Rule Five Border Crisis Friday

The execrable Rahm Emanual, who among his other shames was Chief of Staff to Barack Obama and Mayor of Chicago, is known for the quote, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” It seems that the crisis on our southern border is providing a plethora of opportunities for both major parties, and the Americans who live near that border are getting the royal weenie. But recent acts by Texas may be pushing us into a whole new level of argumentifying.

Ah, from the lips of the take-no-prisoners “Rahmbo” (who once reportedly delivered a dead fish to a tardy pollster) to the ears of 25 U.S. governors.

That’s 25, count ‘em, state bosses – one complete half. Who recently joined together in a declaring their defiance of the Feds over the current usurper administration’s “All-ee, all-ee in free” approach to the southern border. 

Exacerbated by the actions of the arrogant Bidenites in “attack(ing) and su(ing) Texas for stepping up to protect American citizens from historic levels of illegal immigrants, deadly drugs like fentanyl, and terrorists entering our country.”

The result of which was the Supreme Court’s recent 5-4 punt of that suit, delivering to the administration the snippers to remove razor wire the Lone Star Staters had positioned on the boundary in a desperate attempt to stem the flow of migrants.

Here’s where things could get interesting (and I’m pleased to note that Alaska’s own Governor Dunleavy was among those supporting Texas):

Let’s see. We have a “serious” fiscalsocial and national security catastrophe. The fact that untrammeled immigration has risen to become Americans’ number one concern. And the reality that 50% of the nation’s governors have seized the occasion to vault up right up to the line of voiding and replacing America’s “constitutional compact.” 

Might it not now be possible “to do (something) that you think you could not do before?” Like go all the way to the Great American Opt-Out?

And if more grist for the partition mill is needed, there’s always:

  • Ongoing efforts to rig another election
  • Raids on and prosecution of a former president
  • Further weaponization of the justice system – including the prosecution of grandmothers for walking through the Capitol complex (as opposed to video-recording sex there) and possible years-long imprisonment for praying in abortion clinics
  • The creeping federal takeover of the health care and transportation systems
  • Blatantly unconstitutional actions to forgive hundreds of billions of dollars in student-loan debt (defying a previous hand slap from the very same Supreme Court)
  • Systematic currency debasement including a one-year doubling of the deficit that is “without precedent,” thanks largely to the commitment of non-existent dollars to growth-killing initiatives underwriting corrupt crony capitalism

There’s a lot more – go, then, and read it all at the link above.

I don’t think it’s hysterical to state that the country is closer to coming apart at the seams than it’s been in my lifetime, maybe closer than it has been since 1860.  Go read any of my Stormy Petrel pieces over at RedState for more on that.

This issue goes beyond the border, or things like taxation or the national debt.  There are, increasingly, deep and fundamental differences among the people who live in the United States, and most of those lines (as I keep saying) are drawn between rich urban elites, young skulls-full-of-mush Gender Studies majors, the welfare scroungers, and the rest of us, the shrinking middle class, most of whom live in the ‘burbs, in small towns, or in the country, and most of whom just want to be let the hell alone.

The sides are forming up.  More than any time in my life I’m worried about where my country might end up.

Get out of the cities!