Rule Five Friday

2016_02_19_Rule Five Friday (1)This seems oddly appropriate for a Rule Five Friday:  Exorcist Claims Beautiful Women Are More Likely to Be Possessed by Evil Demons.

First, let me say:  What a load of crap.  Second, let me say:  Actually, that may explain a couple of my old girlfriends.  Excerpt (my comments in parentheses):

An Islamic (doesn’t that just figure?) exorcist has made the bizarre claim that beautiful women are more likely to be possessed by evil spirits.

Mallam Luthfi Jamal-Baba, an Imam and exorcist from Ghana, west Africa, said that although men can be inhabited by ‘jinns’ (spirits), beautiful 2016_02_19_Rule Five Friday (2)women are more prone to possession.

He said: “Some of the jinns are stubborn and when the victim is in a trance, they become violent and try to attack the exorcist during the exercise.”  (Why do you suppose that is?  Maybe because you have them tied up and are beating them, you fucking savage?  Read on:)

“When it happens that way, the victims are tied with a rope and sometimes chained to chairs to keep them calm.”  (As I said – fucking savage.)

Jamal-Baba says he recites verses from the Quran to exorcise believers and usually has assistants to pin the victims down when they get violent during the procedure.  (I can’t imagine why anyone might get violent while being tied to a chair and beaten.)

2016_02_19_Rule Five Friday (3)However, Mallam Mohammad, another exorcist believes that caning victims during exorcism gets the jinns out more quickly.

“The victims, at that moment, do not feel the pain. The jinns are the ones who feel the pain and it is at this moment, together with the Quranic recitation, that they flee,” Mohammad said.

What an enormous, steaming pile of Dark Ages horseshit!

It’s inconceivable to me that in today’s world this kind of superstitious crap can even exist.  We live in a world bound together by the high-tech of the Internet, a world in which men have walked on the Moon and sent probes beyond the bounds of the solar system.  2016_02_19_Rule Five Friday (4)We have robots wandering around on Mars.  Most of Western world lives in wealth and comfort utterly unknown through the span humans have lived on this planet!  And in Ghana, granted not the most advanced nation but still a nation in this 21st century, this ignorant savage is tying women to chairs and caning them to “exorcise demons.”

Freedom of conscience is a founding principle of the United States.  It is one of our unshakable moral principles, one I wholeheartedly support even though I lack any religious belief myself.  But this is not freedom of conscience.  This is medieval savagery, blatant and vicious abuse of women perpetrated by a vicious monster mired in ancient superstitions.  This is beyond the pale, and must not be defended by freedom of worship.

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