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Friday 100 Word Flashfic


(2016 election coverage)

Trump Trump Trump Trump. Trump Trump! Trump Trump Trump, Trump Trump, Trump. Trump Trump, Trump. Trump? Trump Trump Trump!

Trump, Trump, Trump. Trump Trump Trump, Trump, Trump Trump Trump, Trump! Trump!

Trump Trump, Trump, Trump, Trump. Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump. Trump, Trump.


Trump Trump. Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump:

  • Trump
  • Trump
  • Trump
  • Trump
  • Trump

Trump? Trump Trump Trump. Trump Trump Trump, Trump. Trump; Trump Trump Trump:

  1. Trump
  2. Trump
  3. Trump

Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump, Trump Trump Trump. Trump Trump, Trump? Trump Trump Trump Trump Trump. Trump Trump, Trump, Trump. Trump.

Friday 100 Word FlashFic

High orbit, Saturn

Thomas Jinnouchi manipulated the controls of the scout shuttle Per Aspera to close the anomaly. His short-range radio buzzed; Commander Marius on the Mountain View demanded an update.

“Like we thought,” Jinnouchi reported. “It’s a gravitic anomaly.”

“What can you see?”

“It’s like a mirror – a spherical mirror, about thirty meters in diameter.”

“A mirror?”

“All I can see is the Per Aspera. And… Wait a minute. It’s doing something.”

“What? What is it doing?”

“It’s changing shape. It’s making some kind of… face.”

“Check your O2 levels – you’re hallucinating. What kind of face?”

“Elvis,” Jinnouchi said.

Friday 100 Word FlashFic

Something new!  I’m going to try to match The Other McCain’s Friday 100 Word challenge, because it looks like fun.  Enjoy!

That-Moment-When-You-Get-To-The-Buffet Katie was on her ninth trip to the Great Wall’s buffet line. She loaded her plate with shrimp, fried fish, Kung Pao chicken and lo mein noodles.

Katie waddled back to her table. She sat and ate like she was stoking a boiler, ignoring the increasing protests from her stomach.

Someone approached her table. “Miss,” the man said, “you must stop eating. You need to stop eating now.”

“No!” Katie protested. “It’s all you can eat! The sign says so!”

She looked up and saw a police officer. “The food is spoiled! The restaurant has been closed for three weeks.”