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A San Francisco store owner and immigrant from Afghanistan – Afghanistan – is aghast at what is happening in his adopted home.  Fox News says:

A San Francisco store owner who immigrated to the United States from Afghanistan says he is at his wits end with crime in the city after a gang of thieves stole over $100,000 in merchandise from his tobacco shop.

“The politicians need to get a grip on this because It’s worse than Afghanistan or Iraq,” Zaid, co-owner of Cigarettes R Cheaper in San Francisco’s Richmond District, told Fox News Digital. He was referring to crime in the city following a robbery Tuesday night, when a half dozen thieves smashed his windows and made off with about $80,000 in merchandise and $20,000 in cash.

“At least in Afghanistan the Taliban will cut your hand off and people are afraid to commit such a crime,” Zaid said, adding that he sees people stealing from nearby stores every day. 

“They know the police won’t do anything,” Zaid explained, adding that the thieves were in his store for 18 to 20 minutes and had plenty of time to “ransack” the place. Zaid added that police have told him that they are short-handed. 

Now let’s make one thing plain:  I’m adamantly against cutting off the hands of thieves.  If that’s not cruel and unusual punishment, then the term has no meaning.

But San Francisco has gone in precisely the opposite direction.  The police force is short-handed, yes, because the cuffs that were once put on criminals have instead been placed, metaphorically at least, on the police.  There has to be a balance, yes; Frisco is not there.  Not even close.

Zaid also told Fox:

Zaid, who immigrated to the United States in 1987 and opened his store in 2003, said things are worse in San Francisco than they have ever been.

“The city has gone downhill, especially the last 2 years since COVID, I’ve never seen it worse,” Zaid told Fox News Digital. “People are afraid to come shopping here because they are either going to get robbed or someone will break into their car.”

If things do not change quickly, Zaid said he will have to close his business. 

What a massive Charlie Foxtrot.  San Francisco has become such a shithole that an immigrant from Afghanistan is shocked at the disorder.  And I’d add that Mr. Zaid is precisely the kind of immigrant we should be encouraging:  He came here for the opportunity, he opened a business serving his community with products and services they want; to Mr. Said I’d say, frankly, if you want to come to Alaska, I’d welcome you.  And the problems you are experiencing in San Francisco sure as hell won’t be an issue here.

I’ve been worried for years now about the decay of our major cities.  Maybe San Francisco is leading the way, but cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Baltimore and Detroit are close behind.  Our major cities are destroying themselves, and some of they may well be past the point of no return.