Rule Five Friday

2015_05_15_Rule Five Friday (1)Continued from last week.   Also from last week; if the portrayal of the lovely young health care professional in this post offends the sensibilities of any jihadi shitbags, they are cordially invited to relax, sit down and enjoy a nice big cup of fuck off.

The recent jihadi shitbag attack in Texas marks the first time that ISIS has claimed responsibility for an attack on American soil.  It won’t be the last.  This time their target was an expression of the First Amendment, which jihadis cannot abide; specifically, it was a contest for the best cartoon featuring the Prophet Mohammad, hosted by blogger Pamela Geller.

Ms. Geller, incidentally, has come under some criticism from folks on both Left and Right for being deliberately provocative.  Well, of course; she was being not only deliberately provocative but offensive, at least if you’re an Islamist shitbag.  (It’s important to note that American Christians were deeply offended when some nitwit “artist” submerged a crucifix in a jar of his own urine, and called it art – but strangely, nobody was shot, blown up or beheaded.)  But that’s precisely – precisely – the kind of speech that the First Amendment is meant to protect.  (Someone notify Chris Cuomo.)

2015_05_15_Rule Five Friday (2)And Islamist shitbags are precisely the kinds of people against whom the Second Amendment is meant to protect.

And here they are, in amongst us:

Syracuse, New York

Los Angeles, California

Minneapolis, Minnesota

New York, New York

Birmingham, Alabama

Columbus, Ohio

2015_05_15_Rule Five Friday (3)How long can we count on these idiots to be incompetent and uncoordinated?  Judging by what we’ve seen of ISIS in Syria and Iraq, not very long.  Sooner or later the Islamist shitbags already here will get their shit in their sock, and we’d better be doing the same.

How best to prepare?  First responders can and should be prepared, but in the ugliness to come, we’re all first responders, and should prepare ourselves.  And no, I’m not talking about television-ratings-grabbing, wild-eyed, conspiracy-touting, bunker-building “preppers,” but some prudent precautions are in order:

  • If you don’t have a concealed-carry permit, get one.  Use it.  Practice with your carry piece as often as possible.  That Texas cop took out two armed, committed and prepared jihadis with a pistol.  It can be done.
  • 2015_05_15_Rule Five Friday (4)Keep yourself in Condition Yellow when about your daily affairs; you should only be in Condition White when in your own home behind locked doors.  Be aware of everyone around you – what they are doing, where they are headed, what they are paying attention to.  If someone is within 15 feet of you they can lay hands on you before you can draw and fire your carry gun, or take any other defensive action.
  • If something strikes you as wrong, say something.  Most of the nutbars in the stories linked above were turned in.

The jihadist shitbags are in amongst us.  They won’t go away voluntarily, they won’t back off if asked nicely.  They despise our freedoms and our way of life, and they want to kill us – and in the immortal words of Malcolm Reynolds, “…if someone tries to kill you, you try to kill ’em right back.”

We’re going to have to be better at it than they are, or we’re pretty fucked.  Fortunately, and unlike the French, we have an armed populace – a harder target than these assholes are used to.

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