Goodbye, Blue… Tuesday?

Goodbye, Blue Tuesday!

It’s always a little odd, starting the work week after a holiday weekend.  But we’ll do so by offering our heartfelt thanks once again to Pirate’s Cove and The Other McCain for the Rule Five links!

Moving right along; as of about 1100 Central time yesterday (Labor Day) the progressive Utopia of Chicago had seen 30 shootings with 4 fatalities.  Excerpt:

Chicago’s notorious gun violence has brought the city at least 435 deaths in 2017, ABC 7 Chicago reported Monday. Disturbing violence has marred several other holiday weekends this year, including Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Father’s Day, which each saw more than 50 shootings.

Despite the grim numbers, Labor Day weekend has seen fewer total fatalities than the previous weekend, which saw seven people shot and killed. This weekend’s fatalities were Jeremy Tang, 20, and Felipe Batista Jr., 26, who were each found dead by police Sunday, as well as James McChristian, 26, who died Saturday. The fourth victim died in the hospital Saturday and his name and age have not been released.

In 2016, nine people were shot on Labor Day alone in Chicago. If the numbers hold, however, this weekend will have been far less dangerous than last year’s, which saw 13 killed and 52 wounded.

As always, I take issue with the term “gun violence.”  There is no such thing as gun violence; guns are neiter the cause nor the actor.  There is only violence,  and guns are a tool used in committing that violence.  Violence against another is an act, and an act requires an actor; that actor is the sole responsible party.

Now, when Chicago’s crime rate is pointed out against the backdrop of that city’s strict gun-control ordinances, it’s not an uncommon response to claim that criminals are getting guns from surrounding jurisdictions where laws on guns are more lax.

Why, then, are the violent crime rates lower in those jurisdictions?

No, there is something else at work here, and The Godfather and company had best get cracking on figuring out what that is.  They would be well advised to take a look at the toxic urban “thug” culture that has invaded too many of our major cities.