Rule Five Friday

2015_10_16_Rule Five Friday (1)Now from the Obama Administration comes another staggering display of incompetence:  U.S. Military Cargo Planes Drop 50 Tons of Ammunition to Syrian Rebel Groups.  Uh huh.  Excerpt:

America has dropped more than 50 tons of ammunition on Syria to arm rebel groups.

Military cargo planes released batches of small arms and hand grenades over Ras Al-Ayn, near the Turkish border, over Sunday night.

They all successfully reached a group of fighters vetted by the U.S. government, sources told CNN.

2015_10_16_Rule Five Friday (2)Sources?  Which trained jackass did the Obama Administration trot out to leak that?

It is a change of tactics after Obama‘s multi-million-dollar program to train allied forces outside Syria ultimately failed.

A change of tactics, indeed; dropping 50 tons of munitions randomly into a anarchic shithole with no idea in whose hands they will end up.  But when has the Obama Administration ever flinched away from piling failure onto failure?  This latest act of asshattery comes only 2015_10_16_Rule Five Friday (3)weeks after it was revealed that the Pentagon spent somewhere between 40 and 50 million taxpayer dollars training “4500” Syrian “moderate” rebels, who somehow morphed into four or five sad sacks who were promptly either captured or dispatched.

The President excused this by claiming:  “We have an enormous presence in the Middle East,.. We have bases and we have aircraft carriers. And our pilots are flying through those skies. And we are currently supporting Iraq as it tries to continue to build up its forces.”  And:  “We are prepared to work both diplomatically and where we can to support moderate opposition that can help convince the Russians and Iranians to put pressure on Assad for a transition.

No, we aren’t.

2015_10_16_Rule Five Friday (4)Mr. President, your actions in this area have been marked by incompetence, weakness and failure.  Granted we were already present in Iraq and Afghanistan when you took office, but you made the decision (with no Congressional authorization, unlike your predecessor) to mix into Egypt, Syria and Libya – a reliable pro-US leader in that former country was overthrown, and the latter two are now sunk into chaos.  Meanwhile the Taliban are once more on the march in Afghanistan, ISIL is gaining ground in the Levant, and Iran is building nuclear weapons.

But there’s a new player in the Middle East.  Vladimir Putin is the czar of a Russia that is in a demographic free-fall.  He has a southern 2015_10_16_Rule Five Friday (5)border that is covered with a lot of former Soviet ‘republics’ ending in -stan.  He has an economy that is in the shitter.  He has a population that is looking to him for some kind of resurgence, and he has beguiled them with the image of a tough, can-do guy; which, to be fair, he has lived up to.  Worst of all, he is a former KGB Colonel, an old apparatchik who longs for the glory days of the Soviet Union – and he knows President Obama for a vacillating weakling.

The several Muslim-majority nations of the Middle East respect strength.  They see it in Russia.  They don’t see it in America – not any more.

This is the Obama legacy.

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