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Animal’s Daily JBERBear News

Before I get into this tidbit, check out the latest chapter of Barrett’s Privateers – Unrepentant Sinner over at Glibertarians.

Now then: Check out this fence-scaling critter, who (as Must Read Alaska’s Suzanne Downing puts it) puts the “bear” in “JBER.”

A black bear scaling the fence at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Anchorage was caught in the act by a passerby with a video camera, who posted the evidence on social media of the trespassing bear scaling the fence and then tightrope walking on the barbed wire.

It’s a Derpbook video so I can’t embed it here, as I don’t do the Book of Face, but even without a Derpbook account, you should be able to view the video at the link.

Black bears are amazing animals. They are adaptable, can eat almost anything, and do very well near human habitations. Along this stretch of the highway near JBER it’s not at all uncommon to see blacks waiting to cross the highway or just feeding on grass and forbs along the road.  We have them here in our Susitna Valley homestead as well, although they usually just pass through spring and fall, going between their winter dens in the hills and the rivers and streams where they feed in summer.

It’s not clear what this bear was looking for. But it’s a safe bet it was after food – and for bears, everything’s on the menu.  Including, sometimes, us.

Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks again to The Other McCain, Pirate’s Cove, Flappr,  and Bacon Time for the Rule Five links!  Also, a fond farewell to our long-time pals over at The Daley Gator – best wishes, and we hope to see you back in the blogosphere soon.

Now then: This piece I wrote for RedState will appear linked in this week’s Red Thursday, of course, but I wanted to give it some attention here as well; this is the first time in quite a while I have approved of anything the Chinese Communist Party has done.

For those of you who haven’t served, the military uses the term “Jody” to refer to the pasty civilian dude back home who might come sniffing around your girlfriend (or, I suppose, boyfriend, these days – the name works either way) while you’re deployed. It’s a derogative term, an insult, and a taunt one might fling at another soldier about what his girl and Jody are doing back home.

But now we learn that, while one can be a Jody in the United States and suffer no more than a shiner and a few loose teeth, in China, being a Jody will get you some jail time

A man in China has been sentenced to 10 months in prison for destroying a “military marriage” by dating and cohabiting with the wife of a serving People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldier.

China’s Criminal Law stipulates that anyone cohabiting or marrying another person knowing that he or she is the spouse of a PLA soldier will face imprisonment of up to three years.

The punishment is so harsh because the state is obliged not only to give special protection to the marriage of a soldier but also to respect and protect the honour of serving members of the military, according to China’s National Defence Law.

Damn right; as I stated on Sunday at RedState, my sympathies are entirely with the soldier here.  I’ve known a couple of guys who got the famous Dear John letters – or calls, in this modern era – and there’s damn little worse that can happen to a deployed soldier other than getting shot or blown up.

In perilous times, focusing on that warm reminder of home – her – has, historically, carried many a homesick soldier through the worst imaginable times.  And one of the shittiest things the girl (or guy) back home can do to that soldier is to start fucking around with some Jody.

In our system, the most likely thing that can happen to Jody is that the next time the soldier is back on the block, he administers a well-deserved ass-kicking.  I think the Chinese thought this through.  Don’t mess around with a deployed soldier’s SO.

Animal’s Daily Infotainment News

Before I get into this, go read the latest chapter of Barrett’s Privateers – Unrepentant Sinner over at Glibertarians.

Now then: Here in the wonderful world of the interwebz, you sometimes have to wade through a lot of crap to find the odd gem.  YouTube is not only not an exception to that but may be one of the worst offenders, especially where the comments sections are concerned.  But, as I said, there are the odd good channels, and one of them is run by an Army veteran who calls himself the Fat Electrician.  His tagline, “I Shout History,” is apt, and he has a talent for delivering rapid-fire history lessons and commentary.  Here are a couple of my favorite examples.

And now I have to head to town for an appointment, so… well, enjoy.

Rule Five Nuclear Deterrent News

America’s nuclear arsenal is considerable, but parts of it are also pretty old.  Our silo-launched missiles are old, and so our their Cold-War era control systems.

But we may be seeing some upgrades, both in the birds and in their controls.

The control stations for America’s nuclear intercontinental ballistic missiles have a sort of 1980s retro look, with computing panels in sea foam green, bad lighting and chunky control switches, including a critical one that says “launch.”

Those underground capsules are about to be demolished and the missile silos they control will be completely overhauled. A new nuclear missile is coming, a gigantic ICBM called the Sentinel. It’s the largest cultural shift in the land leg of the Air Force’s nuclear missile mission in 60 years.

But there are questions as to whether some of the Cold War-era aspects of the Minuteman missiles that the Sentinel will replace should be changed.

Making the silo-launched missile more modern, with complex software and 21st-century connectivity across a vast network, may also mean it’s more vulnerable. The Sentinel will need to be well protected from cyberattacks, while its technology will have to cope with frigid winter temperatures in the Western states where the silos are located.

That’s a fair point. Because the current control systems are old, they are also secure, connected by cable, and air-gapped away from any possible interference. But old, yes, and that presents its own problems.

For the Pentagon, there are expectations the modern Sentinel will meet threats from rapidly evolving Chinese and Russian missile systems. The Sentinel is expected to stay in service through 2075, so designers are taking an approach that will make it easier to upgrade with new technologies in the coming years. But that’s not without risk.

“Sentinel is a software-intensive program with a compressed schedule,” the Government Accountability Office reported this summer. “Software development is a high risk due to its scale and complexity and unique requirements of the nuclear deterrence mission.”

Security is always the key in these sorts of things, and that’s where cables and air gaps are essential. Imagine the horrific consequences were someone able to hack the United States’ strategic missile systems; silly ’80s movies aside, that could enable someone to actually initiate a global nuclear war.

Of course, they’d have to get by the Air Force as well, who not only man those siloes but who also have to manually initiate launches.

“Today, everything is connected to the internet of things. And you might have a back door in there you don’t even know” said Lt. Col. Todd Yehle, the 741st maintenance squadron commander. “With the old analog systems, you’re not hacking those systems.”

What it means is that even though technology could automate the whole operations process, one critical aspect of missile launch will remain the same. If the day comes that another nuclear weapon must be fired, it will still be teams of missileers validating the orders and activating a launch.

“It’s the human in the loop,” said Col. Johnny Galbert, commander of the 90th Missile Wing at F.E. Warren. “I think what it comes down to is we want to rely on our airmen, our young officers out there, to make that decision, to be able to interpret what higher headquarters is telling them or directing them to do.”

You always need people in the loop for something like this.

That’s why movies like War Games and Terminator, fun though they may be, are essentially bullshit.  The launch of nuclear missiles has to not only be approved by the National Command Authority (a rather terrifying thought given the fecklessness and senility in NCA at the moment) but also must be, in effect, approved by the Air Force officers and NCOs on the scene.

These missiles won’t fly until people turn the keys. That’s a pretty good safeguard.

If we’re going to keep weapons like this, it’s certainly best to make sure they’ll work as intended. Sometimes that means a ground-up replacement for older systems. National defense is, after all, one of the few legitimate purposes of our Imperial government, and if the thing were to be done, t’were best done quickly.

Rule Five Outcomes Of Barbarity Friday

I’ve held off on coverage here of the October 7th attacks on Israel and the aftermath, partly because the issue hits close to some experiences I’ve had in the Middle East myself, partly because I’ve done all the reporting and punditizing I can deal with on this over at RedState.  But this looked like something I wanted to discuss here, so I’m free of editorial restraint when describing fucking savages.

Now, a couple of months after the attack, the fucking savages in Hamas are returning some of their hostages, and now doctors treating those hostages are finding they have to invent entirely new categories of trauma to describe what these poor people suffered at the hands of, yes, fucking savages.

A doctor treating freed Hamas hostages in Israel says survivors are suffering from an unprecedented level of “extremely severe psychological abuse” endured during captivity. 

“I can tell you that on behalf of all the medical and psychological teams treating those who return, the mental states we encountered have no precedent in medical literature. We feel that we have to rewrite the textbooks of post-trauma,” Dr. Renana Eitan told “Sunday Night in America.”

Eitan revealed the Tel Aviv Medical Center is actively treating more than 15 former hostages and described their “severe physical and mental abuse.”

My RedState colleague Bob Hoge had this to say in his analysis:

As my colleague Bonchie reported earlier Monday, the reason Hamas didn’t free more women in the hostage swap is because the terror outfit/government authority doesn’t want them to tell the world what actually happened to them down in the tunnels.

That implies that there are some captives who have been treated much worse than the ones Dr. Eitan has been treating, which is a horrific thought.

Yes, that is a horrific thought.

The fucking savages in Hamas who attacked Israel on October 7th committed acts of utter barbarity that the planet hasn’t seen since… well, acts of utter barbarity committed by ISIS, which group is also made up of fucking savages.  And, while I’m normally loathe to suggest outright war, in this case, it’s plainly justified. Israel is perfectly justified in hunting down every one of these fucking savages and un-aliveing them. These are people who committed rape on a massive scale; they murdered whole families, including children and infants; they tortured and burned.  The only proper reply is to wipe Hamas off the face of the planet.

Did I mention that Hamas are fucking savages?

The cease-fire now appears to be behind us. The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are moving into southern Gaza now, and the hunt is once more on.  And for once, it doesn’t look like the U.S. needs to place any soldiers on the ground, and that’s good; the IDF is perfectly capable of handling this on its own. And to members of the IDF,  I can only say this:

Good hunting.  Show these scum what badassery really is.

And if any of the fucking savages from Hamas happen to see this page, and take offense at the display of the Feminine Aesthetic therein, I can only ask that they go fuck themselves.

Did I mention that Hamas are fucking savages?

Animal’s Daily Iran is Asshoe News

Iran is governed by assholes.

Now that we have that little bit of belaboring the obvious over with, let’s look at the words of a UK terrorism expert, Matt Jukes, head of Counter Terrorism Policing in Britain, who informs us that Iran is stepping up efforts to assassinate key officials in other nations.

Iran reportedly hired a hitman to kidnap or kill former national security adviser John Bolton, who now lives with Secret Service posted outside his home after the administration killed Qasem Soleimani, arguably the top military official in Iran who was responsible for a large portion of the terrorism in the region and around the world.

Iran typically tries to hire hitmen who are already a part of criminal enterprises to carry out their assassination plots on foreign soil.

In the U.S., Iran reportedly hired a private investigator to follow dissident activist Masih Alinejad around, take photographs of her, and document her whereabouts. They initially planned to kidnap her but, when the plot failed, they paid a man $30,000 to attempt to murder her at her home in Brooklyn.

Matt Jukes, head of Counter Terrorism Policing in Britain, said that Iran uses proxies to carry out assassination attempts because they are typically “not being tracked by intelligence or security agencies.”

He said that in the U.K. they have foiled 15 Iranian kidnapping and assassination attempts in the last year.

A nation-state, one might note, even a shithole like Iran, has resources and capabilities far above and beyond the casual assassin or even semi-organized terror groups like Hamas.  If the Bronze-Age barbarians in Tehran decide they want someone really dead, they have resources at hand.

It’s also important to remember that such an act would be a game-changer, should the assassination target be a senior government official or even a head of state.  That would then rise to the level, one would think, of an act of war, and the nation from which the target came from would be justified in reacting accordingly.

I’m not saying that would result in Tehran suddenly being a white-hot radioactive crater, but it’s not impossible. Unfortunately for the West and anyone else who Iran may view askance, only the rank-and-file people of Iran will ever be able to mount any real, lasting change in that nation who is now and has been ruled by savages.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Some housekeeping notes: Last night I caught a red-eye to Denver, in order to recover enough (which takes longer every year) to leave Friday for Grand County, where loyal sidekick Rat and I will be sallying forth to do battle with antlered ungulates.  More news on that when/if anything happens; in the meantime, there will be some placeholder totty on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.  Barring some catastrophe regular posts should resume on Thursday, the 2nd.

Now then…

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Animal’s Daily Effing Savages News

Bari Weiss has some interesting comments on the whole mess in Israel.  I haven’t always agreed with Mr. Weiss over the years, but I have always found her worth reading, and this is no exception.

At the end of the Second World War, it took the Allies months, if not years, to uncover the full scale of Germany’s war crimes. That’s because the Nazis tried to hide them. 

In October 2023, Hamas broadcast what they did—what they are doing—in real time.

They took horrific videos to document and share it all. Videos of naked women; of a captured six-year-old-boy; of beheaded soldiers.

This young woman—her name is Mor—learned that her grandmother had been slaughtered because a terrorist took her grandmother’s cell phone, filmed her murder, and then uploaded the video to the grandmother’s own Facebook page, ensuring her family would see it.

Now they are threatening to execute the hostages they have captured on live television. Parents across the country have been told to delete apps like Instagram from their children’s phones so they do not see the carnage.

It’s as if the Cossacks had TikTok.

For some years now I’ve been describing Hamas, ISIL and their ilk accurately and bluntly: They are fucking savages. They deserve not arrest and trial; after the acts of this week past we see them for what they are, and we see that the proper response to their acts is for Israel to hunt them down like rabid animals and put them down, decisively.

And that seems to be what’s happening.

But here’s the onion: There are too many among us here, in the supposedly civilized West, who are aligning themselves with the savages.

On the one hand I think: surely this will be sufficient. Surely this amount of blood will be enough to shake the world awake. Surely no one can equivocate or justify this. As my friend Sarah Haider wrote, “How easy is it to simply condemn targeted violence against civilians? Can there be a lower bar?” 

And yet, across the world, people have sunk below it.

Here you can watch people gathered at the Sydney Opera House cheering “gas the Jews” and “death to the Jews.” People are rejoicing in the slaughter on the streets of Berlin and London and Toronto and New York. (Scroll down to read our Free Press dispatch on the celebrations in Manhattan.)

At our most prestigious universities there is silence from administrations that leapt to speak out on George Floyd’s killing and on the war in Ukraine. Meantime, the social justice crowd offers explanations for the massacre—a massacre that, in part, targeted a group of progressive Israelis at a music festival. Terrorists came to that festival on paragliders carrying machine guns to start their slaughter. They raped women there next to the dead bodies of their friends.

Here’s the thing: Those who are supporting of this insanity will sooner or later be called to account for that support.  At this juncture I’m not sure what form that will take; these are, after all, people whose mouths are writing checks their asses can’t cash, and while they talk a big game they aren’t acting, other than shouting and waving signs.  Yet.

We are engaged in a major conflict of civilizations.  Israel is the front line.  The conflict is radical Islam vs. civilization.  That is what it is.  Europe may well already be lost.  The next century may be very uncomfortable – but it may also be the hard times that brings us strong people.

Bari Weiss, yes, makes some good points.  Hopefully enough people are listening.

Animal’s Daily Nork Submarine News

This is downright giggle-inducing; North Korea, that isolated Stalinist dictatorship run by a stunted little gargoyle with bad hair from a long line of stunted little gargoyles with bad hair, that Communist shithole that can’t even feed its own citizenry, claims to have launched a nuclear ballistic missile submarine.

Here’s the funny part:  It’s not nuclear (supposedly it carries nuclear-tipped missiles, but it’s Diesel/electric powered) and it’s based on an old Soviet Romeo-class sub.  The Romeo class was built between 1957 and 1961.  That’s right.  All these subs are older than I am, and I’m no spring chicken.

Kim Jong Un was present for the launch of the North Korean Navy’s (KPN) latest submarine on September 6. The new submarine is actually a rebuilt Soviet-designed Romeo Class boat, but radically modernized. It has been named “Hero Kim Gun-ok” (김군옥영웅) and given the hull number 841.

Significantly, the submarine has a missile compartment added with 10 missile tubes. Given the Hermit Kingdom’s investment in ballistic missiles, it is likely that these are nuclear capable.

But how capable?  The amount of tech savvy demonstrated by the Norks to date has been underwhelming.

The modification to the Romeo class submarine is so extensive that it almost appears to be a new boat. The new missile compartment, with two rows of five missile hatches, is in a section built into the sail. The bow has been shortened, reshaped and the diving planes moved to the sail.

We can speculate that the missiles are the Pukguksong family of submarine launched ballistic missiles. These are between 9.7 and 10.6 meters long and 1.5 and 1.8 meters in diameter depending on the exact version. The missile hatches however appear smaller, either for a shorter ranged ballistic missile first seen in October 2021, or for a cruise missile. North Korea has recently shown the Hwasal-2′ cruise missile which approximates the U.S. Navy’s famous Tomahawk weapon.

Here’s the sub (image from article):

Here’s a drawing of the original Soviet Romeo design:

That new bow they grafted onto this ancient Russian submarine looks like papier-mâché.  One has to doubt the seaworthiness of this abortion; hell, one has to doubt the harbor-worthiness of this thing.

The best thing that could happen to the United States Pacific Fleet would be for the Norks to try to actually take this thing to sea.  I  have a funny feeling it would disappear within a few months.