opponents are more confrontational. The day after the regulation was announced, conservative artist and New York City native Scott LoBaido tossed 48 slices of pizza at City Hall, declaiming “Give us pizza, or give us death!” LoBaido added: “Destroying small business—that’s what this city keeps doing.”

The numbers suggest that LoBaido has a point. New York City leads the nation in business closures, with some 26,000 having disappeared between March 2020 and April 2022. Larger corporations still based in New York have instituted potentially permanent work-from-home policies or relocated personnel to places with friendlier tax, regulatory, or cost-of-living profiles. About half of New York’s commercial real estate remains vacant. But many small businesses, including pizzerias, don’t have the luxury of leaving town.

The Left seems determined to continue shitting where they live, with the primary result being that there will be shit all over the place.  In some leftist enclaves, that is literally true.

At this point it’s hard to see a way out of this for our major cities. They keep putting in stupid policies, they keep purposely driving the productive away, they keep coddling the criminal element, and the few remaining people who vote keep voting the same lunatics back in charge of the asylums.  I think things are going to get worse before they get better.

Get out of the cities!

Animal’s Daily Scumbag News

And by “scumbag,” I mean the man who is ostensibly the President of the United States – that guy who claimed to be bringing honor and dignity back to the White House.  Yes, he’s a scumbag:

Except for Navy Joan, right, you piece of shit?

I wrote about this over at RedState, but every day it just pisses me off more and more.  My RedState colleague Brad Slager  has a good take no the topic as well:

Yesterday, Axios came out with a report on how the president is prone to vulgar outbursts with his staff, saying harsh things when he is not pleased with how meetings are going — itself, not a major story. Except, this is the same man who, during those early days of promised magnificence, lectured incoming staffers that he would not tolerate anyone treating others with disrespect. Yet here he is shown defying his own dictate, a man incapable of following his own commands.

Yet this is hardly a lone example. Currently, the Bidens are dealing with concurrent news items that make them appear like a dysphoric, dysfunctional lot. The recidivist First Son Hunter is grappling with a legal case of a child he sired out of wedlock, and the treatment of this by his family is bordering on disturbing. Long an issue they chose to ignore (only six stockings hung at Christmas for the grandchildren, not the accurate seven) the details from the paternity court case were jarring.

OK, I get it, your son knocked up a stripper, and yes, that’s embarrassing.  But the child of that union is innocent.  She had nothing to do with the circumstances of her conception and birth.  She deserves the love, support and attention of her family – both sides of her family, maternal and paternal.  That the Bidens deny not only that love, support and attention but refuse even to acknowledge the existence of their daughter/granddaughter reveals them to be the worst sort of people – ones who would lay a parent’s sins at the feet of a child.

What utter scumbags.

Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks as always to The Other McCain, Pirate’s Cove, The Daley Gator, Flappr, Whores and Ale and Bacon Time for the Rule Five links!

Let’s talk for a moment about presentation in this, the digital media.  Specifically, let’s look at the Salem Media group, whose member sites (PJMedia, Townhall, and RedState, among others) I read regularly.  Now, let me start by noting that these sites produce a wide range of content from some fine commentators.  Sometimes I disagree with the points made, most of the time I agree, so I find them worth not only continued reading but springing for a VIP Gold membership.

But boy, howdy, do they ever need to spring for some editors.  Take a look at this headline from last Saturday:

Note:  It was corrected later that day.  But still.  “Fued?”  I presumed at the time that was meant to be “Feud.”  But the fact that this elementary and, let’s be candid, stupid mistake made it onto the headliner page of a major national alternative news media site is bothersome, and adversely affects the reputation of the site.  And it’s not just this; this is a problem that runs across all the sites of Salem Media, and what’s worse is that these mistakes are often pointed out in the comments but are almost never corrected.

Here’s another example from the same article:

Greene continued to call the Democrat Squad member out, saying that before AOC entered fbe political world, she bartender but still couldn’t do that job well enough. 

What the hell?  Did they not even try to edit this?

Now it’s bad enough that so many comments, from across the political spectrum, demonstrate only marginal literacy; those commenters are, of course, not passing themselves off as professional writers.  But I will say this:  Here in the digital world, the only thing we have to judge folks on is their written expression.  If they forgo even an attempt at proper spelling and grammar, our (or at least, my) estimation of them goes down.

But it’s far worse when a professional news/commentary site like Townhall, or RedState, or PJMedia just has daily mistake after mistake that ends up splashed onto the screen.  Maybe it bothers me more than most folks, being a writer who is married to an editor.

Salem Media desperately needs to hire some copy editors, and fast.

Animal’s Daily Sardine Tin News

Friendly Skies.

Before we start, check out Part II of Season of Ice over at Glibertarians!

Now then:  This has happened, to one extent or another, to everyone who (like me) has traveled a lot.  Excerpt:

My worst fear about flying isn’t crashing – it’s being stuck in a middle seat between two obese bodies. My nightmare happened to Sydney Watson. On an American Airlines flight from New York to Texas, Watson got stuck in the middle seat between two large bodies. She described it as being a human sardine. Instead of being encased in tin, Sydney was marinating in obesity.

Watson made the best of living my nightmare. She live-tweeted the experience. American Airlines was tagged by Sydney and it responded with a less-than-optimal answer.

Watson’s live-tweeting went viral. She was featured in several newspapers including the New York Post and The Guardian. Most of the journalists took the side of the unknown obese seat invaders. The Post described her comments as “offensive“. Apparently wanting to have 100% of the seat you purchased, is offensive.   She had her share of anonymous threats and haters too. She took the road everyone should take when making a valid point. She didn’t apologize. She said she meant every word. Never apologize. All your apology will do is embolden the haters who will demand more and more until you are “canceled” or fired. The left doesn’t really want an apology anyway. They want blood. They want your head on a stick.

Now, the thing Sydney Watson did wrong was to take to Twitter on this matter, which guaranteed a race to the rhetorical bottom.  Twitter is a snake pit that no sensible person should contemplate entering.

But her complaint is legitimate.  For a while, the airlines were requiring grossly obese passengers to buy two seats.  I’m not traveling as much as I did in the pre-‘vid days, but I’m still traveling some.  Even so it’s been a while since I’ve encountered a massive fatty on an airliner.  And my experience with airlines is almost wholly limited to United, with whom I have lifetime status.  If this has stopped being the practice, I’m not sure when that happened.

And American Airlines’ response is as inadequate as Sydney Watson’s claim is legitimate.  “Sorry, sucks to be you” is atrocious customer service.  A pox on American for that horrible, dismissive reply.

If I pay for an airline seat, I expect to have the use of the seat.  Not 50% of it, not 70% of it, all of it.  And if a fellow passenger is taking up 180% of a seat, then they need to be charged for two seats.  That’s all.


Animal’s Daily Hunter’s Illegal Gun News

If this doesn’t raise a “oh, for crying out loud” out of you today, I don’t know what will:  Court nixes public release of info about investigation of Hunter Biden’s “lost” gun.  Excerpt:

The case of Hunter Biden’s missing handgun and the ATF investigation that followed has been a curiosity for many in the Second Amendment community since we first learned of the 2018 incident in which a pistol belonging to Biden was allegedly thrown into a trashcan by his late brother’s widow… only to turn up missing when she reported it to police. The gun was recovered a couple of days later, but as POLITICO reported last year, not before the Secret Service apparently intervened in the investigation.

But a curious thing happened at the time: Secret Service agents approached the owner of the store where Hunter bought the gun and asked to take the paperwork involving the sale, according to two people, one of whom has firsthand knowledge of the episode and the other was briefed by a Secret Service agent after the fact.

The gun store owner refused to supply the paperwork, suspecting that the Secret Service officers wanted to hide Hunter’s ownership of the missing gun in case it were to be involved in a crime, the two people said. The owner, Ron Palmieri, later turned over the papers to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, which oversees federal gun laws.

The Secret Service says it has no record of its agents investigating the incident, and Joe Biden, who was not under protection at the time, said through a spokesperson he has no knowledge of any Secret Service involvement.

Days later, the gun was returned by an older man who regularly rummages through the grocery’s store’s trash to collect recyclable items, according to people familiar with the situation.

The incident did not result in charges or arrests.

“The incident did not result in charges or arrests.”  No shit.

In case you’re still mulling it over, here’s the thumbnail:  Hunter Biden lied on a 4473, later “misplaced” a firearm, both incidents that would result in the arrest and prosecution of normal folks.  But Hunter gets a pass, even gets the Secret Service running interference for him, because he’s a Biden.

We could do away with a lot of this flouting of equal treatment under the law and the influence-peddling that spawns it by doing away with the pols having the influence to peddle.  And there’s a simple, step-by-step guide to doing that, if the Imperial government ever rediscovers it and, unlikely as that is, adheres to it.

I don’t see that happening, though – nor do I see Hunter Biden ever being called to account on his many and varied crimes.  That would set a precedent, a precedent that who you are related to doesn’t entitle you to special treatment, and let’s be honest, nobody in either party wants that precedent set.

Rule Five Chump Effect Friday

A while back City Journal, in an article I just stumbled across, documented something they are calling The Chump Effect.  I have some thoughts.  Excerpt:

Last January, a small but telling exchange took place at an Elizabeth Warren campaign event in Grimes, Iowa. At the time, Warren was attracting support from the Democratic Party’s left flank, with her bulging portfolio of progressive proposals. “Warren Has a Plan for That” read her campaign T-shirts. The biggest buzz surrounded her $1.25 trillion plan to pay off student-loan debt for most Americans.

A man approached Warren with a question. “My daughter is getting out of school. I’ve saved all my money [so that] she doesn’t have any student loans. Am I going to get my money back?”

“Of course not,” Warren replied.

“So you’re going to pay for people who didn’t save any money, and those of us who did the right thing get screwed?”

A video of the exchange went viral. It summed up the frustration many feel over the way progressive policies so often benefit select groups, while subtly undermining others. Saving money to send your children to college used to be considered a hallmark of middle-class responsibility. By subsidizing people who run up large debts, Warren’s policy would penalize those who took that responsibility seriously. “You’re laughing at me,” the man said, when Warren seemed to wave off his concerns. “That’s exactly what you’re doing. We did the right thing and we get screwed.”

Let us for the moment set aside the blatant and unapologetic arrogance of Liawatha Warren, who has never done an honest day’s work in her life, and her rude, dismissive reply to this man’s question.  Instead, let’s look at the concern he expressed:  He had done things the traditional way, the prudent way, the way working people with the ability of foresight do things – and now Fauxcohantas Warren told him to his face that he is, well, a chump:

That father was expressing an emotion growing more common these days: he felt like a chump. Feeling like a chump doesn’t just mean being upset that your taxes are rising or annoyed that you’re missing out on some windfall. It’s more visceral than that. People feel like chumps when they believe that they’ve played a game by the rules, only to discover that the game is rigged. Not only are they losing, they realize, but their good sportsmanship is being exploited. The players flouting the rules are the ones who get the trophy. Like that Iowa dad, the chumps of modern America feel that the life choices they’re most proud of—working hard, taking care of their families, being good citizens—aren’t just undervalued, but scorned.

The Chump Effect encompasses far more than this student loan issue, which is once again front-page news.

It encompasses business owners who worked long hours, went without things, saved and invested to build a small business, only to see it destroyed in a single night by a mob protesting “injustice.”

It encompasses girls on a high school swim team, whose chances at valuable scholarships are negated by a biological male teammate who suddenly claims to be a girl after years as a mediocre performer on the XY team.

It encompasses – in addition to parents – students who perhaps did a hitch in the military and worked part-time jobs to pay for their university education, and now will be stuck picking up the tab for their less responsible fellows.

To borrow an example from Dr. Sowell:  It encompasses a white coal miner in Appalachia, who is confronted with an article complaining how his “white privilege” somehow confers him benefits not available to a black graduate of Harvard Law School.

City Journal here is describing everyone who ever did everything the right way, the responsible way, only to find, as the article says, the game was rigged against them.  Read the whole thing.  Then think about the implications.  You may well find some chumpery in your own life – I did.

The article concludes:

In North Minneapolis, Tracey talked with Flora Westbrooks, a black woman who had owned a hair salon there for 34 years. The business helped her earn enough to buy a house and send her son to law school. On May 29, arsonists burned it down. “Sometimes I’m like, OK, I gotta go to work,” she told Tracey. But then she remembers: “I don’t own anything anymore. Everything’s burned to the ground. I have nothing no more. Everything I worked for.” The tragedy of the Chump Effect is in stories like these. People devote their lives to making things better for themselves, their children, and their communities. They follow the bourgeois norms so disdained by the Left. Then, when our society stops defending those norms, they’re the ones who suffer.

Yup.  In the eyes of the elites – and sometimes in our own eyes – we’re all chumps.

Animal’s Daily Banana Republic News

By now we are all probably approaching overload on the Mar-A-Lago raid.  Here are some relevant pieces:

Multiple Democrats Come Out Against FBI Raid of Mar-a-Lago.  Key point:  Even Andrew Dice Cuomo thought this was a bridge too far.

Merrick Garland Is A Petty, Vindictive, Little Man.

FBI ‘Scoured’ Melania’s Wardrobe at Mar-A-Lago Looking for… Classified Shoes?

We Have No Reason To Trust The FBI.

You Won’t Be Surprised by What the Judge Who Approved Raid on Mar-A-Lago Said About Trump on Facebook.

Details of What FBI Seized at Mar-a-Lago Make FBI Raid Look Downright Scandalous.

The Persecution of Donald Trump.

Vladimir Putin, Meet Joe Biden.

Welcome To Biden’s Police State, Part III.

There’s a lot more out there, and if you have been paying attention, as I have, you’ve probably already been through much of it.  But the summary is obvious:

We are now a banana republic.

There is literally nothing good that can come of this.  As for the reflection on the Biden(‘s handlers) Administration, who have gone full Sergeant Schultz on the entire affair, we can offer two alternatives: 1) they knew about it, they ordered it, and they are lying, and the FBI has gone rogue with their approval, or b) they are breathtakingly incompetent, and the FBI has gone rogue all on their own.

Personally I’m inclined to go with the first option.  There’s no way the FBI would have taken this action without running it up the chain first.  The bureaucratic mentality doesn’t work that way.  CYA applies; anyone involved in the DOJ would have wanted someone else’s name on the blame line in case things went south.

Now, will things go south for them?  Almost certainly not.  Oh, we’re hearing a lot of talk about what the GOP will do after the mid-terms, but the GOP has historically been big on talk and short on action.  But do you remember, in 2017, when they had control, all the investigations into Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, First of That Name, Dowager-Empress of Chappaqua, and her illegal email server?  Her carelessness with classified documents?  Her involvement in the Clinton Foundation’s shoveling of money to political cronies?

Yeah, me neither.

We’re well off the beaten path here, True Believers.  I’m at a loss to figure what might happen next.  Whatever it is, I’m afraid we’re taking the first steps down a dark road.

Animal’s Daily Believe It When I See It News

Before we start, check out Part 7 of the Legionnaire series over at Glibertarians!

If the GOP takes the House in November, Kevin McCarthy is talking subpoenas on the Hunter Biden scandals.  Yeah, right.  Excerpt:

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said in an interview late last week that if Republicans win back control of the U.S. House of Representatives, he will use their subpoena power to find out what U.S. intelligence agencies knew about the Hunter Biden laptop before the 2020 election, and what they knew of his foreign activities while his father was vice president.

McCarthy, who made the remarks in an interview with the New York Post, warned that “we will use the subpoena” option if top officials with the intelligence agencies don’t cooperate with Republicans.

The report noted that in the days leading up to the 2020 election, more than 50 former intelligence officials signed a letter claiming that the Hunter Biden laptop story was likely a Russian disinformation campaign.

“You would want to ask these individuals first of all, ‘Would you still sign the letter today, and who asked you to sign the letter and why did you sign the letter, and what information did you have prior?’” McCarthy said. “Why did you feel comfortable — especially with your own reputations — that you would sign that letter? Was it someone from the [Biden] campaign who asked, or was it people in the intel community?”

Why isn’t the GOP running on opening up the energy sector, lowering tax rates, reducing the size of government and reducing the regulatory on business?  Why not run on liberty?  Free markets?  Individual enterprise?

Don’t get me wrong, I do think that the blatant corruption on the part of Hunter Biden needs to be looked into.  It sure as hell seems like there should be some charges filed, charges that involve some serious jail time.  But we all know that nothing of the sort will happen.  There will be some showy “hearings”, and there will be a lot of RHEEEEing from the legacy media, and there will be no charges filed, no Grand Jury empaneled, nothing, nothing, nothing will happen.

And so the cycle continues, ad nauseum.

Animal’s Daily Basic Competence News

Before we start, check out the latest in the Legionnaire series over at Glibertarians!

I guess it’s too much to expect elementary competence any more, even from a Presidential press secretary.  Excerpt:

It’s been two months since former White House press secretary Jen Psaki packed her bags and the current press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre moved in, giving reporters enough time to offer their opinions of Jean-Pierre’s performance at the stand and how they really feel about her compared to Psaki. 

According to Fox News, one reporter said Jean-Pierre can act “uniformed” at times and ill-prepared to discuss the issues of the day. 

“If your M.O. is going to be reading prepared answers, you should have a lot of prepared answers so that you’re not just deferring to reporters constantly,” the reporter said. 

Another said Jean-Pierre doesn’t take the time to answer reporter’s questions throughly, frequently admitting that she just doesn’t have an answer for them. 

“She is poorly received as she isn’t taking time to answer questions or banter with reporters on the issues of the day… a press secretary has to share some information, kind of a give and take, but she just doesn’t appear willing to do that yet,” the reporter said. 

It was also mentioned that on several occasions Jean-Pierre has wasted everyone’s time because she often tells reporters that she “has nothing from the podium” to say. 

White House reporters also complained that she delivers useless information, almost as if she did no preparation at all for the briefing. 

Folks are of course confused by Jean-Pierre’s staggering display of incompetence, but they really shouldn’t be.  Why?  Well, I’m a-gonna tell you.

If you’re expecting competence from this administration, you need to check your premises, as they are almost certainly flawed.  You are likely presuming that the personnel choices of the Biden(‘s handlers) administration are at least in part aimed at fitting out the best person to handle a specific position.  As Jean-Pierre’s appointment and subsequent performance illustrate very clearly, that isn’t the case.  She was chosen, candidly, for her melanin content and sexual preference.  She was chosen, not for her experience, skills or abilities, but because she ticked several “diversity” check boxes.  And now, if you watch any of her pitiful performances in press conferences, you can see the result of that practice.

And if you look at the state of the economy, and the polling numbers, you can see the American people’s response to an administration that follows these practices.