Rule Five Friday

2015_02_20_Rule Five Friday (1)Why are jihadis so obsessed with porn?  I’ve got a few ideas.  Excerpt:

Recently, London Mayor Boris Johnson described Jihadists as “porn driven losers” who have “low self-esteem and are unsuccessful with women.” He’s on to something important and profound.

According to Syrian doctors in a report in the British media, ISIS fighters are buying frilly underwear for their wives and sex slaves — and subjecting them to abnormal and sadistic sexual practices. They may well have learned this from pornography.

The Navy SEALs who killed Osama bin Laden found a fairly extensive stash of modern pornography in his possession.

2015_02_20_Rule Five Friday (1)The 9/11 jihadists visited strip clubs, paid for lap dances, and for prostitutes in their motel rooms in Boston, Las Vegas and Florida.

Anwar Al-Awlaki, the American-born imam who fled to Yemen in 2004 and was later assassinated by a US drone, ate a lot of pizza and visited a lot of prostitutes in the months after 9/11.

As a presumably “holy man,” Al-Awlaki mentored at least three of the 9/11 hijackers, the Fort Hood shooter, the would-be Times Square bomber (Faisal Shahzad) and the underwear bomber.

In the years since 9/11, police raids of terrorist cells in the United Kingdom, Italy and Spain have yielded countless images of hard-core child pornography.

Child pornography?

2015_02_20_Rule Five Friday (2)Most Muslims would (honestly) say that watching pornography is immoral.  So what makes jihadi animals different?

It’s probably the same thing that makes them kill people in the name of Islam – they are Bronze Age savages with the moral sensibilities of a rattlesnake.

What’s interesting, though, is to look at the type of sexual activity these assholes prefer – child porn, rape porn, prostitution, sex slavery.  The common theme?  Violence.  The motivation?  In the considered opinion of yr. obdt., it’s the same thing that makes them so violently obsessed with killing people who don’t share their wackobird beliefs:

Insecurity.  Cringing, cowardly insecurity.

And what’s also interesting is the strange silence from much of the American Left on this issue.

Worried about ‘patriarchy?’  Well, go to Syria, or Iran, or Saudi Arabia, 2015_02_20_Rule Five Friday (3)or northern Iraq – you’ll see a patriarchy that will curl your hair.  A patriarchy that indulges in such things as:

  • Female genital mutilation
  • Child marriage
  • Sex trafficking

Not to mention beheadings, burnings, wiping entire villages off the map and a pretty good start at genocide.

And an odd obsession with porn.  As the article continues:

According to NSA documents made public by Edward Snowden’s leaks, countless “radicals” have called for Jihad by day but watched porn by 2015_02_20_Rule Five Friday (4)night. One damaging piece of evidence shows a “militant” using “sexually explicit persuasive language when communicating with inexperienced young girls.”

This year’s Paris jihadists Amedy Coulibaly and Cherif Kouachi both kept child-porn photos on their laptops, which included “sickening pictures of young boys and girls involved in sexual acts with adults.”

In Iran there are honor killings.  In ISIL territory they are cutting off heads.  In Britain there are rape gangs.  And in Scandinavia, Nordic women can’t go about the streets dressed as normal Western women dress without being harassed.  Where will it end?

Incidentally, my choice of today for this commentary is deliberate.  There is a big difference between the kind of brutal pornography favored by Islamist assholes and the representations of the Feminine Aesthetic found here.  Just as there is a big difference – a difference not of degree but of kind – between treasuring women and treating them as property. And if that offends any Islamist nutbars out there, well, they can go fuck themselves.

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