Rule Five Cabinet Post Friday II

2016_04_08_Rule Five Friday (1)It seems it is one of the unspoken roles of every President to appoint some new Imperial bureaucrat!

Last Friday we talked about the primary Imperial Cabinet positions.  This week, let’s take a look at some of the afterthoughts and add-ons that somehow carry Cabinet-level authority.

These add-ons include:

  • White House Chief of Staff
  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • Office of Management and Budget
  • United States Trade Representative
  • United States Mission to the United Nations
  • Council of Economic Advisors
  • Small Business Administration

Now, let’s look at each of these in turn.

2016_04_08_Rule Five Friday (2)White House Chief of Staff:  I have no particular problem with the President having a good solid right-hand man (or woman) to help with the increasingly complicated task of running the Executive Branch – and this isn’t really a big-ticket item.

Environmental Protection Agency:  There is no legitimate reason for this department to exist, and indeed it did not exist until 1970.  Granted the environment has been cleaned up amazingly since 1970, but the job is largely done, the rules are in place, and more to the point, the American people in general will no longer accept the kind of messes we used to.  Most of the improvements in the environment have been due to technology, not statutes.  Roll the few legitimate functions into Interior and abolish this department entirely.

2016_04_08_Rule Five Friday (3)Office of Management and Budget:  Yes, hasn’t this been an enormous success in recent decades?  Abolish this department entirely.

United States Trade Representative:  In a truly libertarian society, which the U.S. should aspire to be, trade is free across borders.  There is no better way to make common cause with other nations than to do business with them.  The business of America is business!  Knock trade barriers down, and get the Imperial City the hell out of the way.  Abolish this department entirely.

United States Mission to the United Nations.  Fuck the United Nations.  Get us out of the UN, and abolish this department entirely.

Council of Economic Advisors:  If the President needs advice on the economy, let him/her go to the people who drive the economy:  Business owners, managers, executives and entrepreneurs.  Abolish this department entirely.

2016_04_08_Rule Five Friday (4)Small Business Administration:  Again (are you beginning to see a theme here?) the best thing the Imperial City can do to help small business is to get and stay the living hell out of the damn way.  Abolish this department entirely.

We aren’t hearing a whole lot from the Presidential candidates on this.  The Dems, mind you, would far rather expand than reduce the involvement of the Imperial government in almost every aspect of our lives.  The GOP candidates (at least, those remaining) aren’t saying a whole lot either.  Ted Cruz has proposed eliminating Education, Energy, Commerce and Housing and Urban Development.  That’s a good start.  The Donald hasn’t offered any specifics, but The Donald hasn’t offered a lot of specifics on anything.

2016_04_08_Rule Five Friday (5)So let’s get cracking, guys!  While you’re at it, change the law so FedEx and UPS can carry first-class mail and abolish the Imperial Postal service.  Institute an instant Imperial hiring freeze.  We could probably eliminate a buttload of overseas military bases that have outlived their reason to exist.

The possibilities to cut the Imperial Federal government down to size are as vast as the power and influence of the Imperial City itself.  It would be great to see some up-and-coming pols that would actually propose doing something along these lines.

Don’t hold your breath.

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