Rule Five NYT Hypocrites Friday

The New York Times is really concerned about global warming climate change.  They are so concerned about it that they have launched a campaign to convince you and I that we don’t need air conditioning.

But they need AC, and they are getting AC, in spades, and partly at taxpayer expense.  Yes, really.  Excerpt:

I just spent a week in New York City without air conditioning while doing some heavy lifting. I drank like a fish. I staggered to and fro. I felt dizzy at times. By the end of the week, the unrelieved humidity had left me weak and exhausted. And I was thrilled to return to LA and an earthquake.

And that’s New York. Not Texas or Georgia. Or even Washington D.C.

Air conditioning during the summer in many parts of the country is a vital necessity. It makes it possible for people to function during the hotter months of the year. (Though there’s probably an argument for pulling all cooling technology from D.C. as a reform measure.)

So of course the New York Times published an insane warmunist screed, “Do Americans Need Air-Conditioning?”

Or food. Or shelter.

But, before we take a closer look at the screed, let’s look at how the New York Times was keeping cool while I was going through a gallon of water a day.

The NYTB’s cooling load is served by a 6250 ton chilled water system while heating is provided via high-pressure steam purchased from the utility. Air distribution is achieved via variable air volume boxes for interior zones and fan powered boxes with heating coils for exterior zones. The floors occupied by the New York Times Company utilize an UFAD system, the first of its kind in a New York City high-rise. There is a cogeneration plant provides 1.4 MW of electricity for the building year-round.

A $1 Million grant from the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) helped offset the initial investment in a cogeneration plant.

Really?  Really?  Fuck those assholes!

But here’s the real laugh line:

People in countries with lower G.D.P.s, said David Lehrer, the communications director and a researcher there, are more comfortable with a wider range of temperatures. It appears that first world discomfort is a learned behavior.

My ass.

Maybe people in Third World shitholes are more tolerant of a range of temperatures – mostly because they don’t have any damn choice.  They are also more tolerant of double-digit infant mortality, open sewers, filthy water, dirt floors and the occasional incursion of murderous bandits.  But the United States isn’t a Third World shithole.  Well, maybe parts of San Francisco and Los Angeles, sure, but not most of the United States.

We have a choice.  We choose vaccines, clean streets (well, in most places) and air conditioning.  These hypocritical, finger-wagging assholes at the Noo Yawk Times can choose to swelter in the heat if they want, but they likewise choose air conditioning while proposing to take that choice away from the rest of us.  Well, the New York Times staff aren’t the lords, and we aren’t the serfs; we’ll continue to cool our homes and workplaces in hot weather.

What a bunch of supercilious fuckwads.