Rule Five Socialist Takeover Friday

Over at American Consequences, radio host Buck Sexton has a piece on The Death of the Republican Party, detailing the possible consequences of a Democrat sweep in the 2020 elections.  Excerpts, with my comments, follow.

What would happen if Joe Biden and the Democrats win full control of the government? 

That is, a Democrat in the White House with a consolidated Democrat majority in both houses of Congress.

So in CIA parlance, it’s worth doing “red cell” analysis to work through what could happen if this event takes place. This is not an assessment of what will happen or how likely it is. Instead, it’s about what could happen, given the right opportunities.

Our assumption for this plan is that Biden only has a complete Democrat majority until the midterms. That leaves him and his team two uninterrupted years to enact their will on the American people.

And two years is plenty.  Look at some of the things the Democrat leadership has already said they want to do:  Pack the Supreme Court, add new states to gain permanent control of the Senate (which, mind you, requires 2/3 of the states to approve) and eliminate the Electoral College, among other things.  They accuse the GOP of wanting to overturn the established order, but the Dems want to wipe their asses with it.

January 20, 2021
Inauguration Day Speech, President Biden

After a tight election that came down to narrow victories in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Ohio, newly sworn-in President Joe Biden tells the nation that the hour of healing is upon them. His speech is filled with boilerplate Democrat slogans, with a clear focus on “unifying the country.” He takes shots at his predecessor, promising that he won’t “govern by tweet.” Biden tells America that dignity and decency have returned to the White House.

However, Biden does noticeably stumble a few times during the speech, occasionally seeming a little confused while staring into the prompter. The national media declare that a new era of responsible government has arrived, and ignore the potential cognitive decline of the new commander in chief.

All of that first paragraph would, of course, be horseshit of the first water.  Why?  Look at the predictions for a Biden/Harris Harris-Biden administration:

February 22, 2021
President Biden’s First State of the Union Address

The gloves come off. Biden gives a speech beginning with the usual bromides about helping working-class families and celebrating the diversity of our nation.

Then he turns his fire on Republicans… He claims they’re unwilling to be reasonable on critical legislation that will address climate change, undocumented workers, income inequality, gun violence, and health care. They’re in the pocket of special interests, he says, and refuse to budge on issues of economic, environmental, and racial justice.

Biden announces that while he wants to work with Congress, he has an obligation to bypass the Republican minority in the House and Senate because of their “obstructionist” ways. Biden tells America he will issue a series of executive orders on major policy areas because as a result of the need to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, the American people “simply cannot wait any longer.”

Meanwhile, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi coordinate a series of legislative actions to unleash the moment that Schumer eliminates the filibuster – announced one week after Biden’s State of the Union.

And, if this were real, we could set aside all of Groper Joe’s self-serving horseshit about “healing and unifying the country.”  All of these actions, if they took them – and they have said they would – are all about sealing in a permanent one-party rule for the country.

December 7, 2021
Biden’s Address to the Nation From the Roosevelt Room

With his first year in office almost finished, President Biden stands in front of the American people…

In bittersweet tones, he announces that he is stepping down from the office of the presidency for unspecified health reasons. Rumors fly that his early-onset dementia was growing worse, and his staff and friendly press corps were no longer going to be able to cover for him.

Teary-eyed Biden proclaims his endless love for the American people, then announces that the country is in “the best possible hands” with Kamala Harris. President Harris becomes the first black female president of the United States.

Read the rest.  It’s a progressive democrat’s wet-dream list of statist horseshit, and again, in their own words, they are determined to do precisely this.

Now, it’s certainly true that pols routinely make all sorts of bullshit promises and then don’t keep them.  They could have done all of these things (save those that require amending the Constitution) in President Obama’s first term, and they didn’t.

But things are changing now.  I’ve been watching politics since the Carter Administration, and I’ve never seen things get this nasty.  We’re approaching late Roman Republic-style politics; we’re approaching the point where some modern-day Cicero has his hands nailed to the Senate doors.  (OK, there is no modern-day Cicero, but you take my point.)

A lot hinges on this upcoming Supreme Court nomination and on this election.  Everything might hinge on it.  I know that’s a bromide that is repeated a lot, but I really think this time it’s true – and I’ve never said that about an election before.