Rule Five Return to Prosperity Friday

Issues & Insights, in a recent article, has some interesting suggestions on how to return American prosperity.  Below are the main points, with my comments:

There is, however, a clear winning agenda to bring American back to it’s winning ways which includes changes to policies Americans do care about:

  • Peace on our streets – Restoring the America we love and teaching our young respect for law and order;  holding big city District Attorneys to account for their dangerous pro-criminal policies and fully funding law enforcement.

This is something of an understatement.  Bear in mind that this involves much more than just dealing with violent criminals, although that’s a big part of it; it also involves dealing with drug addicts dropping needles and their own dung on the streets, and with massive, disease-spreading “homeless” encampments.

  • Re-establish reliable, honest voting systems in every state and under its jurisdiction as required by the Constitution.  We must hold national elections where people vote on the same specific day,  in person, verifying their name, address, citizenship and registration, ending the chaos of mail-in ballots (already the bedlam of limitless boarder-crossings experienced in New York City where non-citizens can vote).

Confidence in the American election systems isn’t exactly great at the moment.  Congressional Democrats, in what can only be evaluated as a last-ditch, desperate attempt to assure permanent Democrat rule, tried to ram through a massive, unconstitutional “voting rights’ bill in anticipation of an electoral bloodbath this fall.  These same Democrats, when confronted with the various state-level election integrity laws, can only scream “RACIST!”  It’s all they have left, and that’s telling.

  • At the public (read: government) school level parents have become widely dissatisfied with Critical Race Theory and the 1619 project to distort our history, as the recent Virginia  election confirmed.  The school choice movement nationally offers a way out from the political hold selfish Public Employee Teachers Unions have on the system (and that gets education off the Federal agenda and back to the states and local units of government where it belongs, as  the U.S. Constitution makes no mention of “Education” as a Federal responsibility).

I’d prefer to get all levels of government out of education altogether.  But eliminating the Imperial Department of Education (and a bunch of other Imperial agencies that are not authorized by the Constitution) would be a damn fine step in the right direction.

  • Instituting federal spending constraints with a “Right Size” of government approach.  The Biden policy of advancing the left’s “new religion” of Climate Change which is an invitation to economic, industrial and international mayhem (the world-wide experts including Steven Koonin and his new 2021 book confirms  this for us: “Unsettled: What Climate Science Tells Us, What It Doesn’t, And Why It Matters”).

This, now, this is a big one.  Again, the Constitution lays out very specifically what the Imperial government is and is not authorized to do.  There’s nothing in there about trying to change the weather.  But, in this issue, the blatant hypocrisy from the left is just staggering:

To underscore the fatuous nature of climate change claim, we often note that instead of returning to their crime-ridden Chicago (their home town), the Obama’s purchased a water-front home on Martha’s Vineyard (Massachusetts) just a few feet above the current tide line. If they truly believed in the “sea rise” mantra why would they have done that?

They wouldn’t have, of course.

The article concludes:

In conclusion, it is time to restore common sense to American public policy. Turn on the Canadian gas pipeline, drill in Alaska, and restore the America we have known and loved while we teach our children the magic of our American history and keep cheaters and looters off America’s streets. That’s enough of an agenda to bring a strong majority of Americans on board.

Biden was elected to unify the country. In his zeal to leftward divide us, he has unwittingly done more to unite Americans of all races, colors, creeds and political backgrounds into a unifying force in opposition to his administration and the leftest Democrat party he carelessly leads.

Sure, all of that would be great, and the last paragraph is spot-on.  But don’t for a moment think the left will just go gentle into that good night.  Issues & Insights thinks that, with the implementation of the points above, we can yet reverse all this.  But who will put these policy matters into effect?  The GOP, who, even when given full control, manage to accomplish next to nothing?

Good ideas are great.  But without action, they are just hot air.