Rule Five Minnesoda Friday

Catching up on some serious reading this week while Mrs. Animal is away visiting her parents, and stumbled across this piece from a week ago:  Minnesota’s Risky Experiment, by International Liberty’s Dan Mitchell.  Mr. Mitchell points out some of Minnesota’s fiscal stupidity:

Give Minnesota politicians credit for consistency. Their policies have Minnesota ranked #39 in both Economic Freedom of North America and Freedom in the 50 states.

Those are ratings for overall economic freedom.

When looking specifically at fiscal policy, the state is in even worse shape.

The Tax Foundation calculates that Minnesota is only #45 in the State Business Tax Climate Index.

And the state’s governor, Tim Walz, received a failing grade in the Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors.

All things considered, Minnesota is not in good shape. That being said, it’s always possible to go downhill.

The article also includes a map of the states shaded by business tax climate.  Here’s that map:

Interesting, eh?  Wyoming at #1, South Dakota and #2, our own Alaska at #3, with Florida and Montana rounding out the top five.  Gee, what do all those states have in common?

Here’s another observation.  California is rated at #48, New York and $49, and New Jersey at #50.  What’s happening with those states, population-wise?  Well, they’re losing a lot of people to places like Tennessee (#14) Florida (#4) and Texas (#14.)

People vote with their feet, yes indeed.  Mrs. Animal and yr. obdt. did so a couple years back, although our reasons were maybe ten percent political, ninety percent personal.  As Mr. Mitchell points out:

There are plenty of states with better tax policy, including neighbors with no income tax (South Dakota) or low-rate flat taxes (Iowa), so I expect we will see an increase in the rate of out-migration.

And if the productive people want warm weather as well, there are even more zero-tax options (Texas, Florida, etc) and flat-tax options (Arizona, North Carolina, etc).

And Alaska, if you’re not too concerned with cold weather.  I do get a kick out of Minnesotans waxing ebullient about their ten thousand lakes, by the way.  In Alaska the number is over three million.

Here’s my prediction:  The new “progressive” plans (by “progress,” they mean “progress on the path to socialism” and financial ruin) will fail, bigly.  If Minnesota holds its place at #45 on the State Business Tax Climate list, it will be only because the five states ranking lower still will continue down the same stupid path.  And Minnesotans will vote with their feet, as Dan Mitchell suggests they do.

And yet another state will have been Californiacated.