Rule Five Message Discipline Friday

Mr. President, please, get control of your message!

President Trump has been plagued with self-inflicted wounds since he took office.  The week just past was another bad one; here are some examples of pooch-screwing by the Trump Administration and the Trump family (it’s important to note that eldest Trump son Donald Jr. is in no way a member of the Administration, but his screw-ups are laid at the President’s door by the legacy media and much of the general public):

Trump Shifts Gears After Warsaw Speech, Undercutting Any Good He Had Done

Donald Trump, Jr. Is the Dumbest Traitor in World History — Or Not

While we are on the subject of Donald Jr.’s poor judgement and the Democrat’s hyperventilating over it, can we take a moment to point out that even if he was colluding with the Russians, he apparently hasn’t broken any laws?  Moving on:

From national treasure Dr. Victor Davis Hanson:  How Did Trump Earn an Unprecedented Progressive Backlash?  (He won the election.)

But of all the missteps, of all the weird mixed messages and outbursts, there is one thing the President needs to do above all else to get some message discipline:



It’s not news to readers of these virtual pages that I loathe Twitter.  It’s bumper-sticker messaging at its worst, and I can’t stand bumper-sticker politics in particular, whether if be on a car or on a screen.

(I will refer the readers to a fundamental law of the universe that I observed some years back, Animal’s Law of Inverse Bumper Sticker Intelligence, which states “The number of bumper stickers on a car is directly related to the odds of the driver being a complete imbecile.”)

Now, there are those that argue that President Trump is cleverly using his tweets to distract attention from the agenda he brought to office, which he is pushing as much as he can while waiting for a sluggardly Congress to take some sort of decisive action; he has greenlit the Keystone Pipeline, ramped up leasing of Imperial offshore areas for drilling, and so on; he has been pretty busy with phone and pen.

But I don’t see how that distraction, if that’s what he’s doing, is helpful.  President Trump’s political opposition is going to hate  him no matter what he does; some internet wag the other day commented that “…if President Trump cured cancer tomorrow, the Democrats would attack him for putting cancer researchers out of work.”  He should ignore the hand-wringing and pearl-clutching on the Left and bull on ahead with what he was elected to do.

The increasingly outlandish tweets don’t help; they just make him look unhinged.  Mr. President, please stop!