Savagery, Pure and Simple

Angry-BearISIS Burns Jordanian pilot alive.  Fucking barbarians.  Excerpt:

A new video that surfaced on the Internet Tuesday shows ISIS burning alive a Jordanian pilot the terror group has held since December — an act that reportedly has prompted Jordan to ready the execution of an unknown number of terrorist prisoners.

The 22-minute video, which Jordan said is authentic, brought a grisly end to speculation into the fate of Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh, 26, who was captured when his plane crashed during a bombing mission in Syria Dec. 24. The video, which reports said could have been made more than a month ago, shows the pilot standing in a cage with a line of fuel leading to him, which is then ignited, causing him to burst into flames. Islamic State had previously sought to trade Al-Kaseasbeh for Sajida al-Rishawi, an Iraqi woman who is in a Jordanian prison for her role in a 2005 suicide bomb attack that killed 60 people in Amman.

Fortunately there is a leader that has the stones to do what needs to be done to end the rampage of these savages.  It’s not President Obama; it’s the king of Jordan, Abdullah II ibn al-Hussein, who has sworn “retribution.”  Good luck to him.  King Abdullah knows what he’s getting his country into; he is a soldier himself, trained in both U.S. and U.K. military schools.

This, True Believers, is a man with some stones.  The best thing President Obama could do for him is to give him all of the fuel, bullets and napalm he needs to erase these fucking ISIS barbarians from the face of the earth.