Rule Five Why Is Biden Hanging On Friday

This is the question indeed; CityJournal’s Seth Barron, as it happens, has some thoughts.

As President Biden’s weak debate performance continues to erode his standing in the polls and the credibility of his reelection campaign, not to mention his presidency, observers may wonder why the Biden team continues to operate as though nothing has happened. Every day brings news of elected Democrats or major donors openly imploring Biden to terminate his campaign. With early voting in some states set to begin in September, time is running short if the party wishes to “swap in” a new candidate at the top of the ticket.

It’s probably already too late for that.  There are questions as to what can legally be done with campaign funds, as well as what to do about the already-pledged primary delegates.  In theory, they could have Kamala “Round-Heels” Harris take over, but she’s even less popular than old Joe Biden, and would probably only result in a Trump landslide.  And many Democrats aren’t down for such a replacement anyway.

Democratic leaders are in a bind. Biden remains popular with the party’s rank-and-file, who are less concerned about swing-state opinion polls, “electability” questions, or down-ballot considerations than are party insiders, who obsess over these matters. It nevertheless appears obvious to many observers that the president, whose legendary “gaffes” are beginning to look like unambiguous signs of dementia, will eventually have to come up with a dignified way to exit the race.

The fact is, there’s no good way out of this.

A while back I wrote a piece at RedState on the possibility of the Democrats just taking the L and sitting this one out.  It’s a VIP piece and so paywalled, but I’ll take the chance and reproduce a little of it here:

Withdrawing from the race and focusing on internal issues might actually be a good thing for the Democrats. They are already rife with internal problems; their pro-Hamas and pro-socialist “progressive” wing may gain some ground in places like San Francisco, Oakland, and Portland, but they aren’t doing the Dems any favors in the Rust Belt or in farm country, both of which used to yield a substantial Democrat vote. Yielding the 2024 election would allow them to concentrate a few years on building their team, finding a viable candidate for 2028, squashing their internal problems, and actually forming a cohesive team whose appeal goes beyond university campuses and wealthy urban enclaves.

They won’t, of course.  They can’t.  Nobody in either party, candidly, is built that way.  Even if it would be a good idea to hang it up early and concentrate on team-building, they just won’t.

And that’s interesting because it’s something that they need to do.  They can’t really continue with the team they have.  There are no promising up-and-comers; the predominant name you hear as a 2028 candidate is the execrable Gavin Newsom, who isn’t yet done reducing California to a quivering, gel-like mass.  The GOP has a second team, waiting to be given the chance to step up on the big stage; the Dems?  Nope.

At this point Joe Biden or, rather, whoever has their hand up Joe Biden’s ass – most likely Frau Doktor Professor Jill Biden – insists that they are dragging this thing out until the bitter end.  And that, True Believers, is how you get more Trump.

Animal’s Red Thursday News

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Another day, another clown shoe from the so-called Biden administration.  Now daffy old Joe Biden thinks that, all those years in the Senate, he was representing Pennsylvania – not Delaware.

Oh, for the luvva Pete.

Now then…

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Before I get into this, check out my buddy UnCivilServant’s latest installment of Prince of the North Tower over at Glibertarians!

Now then: Holy crap, he really thinks he has a chance.  The dementia-raddled President Joe Biden called into the execrable “Morning Joe” yesterday to insist he’s in this thing for the long haul, which opinion is shared by nobody except Frau Doktor Professor Jill and crackhead Hunter.

President Biden called into MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” on Monday and defiantly proclaimed that he would be staying in the 2024 presidential race.

“The bottom line here is that we’re not going anywhere. I am not going anywhere,” Biden told hosts Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough, both avid White House supporters.

“I wouldn’t be running if I didn’t absolutely believe that I am the best candidate to beat Donald Trump in 2024,” he said. “We had a democratic nominating process where the voters spoke clearly. I won 14 million of those votes.”

After Brzezinski introduced Biden as the “presumptive Democratic nominee,” the president laughed and boldly stated, “I’m more than the presumptive. I’m going to be the nominee.”

If he stands on this, he may well be the nominee, and he will lose to Donald Trump, unless Trump manages to step on his crank in some truly catastrophic manner, or unless the national GOP engages in its trend of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.  But smart money at this point is on another four years of Trump, and to those Democrats still behind Dementia Joe, I can only ask, “Do you want more Trump? Because this is how you get more Trump.”

Look, this situation is precisely what the 25th Amendment was intended for.  Believe me I understand precisely how horrible the notion of a President Kamala Harris would be, even in the short term, but the Veep, the Cabinet and Congress have a constitutional duty here.  Joe Biden is, for all intents and purposes, non compos mentis. For the good of the republic, he has to go.

Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Last week, Mrs. Animal and I attended the famous Glacier View Car Launch, and I have covered that at RedState – it’s a VIP post, so you need a subscription to view it, but you can see my video account of the event here; enjoy!

Rule Five Toobin Friday

No, it’s not about that. While it’s hard to mention Jeffrey Toobin, AKA “Onan the Barbarian” without mentioning his online masturbatory escapades, today we’re going to talk about his jerking off discussion of the delay in former President Trump’s J6 trial.

Legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin said Monday he expects the federal election subversion case against former President Trump will never head to trial, after the Supreme Court ruled core presidential powers are immune from criminal prosecution.

“It’s a big, big victory for Donald Trump,” Toobin said on CNN’s “AC360,” referring to the 6-3 ruling that sends Trump’s federal election case back to district court to determine whether his acts leading up to Jan. 6, 2021, merit protection.

“It means that the January 6 case — the case before Judge Chutkan in the District of Columbia — is, at a minimum, delayed until after the election, but I think will never be tried,” he continued.

I never thought I’d find myself agreeing with Mr. Harry Palms here, but he may well be right.  Histrionics from the left aside, this is a big win for Trump, and it should be noted, the Supreme Court decision refers only to the legal acts of a President; it doesn’t hand them carte blanche to go after political rivals.  The incumbent, befuddled old Joe Biden, can’t send Seal Team Six after Trump (I’m guessing they would refuse that order in any case) and Trump will not be able to do likewise, when he wins re-election.

King Onan continues:

Toobin noted Chief Justice John Roberts’s majority opinion specified that official conduct cannot even be part of the evidence presented when prosecuting unofficial acts, making it difficult to find admissible evidence to support the case.

Toobin also said the “official conduct” definition is so broad that it “seems to eat up the entire indictment, in my view, in the Jan. 6 case.”

“So, I think, either Judge [Tanya] Chutkan, or an appeals court or the Supreme Court will wind up dismissing the January 6 case, because it involves official conduct,” he said.

We can hope.

This is, after all, a case that never should have been brought.  Whatever one thinks of Donald Trump, it was abundantly clear that on January 6th, 2021, he made a very clear statement to his supporters that they should make their voices peacefully heard.  He did not incite violence, and what did result, in any case, was little more than hooliganism.  There was only minor property damage and not one member of Congress, not one staffer, was ever in any danger from the protesters.

Here’s the money shot description of the Supreme Court’s ruling:

In the majority opinion, Roberts wrote that former presidents have broad immunity from prosecution — a decision that stopped just short of granting Trump the total immunity he sought, but that nonetheless helped him by likely delaying that trial beyond the November election.

The decision also took a sledgehammer to some of special counsel Jack Smith’s indictment of Trump, determining various actions Trump took to remain in power after losing the election were indeed protected.

“At least with respect to the president’s exercise of his core constitutional powers, this immunity must be absolute. As for his remaining official actions, he is entitled to at least presumptive immunity,” Roberts wrote in his majority opinion.

“There is no immunity for unofficial acts,” the court determined elsewhere in the opinion.

No immunity from unofficial acts. The president has immunity from prosecution for official acts – acts that are part of his role as defined in the Constitution.

Those acts do not include inciting violence, which Trump did not do – nor do they include sending the military out on death-squad raids looking for political opponents, as some on the left are whining about.

What’s really amazing about this whole piece is that I ended up agreeing, at least on the details, with something said by Onan the Barbarian. I should mark this day on the calendar.

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