Rule Five Leftists in America Friday

National treasure Dr. Victor Davis Hanson is schooling us yet again on what the political Left has in store for America, should they get their way.  The great man writes:

The antecedents to its current madness were once previewed in the old party’s extremist wing of campus radicals of the 1960s and 1970s. They were accentuated by Black Lives Matter and Antifa during the Obama years, forged during the COVID lockdown and George Floyd riots, and polished during the era of Trump derangement syndrome. 

On almost every issue, Democrats have repudiated their prior reverence for the Supreme Court. 

They distrust individual liberty and free expression. 

They now worship the money and clout of corporate America. 

Racial ecumenicalism and integration are seen as passé.

There is little need for borders to protect vulnerable American workers, given the advantages of inviting in millions of poor illegal immigrants without audits. 

Democrats have transmogrified into a Soviet-style socialist binary of rich and poor, run by an elite nomenklatura that dictates its orders to its foot soldiers of the underclass. An entire new left-wing vocabulary—clingers, deplorables, irredeemables, dregs, chumps, ultra-MAGA, semi-fascists—has come to express their hatred of the middle class. 

I can remember when things were different.  Anyone older than about forty should be able to remember when the Democrats were a center-left party, when they didn’t want to destroy America in favor of… something else.  Here, though, Dr. Hanson really hits the target:

So what has the Left conferred on America? 

Impeachment once, twice, and more still is a good thing. Better still, it is to try a president even as a private citizen. 

Special counsels are wonderful—all the more so if they have nearly two years and $40 million to hire a dream team of partisan lawyers. 

A good attorney general is a president’s “wingman” who uses the law to go after enemies and exempt friends and families from the law, while using indictments to pave the way for reelection. 

Lawfare is a legitimate tool of the president, especially when targeting a rival threat to his reelection. 

High office is a path to riches. Selling your name for tens of millions of dollars is not only legitimate, but a necessary perk of the vice presidency and presidency. 

Note that last sentence.  That, True Believers, is the key.  Assuming a mediocre dullard, one like, say, Joe Biden, gets elected once to the House or the Senate, then he’s fixed for life.  The opportunities for graft are endless, because of the enormous power the Imperial government wields, and if the pol in question has family members with no personal scruples or self-respect (see Biden, Hunter) he can multiply the opportunities for graft by orders of magnitude by using those family members for money-laundering.

Dr. Hanson concludes:

What the Left now fears most is the revolutionary model it has bequeathed to America—and what might happen if its monstrous creation falls into politically incorrect hands.

And maybe that’s the answer.  It’s a damned uncomfortable one, but I can see how the idea of “you made these rules, see how you like it now.”

When worn on the other foot, the shoe pinches.  Maybe the Left will be finding that out.