Rule Five Trumpkin Friday

2016_05_06_Rule Five Friday (1) Now that we have a (presumptive) nominee, now that the #NeverTrump crowd is licking their metaphorical wounds and deciding what to do next, most GOP voters have to stop and think:

What do we do now?

Personally:  Come November, I’m voting for Donald Trump.  Granted, there is a certain amount of lip-biting going on over this; a few weeks back, I was seriously considering breaking my almost forty-year reliable Republican voting streak by casting a protest vote for Libertarian Gary Johnson.  But I can’t do that.  In November I will vote for Donald J. Trump for President.  Here’s why.

First, let me tell you where I sit before I tell you where I stand.  As anyone who has read these virtual pages knows, I’m a bit of an outlier 2016_05_06_Rule Five Friday (2)in the GOP; I am and have been a registered Republican since 1980 and have always voted that way, but I depart from GOP orthodoxy in being a member of the libertarian wing of the party, and  perhaps more so in being an atheist.  My primary political advocacy is for individual liberty, free minds, free markets, and minimal government.  My take on social issues is simple:  I don’t give an ounce of rat’s pee what people do, as long as they leave me alone.

And yes, I know, Trump stands for few or none of those things.  But in casting my vote for Trump, bear in mind that I am not so much voting for The Donald as I am voting against Her Royal Highness, Hillary I.  My reasons follow:2016_05_06_Rule Five Friday (3)

  1. Hillary Clinton must not be allowed into the Imperial Mansion.  The woman is deeply and fundamentally corrupt; she enriches herself through quid pro quo deals with foreign powers, she lies without compunction, she conspired to evade Imperial law on storage and transmission of secure communications in order to retain absolute control over what was released.  The woman is a clear and present danger to the future of the Republic and must not be allowed to hold this office.
  2. My home state of Colorado is a purple state trending blue.  If Colorado’s electoral votes are to go to the GOP candidate, every vote must count.  A protest Libertarian vote may well tip the scales in a direction I don’t want to see them go.2016_05_06_Rule Five Friday (4)
  3. In the next few years, several Supreme Court seats will likely be open – indeed, one is open now.  Due to the reasons in 1 above, Hillary Clinton must not be allowed to nominate replacements and so change the face of the Supreme Court for a generation.  Were she to do so, you could kiss most of your 2nd Amendment goodbye, along with chunks of the 1st, 4th and 5th – and the 10th would be a dead letter.  Even a Trump appointment would be better than an appointment from Her Majesty.
  4. The media will hold Trump accountable.  The legacy media loathes Trump; if he pulls any shenanigans, or even pulls anything that superficially looks like shenanigans, it will dominate the news cycles for weeks.  Her Royal Highness has largely gotten a pass from the legacy media on all her pecadillos, and will continue to do so if she sits in the Imperial Mansion; since 1993 there has been no 2016_05_06_Rule Five Friday (5)outrage the Clintons could commit that was so egregious that the media would do more than barely take notice.

So, yes, in November I will hold my breath and cast my vote for Donald J. Trump.  I won’t be satisfied in doing so; I would rather be voting with clear conscience for someone like Rand Paul.  But Trump is what we have, and even a Trump in the Imperial Mansion is vastly preferable to the dissembling, corrupt old Dowager Empress of Chappaqua.

It’s a fine pass we’ve come to, True Believers.  But here we are.

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