Rule Five Dynasties Ending Friday

This is a week or so old, but I stumbled across it last night and felt it worth presenting; here is national treasure Dr. Victor Davis Hanson on the end of the Clinton dynasty.  Excerpt:

The Hillary/Bill fortune — generated by pay-for-play influence peddling on the proposition that Bill would return to the White House under Hillary’s aegis and reward friends while punishing enemies — hit a reported $150 million some time ago, a fortune built not on farming, mining, insurance, finance, high-tech, or manufacturing, but on skimming off money. The Clintons are simply grifters whose insider access to government gave them the power to make rich people richer.

Long gone was the Scrooge-like need to write off used underwear as charitable tax deductions or to play 4-trillion-to-one odds in rigging a $100,000 cattle-futures profit on a $1,000 “investment,” or Hillary’s decade-and-a-half as a corporate lawyer masquerading as a children’s advocate. How pathetic the minor league Whitewater cons must seem now to the multimillionaire Clintons — such a tawdry ancient example of amateurish shakedowns when compared with the sophistication of real profiteering through the humanitarian-sounding, high-brow, corrupt Clinton Foundation.

So the Clintons finally got their millions and what such millions can ensure for their separate lifestyles. They have at last beautiful gated estates, tasteful and secluded from hoi polloi, light years away from Arkansas and the Rose Law Firm. Progressive Chelsea married a multimillionaire hedge-fund operator whose father served five years in federal prison for bank fraud, mail fraud, and wire fraud. Her parents’ profiteering can allow Chelsea to announce, perhaps even sincerely, that she is not interested in money. Why should she be, given her own reported $15 million net worth from maternal spin-off favors? She lives in a $10 million Manhattan residence, so her parents had no motivation to get more in order to “provide” for their offspring. Instead, was bringing Chelsea down to Bill and Hillary’s level as a Foundation fixer a way to leave her a post mortem primer on how to get even richer?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:  In the 2016 election of Donald Trump, one thing is certain:  The nation dodged a huge bullet.  More like a 155mm artillery shell, in fact.  That bullet was Her Imperial Majesty Hillary I, the Dowager Empress of Chappaqua, the most deeply and fundamentally corrupt political figure since Huey Long.  Maybe since Caligula.

Compare the Clinton family fortune with that of what the political Left would have us believe are the arch-demons of the national scene, the Koch brothers.  The Koch brothers made their fortune the traditional way; by producing and selling products and services that add value to the lives and businesses of those who purchase them.

The Clintons, on the other hand, made theirs through graft.  Bill’s half-million dollar speaking fees, for example; not to mention the massive donations to the Clinton Foundation by foreign nationals who then were granted access to the State Department whilst Her Imperial Highness was SecState.

And let’s not forget the appalling disregard Her Imperial Majesty showed for even the most elementary security measures with classified information while she was SecState.  And let’s be honest, at least amongst ourselves; she was only in that role because President Obama was savvy enough to adhere to the old truism “keep your friends close; keep your enemies closer.”

Yes, Dr. Hanson, the Clinton political machine may finally be grinding to a halt.  The nation is safer and more prosperous because of it.  For that, more than any other single thing, we owe a debt to President Trump.