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Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Like a lot of folks, I’m a bit bemused by all the flap-doodle about “pronouns.”  I’ve only once been asked for my “pronouns.”  The ask was at the beginning of a project planning meeting, where everyone in a Zoom call was asked to give a brief introduction and to “present their pronouns.”

When my turn came, I gave my brief introduction and stopped.  The host asked “would you like to give your preferred pronouns?”


There was a brief, somewhat awkward silence, and the meeting went on.

In my experience that’s the best way to handle things like this.  Simply refuse to engage in the virtue-signal.  Nine times out of ten, that ends it.  People move on.  A couple of the people in the Zoom may have thought I was an asshole, but I’ve long since stopped worrying about crap like that.

And so…

On To the Links!

Inflation in 2020 highest since 1982.  Some of us remember 1982.  Things weren’t so hot.

Rick Perry tweaks Stacey Abram’s nose.

This is just embarrassing.

Speaking of embarrassing:  Heels-Up Harris spits out a content-free word salad.

Things inflation-wise may be worse than you think.

Incoming VA Governor Glenn Youngkin has hit the ground running.

No shit, Sherlock.

These critters may be humanity’s first intentional hybrid livestock.  Cool!


Welcome to the Hotel California.

I am a big fan of Winsome Sears.  I”m pretty sure she won’t stop at Lieutenant Governor of Virginia..

Speaking of Virginia:  Let them melt down.

This Week’s Idiots:

What a self-absorbed, whiny idiot.  But then, it’s Slate, so…

Barack Obama beclowns himself.

MSNBC’s Zeeshan Aleem is an idiot.

Paul Krugman (Repeat Offender Alert) is still a partisan hack, and an idiot.

The Hill’s Brad Bannon is an idiot.

The New Republic’s Thomas Geoghegan is an idiot.

Slate’s Dahlia Lithwick (Repeat Offender Alert) is an idiot.

MSNBC’s Kevin Kruse is an idiot.

The LA Times’ Jackie Calmes is an idiot.

MSNBC’s Zeeshan Aleem is an idiot.

Robert Reich (Repeat Offender Alert) is still a sawed-off runt, and an idiot.

The LA Times’ Sonja Diaz is an idiot.

This Week’s Cultural Edification:

Thanks to commenter Andrew Robson for the tip to this week’s video.

In the late Seventies and early Eighties, Pat Benatar was kind of a big deal in rock & roll.  Her videos were regulars on MTV back when MTV actually played music.  One of her better-known tunes was 1979’s Heartbreaker, from the album In The Heat Of The Night – and, yeah, Pat was pretty hot.

But on one episode of Country Music Television’s show Crossroads, Pat appeared, still looking pretty damn good.  She shared vocals on Heartbreaker with country songbird Martina McBride.  In addition to the singing, watch the interaction between the two; especially how Pat looks at Martina for the first minute or so.

Here’s that tune, with live video; enjoy.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

 We were very pleased the other day when we saw that one of these little fellows moved into the big lilac bush in front of our house.  This is not an actual photo of ours, just a representative sample of this little creature, a Least Weasel.  These little guys never stop moving around and we haven’t gotten a good photo yet.

What makes these little nonstop predators interesting is that they are not only the smallest of the Mustelidae, but that they are the smallest of the order Carnivora altogether.  They look like an elongated mouse with sharp little predatory teeth.  Their metabolisms require them to eat, a lot, so their constant movement is pretty much a nonstop search for mice, hibernating bugs and sleeping birds. They’re obviously good at it, because this is a widespread, successful, circumboreal species – they are found not only in North America but also Asia and Europe.

We’ve enjoyed watching ours when we can see him (yes, I’m presuming his gender), and it’s just great living in a place where we have these kinds of critters for neighbors.  We’ve named him Herman the Ermine.

And so…

On To the Links!

Jan 6, 2021 vs. the Summer 2020 riots.  Interesting stuff.

RIP, Sidney Poitier.  One of the greats.

Sieg Heil to you too, asshole.

Chuck Schumer can fuck right off.  More on that:  No, you weren’t, you mendacious, dissembling horse’s ass.

America is not a democracy.  No shit – I’ve been saying this for years.  But this writer wants America to move towards greater democracy, and away from what we are – a constitutional republic.  That would be disastrous.

Robert Stacy McCain brings us an Aspiring Rapper Update, and Still Another Aspiring Rapper Update.

Haw haw haw!Dogs and cats, living together – mass hysteria!

Purveyors of nitwittery on Amazon.  Who knew?

Russian thinks America is bluffing.  They’re probably right.

Honestly, Ford screwed the pooch on the new Bronco.  If they would have brought out a manual-transmission, normally aspirated V8, manual hubs, manual transfer case, crank windows and manual door-lock recreation of the original Bronco, I’d have been interested.  This doodad-laden thing?  Nah.


Why can’t America win a war?  Because our military is now an equal-opportunity woke jobs program, not an organization intended to close with and destroy the enemy by overwhelming fire, maneuver and shock effect.

I love a happy ending.

This Week’s Idiots:

Adam Schiff-for-Brains is an idiot.

The LA Times’ Robin Abcarian is an idiot.

Too much bang bang from Fang Fang make Swallwell dumb dumb.

The New Yorker’s David Remnick is an idiot.

USAToday’s Derrick Johnson is an idiot.

Paul Krugman (Repeat Offender Alert) continues to be a partisan hack, and an idiot.

An idiot loses her idiot platform at an idiot network.  At MSNBC, it’s idiots all the way down.

The Guardian’s David Daley is an idiot.

This Week’s Cultural Edification:

Faith Hill is kind of a big deal in country music, and one of her best-known tunes is her 1999 song Breathe, from the album of the same name.  While the album cut of that song is good, there’s a version I like better; her 2003 television special When the Lights Go Down included a version of Breathe where she is accompanied by one of the immortals of rock & roll, none other than the great Carlos Santana. 

The video includes not only the performance but a few shots of Faith (who appears to be as nervous as a schoolgirl) meeting Carlos, and Carlos describing how her song had touched him, which is why he wanted to play it with her – and note, mind you, how he lets Faith take the lead, and just accompanies her with his typically brilliant guitar work.  A true professional and a great song.  Enjoy.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

Boy howdy, is it cold.


Temps here in the Susitna Valley haven’t been above zero since Sunday, and overnight lows have been approaching twenty below.  But it’s Alaska, not Hawaii, so we kind of expect this kind of weather in January.  In fact, speaking only for Mrs. Animal and yt. obdt., we kind of enjoy it.  It’s not the cold so much that we enjoy, mind; it’s feeling proofed against it.

Our oil tank is full, we have plenty of firewood, our house is snug and well-insulated.  The pantry and freezer are both well-stocked.  In fact we could get by without having to go to the grocery store, probably, until the first of February.  We do have to go out to walk across the driveway to the office, but that little building is warm as well, although the heat there is electric; I’m going to eventually have to install something more efficient.

But, yes, by the time April rolls around, we’ll be more than ready for spring.  And so, with that said…

On To the Links!

Here’s the thing:  Show me where the word “democracy” appears in the Constitution.

This is known as belaboring the obvious.

Yeah, I’m sure that’s gonna go well.

Canadian gun owners:  “We will not comply!”

This is sure to end well.

The Squirrel Mafia invades Wales.  That’s just nuts.

Oh, sure, it’s OK for them to have pipelines.

This is also known as belaboring the obvious.

RIP Betty White. 

RIP Richard Leakey.

I remember when Scientific American was a respectable publication.  Not any more.  Now they’re engaging in anti-GMO kookery and tarring (hah!) respected biologist Edward O. Wilson as a racist.  Who do think they are – CNN?

Imagine the 2024 Democrat Presidential primaries featuring the dimwit Alexandria “Crazy Eyes” Occasional Cortex against Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, Dowager Empress of Chappaqua.  If that happens I’m buying stock in popcorn companies.  The debates alone would be hilarious.

Why the hell would anyone give a shit about Anthony Blinken’s Spotify playlist, and why the hell is the government paying someone with taxpayer funds to post this horseshit?

We can hope.

This Week’s Idiots:

Robert Reich (Repeat Offender Alert) remains a sawed-off runt, and an idiot.

David Axelrod is an idiot.

The Hill’s Alan Cohn is an idiot.

Alexandria “Crazy Eyes” Occasional Cortex (Repeat Offender Alert) is still an idiot.

NY Mag’s Ed Kilgore is an idiot.

The New York Daily News’ Norm Ornstein is an idiot.

CNN’s Dean Obeidallah is an idiot.

Salon’s Amanda Marcotte (Repeat Offender Alert) is an idiot.

This Week’s Cultural Edification:

The late Nineties and early years of the new century saw the explosion of digital music and streaming audio, which led to lots of little local and regional bands suddenly being able to gain a larger following.  One of those was the New England band Grey Eye Glances (originally Sojourn).  They had a neat, easy style, with a few peppier tunes like The Me You See and Halfway Back.  Of all their songs, one of my favorites is Angel, which comes from their 1997 album Eventide.  This is a nice, relaxing song, perfect for long winter evenings in a warm house.  Here is that tune – enjoy.

Animal’s Daily Blacktail News

A Sitka blacktail buck.

Before we begin, check out the latest in the Allamakee County Chronicles over at Glibertarians!

Now then:  Our own Governor Dunleavy has floated a plan to transplant Alaska’s only native deer, the Sitka Blacktail, into the Matanuska valley and our own Susitna valley.  The problem is, it probably wouldn’t work.  Excerpt:

The idea came from Gov. Mike Dunleavy: “Establish a huntable population of Sitka black-tailed deer in the Mat-Su,” according to the first page of an internal state report.

In a populous part of Alaska that climate change will warm in the decades ahead, an established deer population might provide a new source of food and wildlife viewing for residents without the means to fly or boat around the islands and coastlines where the elusive ungulates live, according to the administration.

“The governor has directed his commissioners and other officials to look into a host of game enhancement opportunities, including the relocation of species for hunting,” said a statement emailed from deputy press secretary Patty Sullivan. “The creation of new hunting opportunities is a priority of the governor’s.”

I don’t much care for the idea of spending taxpayer dollars to “create new hunting opportunities” in a state already replete with such opportunities, although I will admit that even a big Sitka buck would be a lot easier to handle than a 1,200 pound moose.  But here’s the real onion:

“All ADF&G deer managers and biologists agree that an SBD (Sitka black-tailed deer) introduction is unlikely to succeed in the Mat-Su,” according to the scoping report.

“The Mat-Su is far colder than anywhere within the SBD’s current winter range with mean daily maximum temperatures far below freezing from November through February,” it adds. “It is unlikely SBD can live in the Mat-Su under normal winter conditions.”

The report goes on to explain how deer survive winters in mountainous coastal environments: forest canopies prevent snow from deeply covering forage, and after big snow events the deer can descend toward shore areas to look for more food, even eating kelp on Kodiak beaches to avoid starvation.

“Kelp is rare to nonexistent in the Mat-Su valley,” the authors note.

What’s more, deep snow pack and relatively spare tree cover is likely to leave the deer’s main food supplies buried too long for them to survive through the year.

There is also the question of predators: The valleys of Southcentral Alaska have a lot of them: “Wolves, black bears, brown bears, coyotes and others (e.g. lynx, wolverines, and feral or free-roaming dogs),” the document says. “In years of heavy snow, limited mobility of SBD could lead to higher predation rates by wolves or coyotes.”

When it comes to hunting, Governor Dunleavy is one of us; he hunts and, from what I read about him, always has, but that’s hardly unusual here in the Great Land.  And I appreciate having a Governor who is very friendly to hunters and gun owners, which wasn’t the case any longer in the Colorado that we departed a year ago.

But in this case, the Gov should listen to the wildlife biologists who are educated in the field and experienced in dealing with Alaska wildlife.  This is what we pay them for.  Governor Dunleavy should abandon this plan as a bad idea and a waste of taxpayer money.

Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks as always to Pirate’s Cove, Whores and Ale and Bacon Time for the Rule Five links!  And welcome to the first Monday of 2022 – may this year be a little more sane than the previous two.

Mind you that’s setting the bar pretty low.

Junk Science’s Steve Malloy has an interesting bit on the Top Ten Under-reported Climate Flops of 2021.  Go read it all.  Excerpt:

The year 2021 may go down in history as the year that foretold the end of the climate idiocy movement — although the movement is unlikely to take the hint. This year witnessed the follies, failures and lies of climate idiocy laid bare for all to see — that is, if the media had actually reported them.

So here are the 10 biggest failures of the climate movement in 2021. The only reason the climate movement survives past these flops is because the mainstream media keeps it afloat by failing to honestly report the news.

1. European wind failure causes disastrous global energy crisis. As Europe has closed its coal plants in a rush to embrace wind turbines over the past 20 years, 2021 witnessed a decrease in wind and the ensuing failure of European wind turbines. With fewer coal plants to fall back on, Europe was forced to rely on natural gas plants, causing natural gas prices to skyrocket and a global energy crisis. Some of the outcomes: energy company failures, manufacturing and fertilizer plant shutdowns, projected increase from 50 million to 80 million in the number of Europeans living in energy poverty and a greater reliance on Vladimir Putin’s goodwill for supplies of natural gas. Plus, emissions have increased. The media has been largely silent on the ongoing energy crisis and emissions backfire, especially with respect to its origins in green policies.

Relying on Vladimir Putin’s goodwill, what little there is of it, seems like an unwise (at best) strategy.  Especially when EU nations are decommissioning their best supplies of actually clean, viable energy – nuclear power plants.

Technological societies, as pointed out by Micheal Shellenberger in his book Apocalypse Never, can only grow and expand those technologies if they have cheap, reliable energy.  Advancing technology relies on advancing energy density at the sources.  Nuclear power supplies that energy density.  Wind and solar do not.  Much of the problems with the various “green” energy plans is that they decrease energy density, not to mention reliability.

The flops described in this article pretty much all point to this same failure – a failure for which, by the way, the “green” elites like John Kerry and Al Gore will not be paying the price, but folks like you and I will.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

This mid-holiday week is a short work week for most folks, and a quiet, relaxing week for others.  Even pols and Imperial City bureaucrats and talking heads are pretty quiescent (by comparison), so the links are a bit sparse this week.

Our sunrise on Monday.

For our part, Mrs. Animal and yr. obdt. enjoyed a quiet Christmas, our first in our new Alaska home.  We left the house only to go to Wasilla to take in a matinee of Spiderman – No Way Home, which we enjoyed.  Some folks look down their noses at comic-book movies, but sometimes we enjoy light, easy escapist fantasy, which is what these are.  You don’t have to think about them too much, they’re fun, and the good guys always win in the end.  Some folks think they’re silly.  That’s fine.  As my late Grandpa used to say, every cat its own rat.

And so…

On To the Links!

No shit, Sherlock.

Fuck off, slaver.

See a beautifully preserved dinosaur hatchling.  Cool!

Not without changing out a lot of politicians.

Can New York reverse its population drop?  Not unless they reverse their habit of electing corrupt and incompetent politicians.

There’s a red wave on the rise.

If, you know, we can get a clean election.

Yes, CRT is being taught in our schools.  It would be nice if they were teaching things like reading, writing and math.

Lint has DNA? 

The Navy is testing laser weapons – again.  Those wacky squids.

Fuck off, slaver Part Deux.

The Texas vs. California Challenge?  If it’s all the same to you, Colonel Schlichter, we’ll stay in Alaska.

Top ten dinosaur discoveries of 2021.  Cool!  I remain just as fond of dinosaurs and dino-discoveries as I was when I was a little kid.  Also, dino-era sea monsters were a thing.

Brian Stelter continues to rehearse for his second career as an actual potato.

This Week’s Idiots:

Salon’s Amanda Marcotte (Repeat Offender Alert) is an idiot.

The Guardian’s Rebecca Solnit is an idiot.

Slate’s Jordan Weissmann is an idiot.

HuffPo’s Phoebe Cohen is an idiot.

The Guardian’s Sam Levine is an idiot.

Mother Jones’ Tim Murphy is an idiot.

Nikole Hannah-Jones is an idiot.

Kamala “Heels-Up” Harris continues to prove herself an idiot.

This Week’s Cultural Edification:

This seems appropriate, for our last cultural edification before a new year.  This is the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards, playing Auld Lang Syne, accompanied by some lovely views of the Scottish Highlands.  A part of my own ancestry springs from the hills shown here.  I can trace my lineage in part back to one Donald MacKay, who fled northwestern Scotland in the late 1600s for the New World.  I don’t know what he was running from or why, but I’ll be there was a damn good story in it, and if somehow I was able to set down with him over a wee dram of single malt, we’d find plenty to talk about.

Maybe that’s why bagpipe music still gives me chills.  Happy New Year, one and all, and may your 2022 be happy, healthy, productive and profitable.

Animal’s Daily Enough is Enough News

Before we start, check out Part 2 of Three Days of Snow over at Glibertarians!

Now then:  It seems more and more Americans are fed up with overbearing government Kung Flu mandates.  Excerpt:

Americans are increasingly done with mandates in the name of fighting COVID. After almost two years, most have gone back to their pre-pandemic lives and just won’t obey orders from the hysteria echo chamber.

Consider Gov. Kathy Hochul’s recent mask-or-vax mandate. More than 30 New York county executives have publicly refused to enforce it, using terms like “Gestapo tactics” and “mask police.”

And not just Republican execs: The Democrats in charge of Nassau and Suffolk counties balked, too.

Other leaders are backing off on mandates because the rank and file won’t play along. Take President Biden’s beloved Amtrak, which rescinded its mandate, set to hit Jan. 4, that would’ve forced 17,000 employees to get vaccinated or go on unpaid leave.

And the Los Angeles Unified School District postponed its vaccine mandate until fall 2022 after realizing 28,000 students would be barred from in-person classes.

As I’ve been pointing out for some time, up here in the Great Land everybody outside of Anchorage and Juneau hit “fuck it” some time ago.  You won’t see many masks up here in the Susitna Valley.

Now the rest of the country seems to be following suit.  And honestly, that’s understandable.  We’ve had pandemics before, and the government response was limited to advice – wash your hands, stay home if you’re feeling ill, guidelines on when to see a sawbones.  And that’s what they should be doing.  Especially the Imperial City; if anyone can find a constitutional authority for anyone in the Imperial City to lay down any of the diktats they’ve been putting forth the last couple of years, I’ll buy them a beer.

Meanwhile, more and more folks across the country have just plain had enough, and they’re starting to just ignore the overbearing authoritarians.  Good.  Once in a while a story comes along that gives me a little hope; this is one of those.

Animal’s Hump Day News

Happy Hump Day!

The bigger they are, the harder they fall, eh?

This was one of my favorite pieces in the weekly news roundup, so I wanted to give it some primacy of place.  Honestly, this couldn’t happen to a more deserving cackling harpy.  Kamala “Heels-Up” Harris is probably the dumbest, least competent person to ever be a heartbeat away from the Imperial Mansion, and considering that this is a position previously held by Andrew Johnson and Al Gore, that’s really saying something.

It’s going to be interesting to see how they squeeze her out before the 2024 campaign season gets going in earnest, because you know sure as hell old Joe isn’t going to make it to another term.  Seriously – are these people the best the Democrats have?

Anyway, with that out of the way…

On To the Links!

Dear President Trump:  Thank you, thank you, thank you for sparing us from having to live through four years of this bitter, besotted, corrupt, wicked old harridan in the Imperial Mansion.

Probably ain’t gonna happen.

No shit, Sherlock.

What should Democrats do about rising inflation?  Resign.

And the money printer goes brrrrrrr.


A modern-day dinosaur.

Dinosaurs may have been colorful.  That’s reasonable, as living dinosaurs – birds – are often colorful.

Remind me again which political party has been running Chicago since the Depression?

How about just getting the government out of the way of the economy altogether?  Honestly, every time government interferes they make things worse.

Civil Disobedience 101 in New York.

“Democracy is the theory that the common people know what they want, and deserve to get it good and hard.”

Colorado Gov. Polis finds an acorn.

Cold, dark and hungry – that’s what life will be like if the Dems get their way.

I’ve never read even one word of Harry Potter and never will, but I confess to liking J.K. Rowling these days.

He should, but he won’t, and nobody in the legacy media will ask.

I love a happy ending.

Inflation continues to break records.

This Week’s Idiots:

Salon’s Amanda Marcotte (Repeat Offender Alert) is an idiot.

The NY TimesThomas Edsall is an idiot.

The Atlantic’s David Litt is an idiot.

The Hill’s Phillip Wallach is an idiot.

CNN’s Mark Wolfe is an idiot.

Paul Krugman (Repeat Offender Alert) remains a cheap partisan hack, and an idiot.

The Hill’s Maria Cardona is an idiot.

Vox’s Zach Beauchamp is an idiot.

The New York Times’ Charles Blow (Repeat Offender Alert) is an idiot.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza (Repeat Offender Alert) is an idiot.

The Nation’s Elie Mystal (Repeat Offender Alert) is an idiot.

OK, that’s all I can take for this week.  I actually read these, you know.

This Week’s Cultural Edification:

Since last week we mentioned the Sanford Townsend Band opening for Melanie, here is the lady herself.   Melanie (full name Melanie Safka) was a folk/pop singer who had a fair following in the early Seventies.  She had a fun, light, airy style and was easy to listen to.

Her best-known song was Brand New Key, from her 1971 album Gather Me.  Imagine a lady singer today using the line “…some people say I’ve done all right for a girl?”  Brand New Key is a fun little tune you don’t have to take too seriously.  Enjoy.

Animal’s Daily Otteriffic News

Before we dive in to today’s ottery story, check out the first installment of a new fiction series over at Glibertarians! 

Now then:  You can’t beat this headline: Man Minding His Business Gets Mangled by a Gang of Angry Otters.  Excerpt:

Even so, as they say at zoos, anything with a mouth can bite.

Just ask Graham (George Spencer) — he found out the hard way.

Or, the herd way.

The 60-something got sacked by a roving gang of semiaquatic psychos.

From the Post:

[Graham]…was…approaching the visitors center when he spotted around 20 otters crossing a dimly-lit path in front of him. He claimed it was the first time he had seen the mustelids in the area despite taking his morning walks there for five months.

A jogger ran through the group, setting them off.

The otters went “crazy like dogs” and tried to rip into the runner.

When that individual escaped, the animals turned toward you-know-who.

No word on whether they had marshmallows, but the critters crunched into Graham like a cracker.

They attacked and attacked s’more.

The ornery otters reportedly hit him in the ankles, pushed him down and leaped on top of Spencer, then proceeded to bite the prone man around his legs, shoes and buttocks, with one nipping his finger, according to the media reports.

In ten seconds, he was bitten 26 times.

Salvation came after the victim’s friend, who was about “15 paces” away, ran up to him screaming and yelling in an attempt to scare the hairy hooligans away.

Graham hightailed it to the visitor’s center with the vicious weasel-like wackos in pursuit.

This is some funny stuff from a distance, and the article’s punning makes it more so.  But there’s a serious message behind the wacky verbiage:  Wild animals are, you know, wild.  Every year visitors to places like Yellowstone and, yes, here in the Great Land, learn this lesson to their sorrow.

Unfortunately we live in an era where most folks have their lessons on wildlife from Disney movies.  Most of the so-called “environmentalists” you see opining online and in the letters to the editors sections of the few remaining print papers are urban dwellers with no idea of what it’s really like to live out in the actual environment – other than maybe a one-week vacation spent in some expensive chalet with a view.

Jokes aside, Mr. Spencer here didn’t do anything wrong, and got bitten up anyway.  He was fortunate that these were otters and not a bear, but his encounter, while amusing on the surface, lends a lesson that should not be taken lightly:  Treat wildlife with respect and caution.

Rule Five Climate Model Friday

Another interesting piece from Issues & Insights, this one on ugly climate models.  Excerpts, with my comments, follow.

The narrative that man is cooking his planet like an overdone Thanksgiving turkey has survived only because the media have propped it up. But we’re confident that eventually the story will collapse. The evidence does not favor the climate alarmists.

A most-recent example that should help tilt the scales back toward sanity: Researchers have found that warming in the Arctic Ocean is not a recent event that coincides with post-war industrial acceleration and the growth of automobile ownership. It began at the outset of the previous century.

According to a University of Cambridge study, the warming arrived “decades earlier than records suggest,” and is “due to warmer water flowing into the delicate polar ecosystem from the Atlantic Ocean,” says Science Daily

“The results, reported in the journal Science Advances, provide the first historical perspective on Atlantification of the Arctic Ocean and reveal a connection with the North Atlantic that is much stronger than previously thought.”

In other words, there are climate and environmental influences that still aren’t fully understood.

Like, all of them, pretty much.  Oh, sure, we understand weather enough to look at patterns and predict the weather 7-10 days out.  But climate is a different story, being as that (as generally accepted) climate works on longer time scales, from tens to hundreds of thousands of years.

Climate is also a vast, utterly chaotic system.  Deriving computer models to predict long-term climate changes is much like deriving computer models to replace animal testing in pharmaceutical development; the best computer models humans can produce are laughably crude compared to the natural phenomena they attempt to model.

While tremendously consequential, the Arctic findings themselves are only part of the story. What they imply is important, too. Researchers concluded “that their results also expose a possible flaw in climate models, because they do not reproduce this early Atlantification at the beginning of the last century,” says Science Daily.

Possible? There’s much to suggest that the models the world is expected to bow to have missed the mark by a wide margin.

“When the history of climate modeling comes to be written in some distant future, the major story may well be how the easy, computable answer turned out to be the wrong one, resulting in overestimated warming and false scares from the enhanced (man-made) greenhouse effect,” Robert L. Bradley Jr. wrote a few months ago for the American Institute for Economic Research.

That future may not be all that distant.  Even the militant green movement is beginning to shed supporters, a trend that will hopefully continue;  see Michael Shellenberger’s Apocalypse Never for an example.

Economist David R. Henderson and visiting Hoover Institution fellow Charles L. Hooper say that because “we have virtually no ability to run controlled experiments, such as raising and lowering CO2 levels in the atmosphere and measuring the resulting change in temperatures,” researchers “build elaborate computer models that use physics to calculate how energy flows into, through, and out of our planet’s land, water, and atmosphere.”

The models, therefore, “have serious limitations that drastically limit their value in making predictions and in guiding policy.” The data that are fed into them are so lacking in value that we should be skeptical of anything they spit out.

Reality will ultimately catch up to the climate hyperbole. And soon, we hope. The media and the politicians and activists whipping up and perpetuating fear are in line for a reckoning.

While the Appeal to Authority here is a bit weak – citing an economist on climate issues – the point is well taken.  Too many pols in Washington and activists all over the globe, like a certain Swedish teenager we could name, are screeching about the sky falling and wanting us to take action with devastating economic impact based on these flawed models.

But here’s the larger issue, and it’s one that I’ve brought up before on this topic:  Hubris.  Who the hell are we to determine what the Earth’s “correct” temperature range is?  This little blue-green sphere is a tad over four and a half billion years old.  Through most of that time it’s been a lot warmer than it is now.  As recently as the Eocene, maybe the Oligocene, there were no polar icecaps.  In the more recent interglacials, global temps were higher than now.  During the Roman occupation of Britain, there were vinyards that would not survive today’s British climate.  Here in the Great Land, at this time of year, a lot of us wouldn’t much mind a little bit of global warming.

Our oldest daughter has worked in emergency rooms for about fifteen years now.  One of her Laws of the ER is this:  “At a cardiac arrest, the first thing to do is to take your own pulse.”  In other words, stop, take a couple of deep breaths, and think for a moment.  The whole world could stand to follow this approach, not just on this issue but many others as well.