Rule Five Line of Succession Friday

There is a line of succession for the Presidency, and it’s not encouraging.  Not a bit of it.  Excerpts, with my comments, follow:

Polling makes clear that the public is fully aware of, and disconcerted by, the alarming shortcomings of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris alike; but at the same time, there is little if any appreciation of the unprecedented vulnerability to the United States due to those further down in the line of succession. Old age, timidity, and lack of qualification abound among those who might be thrust into the job of most powerful individual on earth, charged with leading the free world.

On Saturday in a speech in Warsaw, Biden called for the end to Putin’s “for life” tenure as Kremlin premier, instantly sending the White House into a DEFCON 1 in crisis communications.

“For God’s sake, this man cannot remain in power,” the president exclaimed at the close of his remarks, apparently departing from the prepared text.

What looks weaker on the part of a superpower in the midst of one of the most challenging military crises in decades than to back-peddle a moral pronouncement of illegitimacy against one of its chief adversaries? We are not demanding that Putin go, sundry administration aides assured friend and foe.

We’ve documented President Biden (no handlers here, we’re discussing the man himself) is utterly unable to fulfill the office of the President in any meaningful way.  He was never particularly bright, he never even had a nodding acquaintance with personal integrity, he is as deeply and fundamentally corrupt as anyone who has ever sat at the Resolute Desk, and now we can add dementia to that witch’s brew. And as to the spare part to this failing cog:

Vice President Harris, speaking in Louisiana last week, was semi-coherent as she repeated the phrase “significance of [or “to”] the passage of time” some four times in less than 30 seconds, during a meaningless observation regarding her tour of a library. Her infamous cackle reared its head in reaction to a sensitive question about Ukrainian refugees at a joint press conference with Polish President Andrzej Duda during her visit to the country last month, her girlish demeanor inciting condemnation from Ukrainians.

And weeks ago on the Morning Hustle radio show, with its largely black listenership, Harris expounded on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine as if she were reading Fun With Dick and Jane to a kindergartener. “Ukraine is a country in Europe,” she said. “It exists next to another country called Russia. Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine.”

There’s only two ways one can explain this cackling imbecile’s presence in the Imperial City, the first having to do with Willie Brown’s penis, the second with the stupidity of California voters – and if one has cause to doubt said stupidity, take a look at the state of California’s government today.  Moving down this rotting line:

But what about further down in the line of succession? Should some calamity befall both Harris and Biden on the same day, 82-year-old House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would immediately be sworn in as president. During Biden’s State of the Union address to Congress on March 1, Pelosi inexplicably stood up and began rubbing her knuckles together at a point in the speech when Biden spoke of U.S. service personnel’s experiences in Iraq “breathing in toxic smoke from burn pits.” She has mistaken Biden for former President Barack Obama. There are multiple video clips online suggesting Pelosi’s senility, but those who consider attacks on her mental acuity and judgment unfair should assess her bizarre recitation of a poem by U2’s Bono last month on St. Patrick’s Day.

Queen Nancy is, possibly, even more demented and more corrupt than daffy old Groper Joe.  She has grown monstrously rich while in office, in large part from insider trading that would land any ordinary citizen in prison, but as a Congresscritter, she is exempt from many of the laws that us ordinary schlubs are bound by.  Moving down the chain:

Next in line is the president pro tempore of the U.S. Senate, the just-turned-82 Vermont Democrat Patrick Leahy, longest-serving member of either chamber of Congress. Those watching Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson’s confirmation hearings last week saw for themselves how feeble the gravel-throated Leahy is, and how unfit he is for the presidency, especially at a time of national emergency.

After Leahy, we have Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, or “A. Blinken” as Washington wags have called him. He oozes impotence and vulnerability more than any U.S. foreign policy chief in history, his only rival being Cyrus Vance, who ran the State Department under President Jimmy Carter and resigned over the Desert One fiasco seeking to rescue the 52 American hostages being held in Iran.

Beneath Blinken we find Secretary of the Treasury and former Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen, notorious for her deceit before congressional committees and the general public alike. Sporting a Yale economics Ph.D, her dissertation supervised by a Nobel laureate, Yellen consciously sold TV viewers snake oil downplaying inflationary expectations last year.

Read the entire article; the succession list goes downhill from there.  If you aren’t worried about the state of the Republic now, you should be.

So, what Constitutional remedies are to hand to fix this problem?  I can only see one:  If the GOP takes the House in November.  I give President Biden (the man, not the handlers, who will remain in place regardless) one in three odds of staying in office until the mid-term elections.  The legacy media is already leaning into a 180 on Hunter Biden’s role as a money-laundering front for the House of Biden, which makes one wonder if the people who are actually in charge are setting the stage for removing old Joe by 25th Amendment – or other – means.  As for Heels-Up Harris, her repeated embarrassing acts of utter stupidity may be enough to have her pressured to step down.  Then again, they may not, at which point she would become the lamest lame duck in the history of lame ducks.

A GOP House and Senate will not approve a new VP from the mainstream of the current Democrats, so it’s likely that office will remain unfilled.  Until, that is, January 0f 2025, when a new President(Ron DeSantis, please!) and Vice President take office.

No matter what happens, we’re in for some interesting times ahead.  If we can just hold it together a few more months…