Rule Five Blackout Friday

From one of my favorites, Issues & Insights, comes this:  You’ll Have Blackouts, And You Will Love Them.  Wanna bet?

When the power goes out, most of us just have to wait until it’s restored to get back to our normal lives. In the meantime, as we wander through a dark house flipping useless switches out of habit, we make sure we don’t open the refrigerator and we put off anything we had planned that requires us to burn electricity. The more-prepared among us, though, buy fossil-fuel-powered generators to avoid interruptions

Their future, though, is in doubt. The Biden administration wants those generators to go the way of the incandescent light bulb.

“Just months after a Biden-appointed regulator teased a ban on gas stoves, the administration is working to enact a rule that would prohibit the manufacturing of nearly all portable gas generators on the U.S. market,” the Washington Free Beacon reported earlier this week.

Here in the Great Land, power outages aren’t unusual, although the local electrical co-op does sterling work in identifying and fixing the causes of those outages as quickly as one could reasonably expect – or even a bit quicker – especially considering all the distances they have to cover.  Almost all of our power and phone lines are above ground on poles, and we have frequent show, ice, wind, trees falling, all the things that can mess up electrical lines.  Only last Saturday night the power was out for four hours, as a tree had fallen on a trunk line.

That’s why most houses up here are built to accept backup power from a generator, and that’s why most folks up here have backup generators.  It’s that way in lots of rural and small-town areas.

But the Biden(‘s handlers) Administration seems to deliberately want to make life harder for those of us who choose to live out in the woods.  I&I continues:

This proposed rule would limit the amount of carbon monoxide a product can release, establishing a benchmark beyond the reach of all but a few current generators. The Free Beacon says the Consumer Product Safety Commission admits “that 95% of portable gas generators on the market cannot comply with its new standard.”

Should the rule become “law,” industry officials expect a shortage of generators will follow, as manufacturers would have only have six months to develop a compliant design. Under normal conditions, that would take years, according to the Portable Generator Manufacturers’ Association.

While some homeowners use standby generators, which have more permanence about them, to provide power when the lights go out, portables are used as well, with “far more people” choosing them because of price. What the cost-conscious consumers didn’t know when they made their purchases is that one day they would be punished for their choice. But those who have standby generators shouldn’t feel too smug. The Democrats will eventually come after those, too.

We know this because Joe Biden and his party have been on a banning and regulatory spree, targeting gas stoves, washing machines, and refrigerators. Other modern conveniences in the White House sights: water heaters, ceiling fans, and lightbulbs. The justifications for the bans and regulatory impositions are always the same: to cut greenhouse gas emissions and save energy.

Forget all the discussions about relative efficiencies, emissions, any of that crap.  Forget all the discussions about the grid, or how regulation can make various appliances more or less efficient.  None of that matters.  What matters is this.

That’s right.  The Imperial City has zero authority to do this.  In a sane world, courts across the land would be striking this crap down.  In a sane world, a Congress that cared about the Constitution would have long since defunded and disbanded all of the extra-constitutional agencies that crop up like mushrooms after a rain.

But we no longer live in a sane world.