Rule Five Friday

2015_01_16_Rule Five Friday (1)Maybe the European Community needs a Second Amendment.  Europe’s Leading Rabbi:  Jews Must Begin Carrying Guns.  Excerpt:

One of Europe’s most prominent Jewish organizations is petitioning the European Union to pass new legislation that would permit Jewish community members to carry guns “for the essential protection of their communities,” according to a letter obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The European Jewish Association (EJA), which represents Jewish communities across Europe, says that gun license laws must be altered following a string of deadly attacks on Jews in France and other European countries, where anti-Semitism has been growing at an alarming rate.

2015_01_16_Rule Five Friday (2)The recent attacks, including one on a Kosher market that killed four, “have revealed the urgent need to stop talking and start acting” in a way that empowers Europe’s Jews, according to a letter sent Tuesday by EJA General Director Rabbi Menachem Margolin to EU leaders.

The EU, which has enacted very stringent gun control laws, should empower and train Jews to be proficient with guns in order to maintain their safety, according to Margolin.

Sauce for the goose, Rabbi Margolin; if European Jews should suddenly have the right to keep and bear arms, so should other European citizens.

2015_01_16_Rule Five Friday (3)For it’s a sad fact that Europe, like most of the supposedly civilized world, denies a fundamental natural right to its citizens:  The right to self-defense.  It is perhaps belaboring the obvious to point out (as many on the Left will do) that one person with a concealed handgun may not be effective against two or more trained terrorists with automatic rifles and maybe grenades.   On the other hand, it’s also not inconceivable that an armed citizen, perhaps with the advantage of surprise, may take one or more terrorists out before any official response arrives on the scene – maybe saving some lives in the process.

But an unarmed citizenry is utterly, totally helpless.  It staggers belief that Europe prefers things this way.

2015_01_16_Rule Five Friday (4)The linked article concludes:  “Bottom line: Only the Police and intelligence can protect France’s Jews from terrorism,” (Rabbi Abraham) Cooper said, noting that it is expected French authorities will continue boosting defenses. “If the government doesn’t, then there is no long range future for Jews there.”

“In the meantime, additional steps by the community to train and defend Jews from hate attacks are appropriate, necessary, and prudent,” Cooper said. “I pray that all these steps will help.”

Again – sauce for the goose.  If the ability to defend one’s self against terrorists is good, then the ability to defend one’s self against criminals is good as well.  Maybe Europe should take a look at the bigger picture.

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