Quick Election Recap


It’s all over but the shouting, at least here in Colorado.  We saw Cory Gardner coast to a win last night, neatly defeating Mark Udall for our Senate seat, but this morning’s news is that Governor Hickenlooper has eked out his re-election, as predicted.  The Colorado Senate has gone red, though, which should prevent any further gun control stupidity – we may have to wait a while to repeal the stupidity already in place.

Cory Gardner is certainly the man of the hour here in Colorado, and that’s a race that very nearly didn’t happen.  Ken Buck, the man who lost against Michael Bennett in the last go-around, was the presumed candidate for this year as well, but he – fortunately – was amenable to a deal, wherein he ran for Gardner’s House seat in deep red northeast Colorado and Gardner took on Udall for the Senate.

Honestly, Gardner was a better statewide candidate than Ken Buck ever could be – and Mark Udall’s campaign was apparently set up to run against staunch social-issues conservative Ken Buck, and Gardner’s candidacy completely wrong-footed the Udall camp – and they never recovered.

Senate races in Alaska and Louisiana are still undecided, but both are confidently expected to go to the GOP, which will give them a solid Senate majority of 54 seats.

This, True Believers, is a stunning rebuke of the Obama Presidency.  Barack Obama is, without doubt, the most far-left President we’ve ever had, and the American people just handed him his lame-duck notice.  He ran as a unifier and instead has been openly, arrogantly divisive; he ran as an intellectual, and all indications are that he really isn’t all that swift.  He ran as a leader, and instead he’s been a puppet.

And now he has been rendered largely irrelevant.

Yes-YOU-bearNow the GOP has to govern.  There’s a hard rule in the Imperial City; you can either govern or be governed.  Mitch McConnell and John Boehner need to get with the program now, hard and fast.  Some things they should do quickly:

  1. Eliminate the tax on repatriation of corporate capital.  American companies are sitting on billions in overseas banks, because they will be penalized for bringing that capital home and putting it to work.  That’s well to the left of stupid and needs to end, now.
  2. Completely revamp the corporate tax structure.  A rate of zero would be best (corporations are tax collectors, not tax payers) but even a competitive rate would be nice – while eliminating all loopholes, exemptions, back-door subsidies and so forth.
  3. Eliminate the medical device surtax that was idiotically included with Obamacare.
  4. Defund a platter of Federal Imperial agencies.  The Department of Education could go; education should be handled at the local level.  The Department of Commerce has done more to hamper commerce than to encourage it.

There’s more, but that would be a good start.  It would be nice, over the next two years, to see major tax reform and a return to the welfare reform that Bill Clinton signed into law in the 1990s.

Speaking of that Democrat President; when Bill Clinton took a shellacking in 1994, an electoral ass-whupping that wasn’t as bad as the one Obama Democrats suffered yesterday, he was smart enough to see the writing in the wall – and the 1996 welfare reform was one of the better results.  President Clinton listened to the American people when they told him, loud and clear, to change course.

TeddyBarack Obama is no Bill Clinton.  Will he be savvy enough to take the same message his predecessor did in 1994?

I’m guessing not.  I’m hoping to be surprised.