Rule Five Friday

2015_01_30_Rule Five Friday (1)I’m really beginning to warm up to the idea of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker as a Presidential candidate.  Here is a relevant video from RealClearPolitics; partial transcript:

“I think any realistic candidate has to be in by this summer,” Walker said. My budget will come out next Tuesday, for the fifth and sixth year in a row I’ll lower property taxes. I want a few months to get that job done. But I’ll be in New Hampshire and South Carolina and back in Iowa, and we’re going to be talking about these issues for the next several months. We’re excited where we can take this country.”

“And if you were going to give me odds of you running, what are the odds?” Hannity asked.

“I don’t think it’s ever been good to bet against me,” Walker said. Certainly in the last three elections for governor in the past four years, I wouldn’t be betting against me in a race like this either.”

2015_01_30_Rule Five Friday (2)And an article from The American Conservative; excerpt:

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s appearance at Iowa’s first major cattle call for Republican presidential candidates has attracted a lot of buzz.

Walker has never been a great orator, but he was able to win multiple standing ovations from the conservative crowd. It’s enough to make some Republicans wonder: does Walker make as much sense in practice as he does on paper?

2015_01_30_Rule Five Friday (3)Consider that Walker took on public-sector unions in labor-friendly Wisconsin and won. Ohio Gov. John Kasich picked much the same fight and lost. Counting the recall election, Walker has thrice taken the best shot national Democratic and liberal organizations can deliver and won each time in what can fairly be described as a blue state.

Governors Walker’s first foray into the hustings is interesting as well:

And that’s the main reason I’m coming to favor Governor Walker as a candidate.  Like Mitt Romney, he’s been through the national wringer; unlike Mitt Romney, he’s taken everything the major media outlets and the political Left has been able to throw at him and went on to win three elections, in four years, in a blue state.

Walker has some fiscal chops.  Wisconsin’s residents are enjoying continually lower property taxes.  The state’s budget deficit has been dramatically reduced.

2015_01_30_Rule Five Friday (4)He’s a self-described evangelical Christian, but he doesn’t seem to wear it on his sleeve.  To yr. obdt. that’s not necessarily a plus, but as long as he’s not overtly vocal and pushy about it, it’s not necessarily a minus either.  My stance on social issues remains the same as it’s always been:  I really don’t give a damn what people do, as long as they leave me alone.

The combination of fiscal sanity, some private-sector experience and proven campaigning expertise on what can only be described as hostile territory could make Governor Walker a very strong candidate – in a GOP field consisting mostly of luke-warm to lousy 2015_01_30_Rule Five Friday (5)candidates.

It’s going to be an interesting election cycle.  But then, most of them are.

And it looks like the Democrats’ heir apparent may have some competition waiting in the wings.  Excerpt:

They have called Senator Elizabeth Warren “an extremely attractive candidate” in the 2016 presidential campaign. They have said that she is the “hottest commodity” in the Democratic Party and that she has demonstrated the “passion and intensity” that Hillary Rodham Clinton lacks.

Those glowing compliments are not from the liberal activists who are trying to persuade Ms. Warren to challenge Mrs. Clinton, who is expected to be the party’s leading contender in 2016. They come from conservatives who are eager to drum up a contentious Democratic primary and who see Ms. Warren, a first-term senator from Massachusetts, as best positioned to weaken, and potentially defeat, Mrs. Clinton.

Yes, an interesting election cycle – very interesting indeed.

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