We Need More Of This From Carly Fiorina.

This is her greatest strength; this is one of the reasons I like Carly Fiorina.  If she doesn’t get the nomination, how about Carly for SecTreas?  Excerpt:

Smiling BearThere can be no doubt now: The U.S. economy is struggling, inequality is on the rise and too many Americans feel uncertain about their future.

On the campaign trail, I have met many of these men and women, who sit at the kitchen table each week, straining to stretch their dollars from shrinking paychecks. Families who can’t save for retirement with near-zero interest rates. Young parents who are being crushed by their student debt. Shop owners who can’t get a loan because their community bank went out of business.

We’ve had more than six years to watch the left’s prescriptions in action and the verdict is in: They don’t work. Under President Obama, the economy has been hobbled. The 73,000-page tax code is too complex to navigate without an army of accountants. The administration has added $7 trillion in new federal debt, and has doubled down on environmental regulations that crush business owners and farmers while raising energy prices.

I would so love to see her debate Her Majesty Hillary I.  Hillary’s blood would be knee-deep on the studio floor before thirty minutes had passed.