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Funny, isn’t it, how foreign news sources are frequently more accurate in their reporting than the American legacy media. We’re getting used to it; the British media has hit the Imperial City with a few solid broadsides, and now our cousins from Down Under are weighing in on President Biden(‘s handlers) and Heels-Up Harris’s latest peccadilloes.

Here are three examples, from Australia’s Sky News.  Watch them all.

Why don’t we get coverage like this from the legacy media here?  Well, things are starting to get so embarrassing that some of the legacy talking heads are finally having to admit Biden’s creeping dementia and Harris’s stupidity, but it’s a long slow process, getting them to admit these things.

Watch the videos.  See for yourself.  Discuss in comments if it suits you.  I can’t add much of anything to what these Aussie commentators have already said here.