Rules of the Game.

A few rules about discussion on this forum, prompted by a nasty comment that didn’t make it on to the page.

  1. There is no First Amendment here.  This blog is private property.  I make the rules on what will or won’t be said.
  2. Now, with that said:  I will never, ever edit or delete a comment just because someone doesn’t agree with me.  I don’t give a damn if people agree with me or not.  If your comment is well phrased, coherent, and civil, go for it.  In fact, I encourage comments from people who don’t agree with me or with an article I’ve linked to; it makes for interesting discussion.
  3. I will edit or delete comments that engage in:
    1. Name-calling.  In name-calling I include juvenile crap like “teabaggers, DemoCRAPS, Cantservatives, LIEberals,” and so on.  We’re all grown-ups here.  That kind of horseshit belongs in junior high school.  Leave it there.
    2. Insults.  Personal attacks on me, a person in a linked article, or another commenter.
    3. Gratuitous foul language.  I’m no stranger to profanity and will on occasion drop an F-bomb on this site.  But foul language just for the sake of foul language will be deleted, and if it persists, I will whack you with the ban-stick.
    4. CAPS LOCK.  You have one.  Use it or I’ll remove your comment.
  4. I will also delete any posts that engage in stupid, mindless, irritating ‘netspeak.  By that I mean using “u” for “you,” “ur” for “you’re,” “ne1″ for “anyone” or any other stupid, lazy, slothful, dumbass variations on that theme.  I don’t give a damn if you do it on Facebook orTwitter; you won’t do it here.
  5. People who end every sentence with “LOL” should be beaten to death with their keyboards.  Don’t do it.
  6. If you’re offended by anything that appears here on this site, too fucking bad.
  7. If you have any objections to any of these rules, refer to Rule 1.

Play nice and we’ll all get along.

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