Rule Five Friday

2014_03_07_Rule Five Friday (1)This is going to be brief, as a long drive followed by a plane ride beckons, and that’s coming off a late night (working) last night and a nearly-full day working today.  Add to that no prep since there was no telling when our hosting service’s server crash would be resolved, and add in a touch of procrastination…

…well, sorry.

But the big deal in the news lately?  Well, if you’re interesting in geopolitics, Cold War-like military posturing and possible sparks to regional warfare, then surely the Russian boots-on-ground in the Crimea are on your mind.  Some relevant stories:

Things Are Getting Dicier in Crimea.

What Game of Chess?2014_03_07_Rule Five Friday (2)

Obama Signs Executive Order on Ukraine Sanctions.

Crimea Sets Referendum on Joining Russia (Shades of 1930’s Austria!)

Russia Blows Past Obama’s Off Ramp.

What will the Obama Administration do about this?  Other than some sanctions that Vladimir Putin will laugh off, nothing.  Putin knows this.  He seized the Crimea knowing this.  He will keep the Crimea knowing this.  Down the road, he may indulge in more 2014_03_07_Rule Five Friday (3)military adventurism elsewhere, knowing this.

Remember what started the first World War?  A minor arch-duke got himself popped, and the world was plunged into war.  WW2 was arguably a continuation of the Great War, with a second theater opened in the Pacific.

Is the world ready for Round Three?

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