Rule Five Trump Cabinet Friday

2015_06_20_Rule Five Friday (1)Side note:  You may notice a… theme, to this Friday’s supporting Rule Five images.

The Donald’s candidacy is a done deal.  He’s within eighty points of locking down the nomination; the nightmares of the #NeverTrump crowd have come true, and almost certainly this fall’s race will be Donald Trump against (barring possible indictments) Her Royal Highness Hillary I, the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua.  With this matchup, due largely to the weakness of Her Majesty (as detailed in yesterday’s post) I expect that we will see President Trump inaugurated in January of next year.

So, who should The Donald appoint to key positions in the Executive Branch of the Imperial government?  Here are a few of my suggestions and comments.

2015_06_20_Rule Five Friday (2)Vice President:  This is a key position not ony policy-wise but campaign-wise; the Veep must not only bring policy chops but also some electoral clout.  The conventional wisdom here is to pick someone who can deliver a swing state, leading to a lot of talking heads mentioning Ohio’s John Kasich; but Kasich has said he doesn’t want the job, and Trump isn’t exactly one to go with conventional wisdom.  Therefore, were I Trump, I’d select former Speaker Newt Gingrich for the VP slot.  Set Gingrich on revising the 1994 Contract with America and let him leverage the VP’s only real Constitutional role as President of the Senate to push that through Congress.

Secretary of State:  Trump has been making overtures to Henry Kissinger, but the old Cold Warrior, while a valuable advisor, is too old for the stress of the SecState role, his extensive experience as such aside.  Were I Trump, I would pick former UN Ambassador John Bolton.  The SecState has the key roles of negotiating trade deals and dealing with possibly hostile foreign powers, and the last two SecStates (Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I and John Kerry, who by the way served in Vietnam) have been perfectly awful in this role.  Trump already has definite ideas on trade; those are ideas I don’t agree with, but he has already set his course there.  But Bolton has something neither of the previous two SecStates have had:  Balls.  He is the guy to negotiate with nations like Iran and North Korea.

2015_06_20_Rule Five Friday (3)Secretary of Treasury:  Senator Rand Paul.  Paul was my first choice among the GOP primary candidates, but it obviously wasn’t his year; but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have a role to play.  Put Senator Paul in this role and give him his head to reform the IRS and our obscene Imperial tax structure, and oh by the way reform fiscal and monetary policy, including reforming or dismantling the Fed.

Attorney General:  Trump is rumored to be considering New Jersey’s Chris Christie for this role, but he wouldn’t be my pick; he is weak on the Second Amendment and would seek to aggressively ramp up the ridiculously failed War on Drugs.  Were I Trump, I would select staunch supporter and former U.S. Attorney Jess Sessions for this role.  Sessions sucks as much as Christie on the War on Drugs, but is stronger on the Second Amendment.   There are probably better candidates for this post, but I’ll have to give it some thought.

Surgeon General:  Dr. Ben Carson has come around to (tepidly) supporting The Donald; most important, he is widely recognized as a brilliant and innovative neurosurgeon.  He was among my last picks in the Presidential primary, but he would be well suited to be the 2015_06_20_Rule Five Friday (4)nation’s top doc.

Secretary of Labor:  Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.  Walker (among my first picks in the GOP primary, but there you are) is ideally suited to deal with the increasingly strident demands of the nation’s public sector unions.  Even FDR held the opinion that public sector unions represented a fundamental conflict of interest in that they negotiate contracts with the very pols whose campaigns they fund; let Walker reform that entire system.

Secretary of Defense: Retired Marine Corps Gen. James “Mad Dog” Mattis.  Mattis is the former Commander of Central Command, and is ideally suited to deal with the threats arising in that regions.  Trump should also give this heroic old bulldog the job of rebuilding our suffering military.  When Mattis led our forces into Iraq in 2003, he reportedly issued this statement:  “I come in peace. I didn’t bring artillery. But I’m pleading with you, with tears in my eyes: if you fuck 2015_06_20_Rule Five Friday (5)with me, I’ll kill you all.”  I’d like to see a SecDef with a little streak of Patton in him.

Secretary of Commerce:  Mark Cuban.  He is strongly libertarian and can help undo some of the horrible restrictions the last three administrations have placed on small business.  Were I Trump, I would put him in Commerce with one piece of guidance:  Shut it down.  Cuban should not only be Secretary of Commerce, he should be the last Secretary of Commerce.

Finally (I know there are a bunch more positions, but these are all I’ve given thought to so far) were I Trump, I would make it known that I intend to appoint Texas Senator Ted Cruz to the Supreme Court.  This brings rival Cruz into the Trump camp, but more important, it makes a fitting replacement for Justice Scalia in appointing another strict Constitutionalist to the Court.


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