Rule Five Climate Hypocrite Friday

Why is it that, so often, the more celebrities hector us about “climate change” and reducing our carbon footprints, the bigger hypocrites they are about it?  Forget Leonardo DiCaprio, forget Al Gore.  The UK’s Prince Harry may well be one of the worst.  Excerpts from the story, with my comments:

The Duke of Sussex is in Botswana helping to create a new forest habitat after decades of deforestation because of locals gathering firewood and through elephant activity.

He flew there, of course, on a commercial jet, in economy class – right?  Right?  Don’t be ridiculous.  He used one of the Royal Family’s private jets.

Wonder what the carbon footprint of that trip amounted to?

Speaking on the banks of the Chobe River, he referred to the speech by the UN secretary general, António Guterres, at the UN general assembly in which he warned that the world had seen unprecedented temperatures.

Meanwhile his wife was on a royal tour of Africa, accompanied by infant son Archie, a team of 13 assistants, and her personal hairdresser.

Did you get that?  Her personal furshlugginer hairdresser.  Hubris, thy name is Meghan Markle.

Wonder what the carbon footprint of that trip amounted to?

“This week, led by Greta, the world’s children are striking. There’s an emergency. It’s a race against time and one which we are losing. Everyone know it. There’s no excuse for not knowing that,” he said.

First:  These children don’t have any ideas, other than getting out of school for a day.

Second:  Harry apparently doesn’t really believe it’s an emergency, given his jet-setting around the globe; the Daily Mail documents four private jet flights in less than two weeks.

Wonder what the carbon footprint of those trips amounted to?

“And the most troubling part of that is I don’t believe there is anybody in this world who can deny science, undeniable science and facts.

Nor can we deny your hypocrisy, Harry; not given your wife’s jetting off to New York to take in a tennis tournament.  If there is really a climate crisis, maybe she should have just stayed in one of the Royal Family’s energy-guzzling palaces and watched it on the telly?

Wonder what the carbon footprint of that trip amounted to?

“Science and facts that have been around for the last 30, maybe 40 years, and it’s only getting stronger and stronger.

Let’s talk again about those royal palaces, Harry.  How big is the Royal carbon footprint again?  Maybe, if you really want to practice what you preach, you could move into a small flat somewhere in Sussex?  You know, that place you’re supposedly Duke of?

I suppose it’s too hard to maintain that royal lifestyle from a second-floor walk-up in Chichester.

“I don’t understand how anyone in this world, whoever we are – you, us, children, leaders, whoever it is – no one can deny science, otherwise we live in a very, very troubling world.”

Then look in a damn mirror, you pampered, entitled fuckstick.  You claim “royal” status, based on nothing more than whose vagina you slipped out of; you lecture the common people of the UK and the US on their carbon emissions while ignoring the greater culprits, one of which, India, used to be part of the British Empire; you wag your finger at regular folks going about their lives while your wife hauls her retinue of servants around the world on the Royal private jets.

This, True Believers, is the problem with “royalty.”  They presume to lecture the rest of us from royal palaces, from private jets, from stretch limos, while showing no compunctions about advertising their own consumption.  They just presume that the policies they advocate for won’t apply to them, and Harry may well be the worst of the lot.

What a hypocritical royal asshole.  I”m so glad some of my ancestors took up muskets and fought a revolution so my country doesn’t have to deal with these “royal” horse’s asses.  And that’s good – we certainly have hypocritical assholes enough of our own.