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Sitting here, all I can think of is how busy things are going to be in the world of punditry for the next few weeks – probably until the election, and probably after, too.  There are elements on the left that won’t stand still for a Trump/Vance victory.

Buying ammo wouldn’t be the worst idea right now.

And so…

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Animal’s Daily OH HOLY CRAP News

Be sure to check out the latest installment of my pal UnCivilServant’s Prince of the North Tower over at Glibertarians!

So, Joe Biden is out of the race. He’s not out of the White House – but he’s out of the presidential race.

I know, it’s a couple of days after the event, and I weighed in on Redstate on Sunday, so go read these scoops:

BREAKING: President Joe Biden Ends Reelection Bid, Will Remain As POTUS

As Joe Biden Quits Reelection Campaign, Questions Arise: Who Can It Be Now?

Check out the second one, and you’ll get my primary thoughts on this; neither of these is paywalled, so you don’t have to worry about that much.

As someone once said, this is a big fuckin’ deal.

This is my conclusion from the op-ed (second link) above.

This won’t be the Democrat’s year unless something truly astonishing happens in the next few weeks. Donald Trump and JD Vance have to be viewing these events and the upcoming election with increasing confidence. Watch the battleground state polls in the coming weeks; these will be the first indicators as to which direction the American political frog will jump.

We’re seeing history being made, folks. This is probably the biggest political upheaval since Barry Goldwater and several other congressional Republicans went in to see President Richard Nixon and tell him the jig was up.

Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks once more to The Other McCain, If You Are Left You Ain’t Right, Flappr, Pirate’s Cove, and Bacon Time for the Rule Five links!

I found this roundly interesting, and it’s a question I’ve mulled over myself a time or two: Would religion survive contact with an alien intelligence?

Cynics have often declared that the discovery of aliens would be the death knell for earthly religions. In his book Contact With Alien Civilizations (2007), Michael Michaud wrote that “the more anthropocentric our religions are, the more they may be challenged by contact.” The American 20th century philosopher Roland Puccetti suggested in his book Persons (1968) that our religions would not survive the implications of an inhabited cosmos. And theoretical physicist Paul Davies has specific concerns for Christianity, stating in a previous interview with this writer that he “doesn’t see how you live with [the knowledge of alien life] and retain the core of Christian belief.”

Then again:

Lucas Mix, who is an astrobiologist by training and is currently project manager and co-director of the Equipping Christian Leadership in an Age of Science program at the University of Durham, UK, thinks that how Christians will respond to contact with alien life will depend on what they see to be the core of their Christian faith.

“If someone’s core commitment to Christianity is about the exclusivity of Jesus’ action, then [the existence of aliens] could be very threatening to their faith,” says Mix. “But for many of us, the central idea of Christianity has to do with this love of neighbour, and that becomes harder with aliens because they are alien. So I don’t think contact will be an intellectual challenge, but it could be emotionally challenging.”

While I don’t have a dog in this fight, having no religion myself, I can arrive at one primary conclusion from all this: The ways in which such a contact would affect the religious will be as many as there are religious people.  It’s silly and impossible to assume that “Christians will react one way, while Muslims will react another, and Shinto or Buddhists this other way.” People don’t work like that.  Some people have an endless capacity to rationalize anything, to fold, spindle, and mutilate any new information to fit their existing worldview. Others quickly assimilate new information and adjust their thought processes accordingly.

Along with every variation in between.

People are unpredictable. They are wildly diverse (yes, I know) in their thought processes. While speculation like this can be fun – and while any contact with alien intelligence would be world-changing in ways we can’t possibly imagine – it’s impossible to predict how members of any particular religion would react.

One thing I do know: If any aliens land on my front lawn, disembark their flying saucer, and demand to be taken to my leader, I’m taking them to see Gary Busey.

Rule Five Trump Ascendant Friday

Following a failed assassination attempt which gave us one of the great political images of the 21st century, Donald Trump walked into the Republican National Convention like a man whose been given a great opportunity.  His appearance was just what I had predicted:  His usual dark suit, sparkling white shirt, power tie, and a white bandage on his perforated ear, worn like a badge of honor.

Now, in the convention, he seems to have united the Republican Party around his effort to Grover Cleveland himself into a nonconsecutive second term.

Vivek Ramaswamy never really ran against him. Ron DeSantis threw his weight behind him within an hour of dropping out of the primary. But Nikki Haley, the last woman standing, she took her time. The endorsement took three full months to arrive. Donald Trump didn’t mind.

The former president did not need her support to lock down a third consecutive nomination. He may not need it to return to the White House either. But as Haley walked onstage at the Republican National Convention Tuesday, Trump beamed. He listened with a bandaged ear from a box overlooking the arena to his last rival, the member of his cabinet who went astray, bending the knee in prime time.

“If there is one thing Donald Trump loves more than a Day One supporter,” Hogan Gidley, who served as a Trump White House aide, told RealClearPolitics, “it is a convert.”

Nikki Haley is one of those converts.

“There are some Americans who don’t agree with Donald Trump 100% of the time,” she continued. “My message to them is simple: You don’t have to agree with Trump 100% of the time to vote for him.”

Trump has made plenty of bitter rivals into friends during his time in office. Just think of the nicknames. Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who challenged him eight years ago, went from “Lying Ted” in that time to “Beautiful Ted.” Consider also the props. He had a pallet of Trump bottled water, complete with his face emblazoned on the packaging, delivered to the campaign headquarters of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio in 2016. It was a reference to Rubio’s bottled-water moment when he awkwardly paused his response to President Obama’s State of the Union to take a drink. Ultimately, the barb did not matter. Rubio became a key legislative ally of Trump, even auditioning this time around to be his running mate.

One of the smartest things Donald Trump has done in this election cycle was to maintain a discreet silence after Joe Biden’s utter train wreck of a debate performance.  He has been following strategies that would have impressed Sun Tzu or Carl von Clauswitz.

  • When his opponent is self-destructing, Trump stays out of the way and lets him proceed.
  • He is taking the fight into his opponent’s territory, holding huge rallies in Pennsylvania – and the South Bronx.
  • After the aborted assassination, he rebounded. Seconds after the bullet hit his ear he bounced back to his feet to show the crowd he was all right; with blood streaming down his face, he shouted “Fight! Fight! Fight!” to the crowd.

The whole thing has been remarkable to watch.  The debate and the assassination attempt have fundamentally altered the 2024 election, and for once, Donald Trump has been reacting perfectly.


Animal’s Daily Trump VP News

Before I get into this, check out my Glibertarian buddy UnCivilServant’s latest installment of Prince of the North Tower over at Glibertarians!

Now then:  It looks like this is official.  Donald Trump has been voted, officially, as the Republican presidential candidate, and has made his Veep pick.

Donald Trump is now officially the Republican nominee for President of the United States in 2024, after a roll call vote during the opening session of the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee.

Trump’s son Eric announced earlier Monday that he’d be the one pledging the delegates that would put his dad over the 1,215 delegate mark.

As for the Veep: It’s J.D. Vance.

During the opening day of the 2024 Republican National Convention, Donald Trump announced the selection of Sen. J.D. Vance (R-OH) as his running mate.

Trump wrote on Truth Social:

After lengthy deliberation and thought, and considering the tremendous talents of many others, I have decided that the person best suited to assume the position of Vice President of the United States is Senator J.D. Vance of the Great State of Ohio. J.D. honorably served our Country in the Marine Corps, graduated from Ohio State University in two years, Summa Cum Laude, and is a Yale Law School Graduate, where he was Editor of The Yale Law Journal, and President of the Yale Law Veterans Association. J.D.’s book, “Hillbilly Elegy,” became a Major Best Seller and Movie, as it championed the hardworking men and women of our Country. J.D. has had a very successful business career in Technology and Finance, and now, during the Campaign, will be strongly focused on the people he fought so brilliantly for, the American Workers and Farmers in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Minnesota, and far beyond….

As I can’t really add anything to that – yet – I shall simply say, “Let the games begin!”  Stay tuned, True Believers.  Things are sure to get much more interesting between now and November 5th.

Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks as always to The Other McCain, If You Are Left You Ain’t Right, Pirate’s Cove, Flappr, and Bacon Time for the Rule Five links!

Now then: We’re all shocked by the attempted assassination of former President Trump.  I already wrote a piece on RedState, which you can read here.  I can’t add much to what I already wrote, but I’ll hit the high points for you:

  1. Donald Trump just won the 2024 election.  It’s over.  The Democrats should just get used to the idea.
  2. The push from Democrats to replace Joe Biden will probably fade out now.  What would be the point?  It’s just as well to let him take the L, so they can start looking ahead to 2028.
  3. The rhetoric from the left about Trump will ease up.  For a while.  Maybe a week.  Maybe not.  Some unhinged leftists on X, among other outlets, are already screaming at the perp for missing.  There will be more of that.

Finally, look at this photo:

This, True Believers, is the image to come out of this incident.  This photo is worth 100,000 votes, minimum. Look at the composition of this; it could hardly be any better if it was posed.  Trump, bloodied but defiant, a fist raised and his head high to show the crowd he was all right, and the flag appearing to be upside-down behind him.

You’ll be seeing this image and others from this event a lot in the weeks to come.

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