Rule Five Friday

2014_03_21_Rule Five Friday (1)Want to hear a tale about game-changers?

Let’s take a look at Rand Paul at Berkeley.  PJ Media’s Roger Simon has some interesting observations.  Excerpt:

Whatever you think of Rand Paul, he’s actually doing something that politicians rarely do — talking at length to audiences who don’t usually agree with him.  And winning over new friends in the process. His recent speech at UC Berkeley, where he apparently got a standing ovation for excoriating runaway government spying on Americans, is only the latest example.

Historically, the Republican Party has been just what the public thinks it is, largely a bunch of risk-averse white men who are totally clueless at public relations, even though they are on the right (correct) side of almost every issue.  Meanwhile, the liberal Democrats haven’t had a decent rational argument about anything for years, if they ever did. They ream young people, blacks and virtually every other “interest group”that supports them with their policies and they still win most national elections.  What a disgraceful group of losers that makes the Republicans. There are literally thousands of chips on the table and they’re leaving them all behind.

2014_03_21_Rule Five Friday (2)Rand Paul is smart enough to realize this and actually goes out and does things about it. Other Republicans should get out their little red book of quotations and Learn from Chairman Rand.  The country is changing.  Whole new groups are ripe for the picking, most obviously the young who are being so completely raked over by the Obama administration via Obamacare and the rest of the entitlements so many of them know they will never see. They were ready to applaud at Berkeley.

2014_03_21_Rule Five Friday (3)For the last thirty years or so, yr. obdt. had been advocating for the increasing libertarian wing of the Republican party.  Rand Paul comes the closest we’ve had to a viable member of that wing to run for President (and yes, he’s certainly positioning himself for precisely that) in a long, long time – maybe ever.

But the Berkeley gig – that’s something new.

Rand Paul is doing something not many political candidates do nowadays.  He’s venturing into hostile territory, and he’s winning supporters among them that should by rights be supporting the other side.  That could backfire on him badly, or it could be the 2014_03_21_Rule Five Friday (4)beginnings of a 1984-style landslide.

There is one concern about Paul the Younger, and that is his plans for the War Department Department of Defense.  It’s not really a good time to be reducing the budget for our military; not with Vlad Putin kicking up his heels in eastern Europe, Iran building nukes, and the stunted little gargoyle from  a line of stunted little gargoyles running North Korea launching missiles into the Sea of Japan.

Mr. Simon concludes:

I suspect, given how bad things have been the last 5-6 years, the country is ready to hear some radical proposals, like truly massive cuts to federal government programs  and a flat tax, maybe even, as Rick Perry suggested in the last election cycle, the complete elimination of some government departments.  He called for three.  How about four?

2014_03_21_Rule Five Friday (5)I am NOT one, however,  who thinks we should be cutting defense at all at this present time, given what’s going on across the globe from Caracas to Tehran.  That’s where I might diverge from Citizen Rand.  I get nervous when I read columns from his father about the Crimea.  Maybe Old Ron never visited the Soviet Union.  I did.  It was a jail the size of a continent. It went away for awhile, but unfortunately Evil Empires have  a way of coming back.

In any case, we shall see how Rand reacts to all this in the fullness of time. The way things are going, I suspect he won’t be able to avoid it.

I suspect he’s right.

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