Rule Five Friday

2014_11_07_Rule Five Friday (1)One more post-election comment piece, this from the always-worth-reading Dr. Victor Davis Hanson:  Losers.  Excerpt:

Barack Obama is now a toxic brand. Arrogance and incompetence are a fatal brew. If once his problem was his failed policies, now it is also his persona, especially the blame-gaming and sense of boredom on the job that borders on public petulance, as if he came into the presidency to save us, and we did not appreciate his godhead. “Make no mistake about it” and “Let me be perfectly clear” have become something like Sominex for most Americans. Let us hope that our enemies abroad in the next two years are confused by his erratic governance and at least find him as exasperating as we do.

The spin on this election from Democrats is that this is, somehow, not a referendum on the President and his policies.  That’s a canard; 2014_11_07_Rule Five Friday (2)almost every Republican ad named the President, and most pointed out that “my opponent voted with the President XX% of the time!”  The GOP did several things right in this election, and hanging President Hopenchange around Democrat necks like a millstone was one of those things.  The other, of course, was picking good candidates, like Cory Gardner, Tim Cotton, and Mia Love – the first black female Republican to ever be elected to the House of Representatives.  As Dr. Hanson notes:

The personalities and backgrounds of candidates matter. This time around there was an inspired screening of Republican candidates not so much on their ideological purity, but on their own biographies and sense of decorum in the manner they campaigned, especially on the Senate 2014_11_07_Rule Five Friday (3)side. In contrast, the Democrats fielded (both incumbent and not) mostly loud nonentities picked for their dynastic names or past five minutes of notoriety, who assumed their loud identity politics would suffice in lieu of character, common sense, and past achievement. Superficial bumper-sticker identities and progressive catch-phrases finally ran out of gas.

Witness the failure of Colorado’s own Mark “Uterus” Udall as an example – simply crying “abortion” isn’t working any more, for either party.  The GOP seems to be (slowly) learning that.  The Democrats are apparently still figuring this out.

The Democrats will, of course, learn from this, and hopefully field better candidates in the future.  And, if they are smart, there are three people the Democrats will kick to the curb and allow no more say in party strategerizing:  Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.  Those people, more than any others except 2014_11_07_Rule Five Friday (4)President Obama, are responsible for Tuesday’s bloodbath.  President Obama’s political career is effectively over now.  The others should be finished as well.

Politics is, after all, a brutally Darwinian environment.

In 2006, the GOP suffered a beating – not as pronounced as this week’s Democrat spanking, but still pretty bad.  It took a while, but it’s beginning to look like the Republicans are getting their groove back.  Will the Democrats be able to say the same in 2016?  2018?

Even as I am a partisan Republican, I will state that the country is probably better off with two strong, healthy parties than one.  Whether that happens remains to be seen; so far the response from the White House Imperial Mansion seems to include a degree of denial – yesterday President Obama tried to downplay the results of this election by noting that only a minority of eligible voters actually voted.

So what?

If the remainder didn’t care enough to vote, then frankly, they have no reason to bitch about the results.

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