Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!
Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Another day on the road beckons.

Normally on my on-site projects, part of the arrangement involves flying to the site and obtaining a rental car.  Since this project is intended to run until late spring/early summer, I’ve decided to take my own estimable Rojito out to Indiana, for two reasons:

  1. My CCW is good in Indiana and Michigan, and it’s easier to take a sidearm or two along while driving.  Since the trip involves a transit of the People’s Republik of Illinois, that also means arms have to be stowed out of reach while in that state, but that’s a minor annoyance compared to checking firearms while flying.  Also, I can bring a shotgun out and find some trap or sporting clays shooting while out there.
  2. I can smoke in Rojito.  Most, if not all, rental companies now prohibit smoking in the rental cars.  That’s OK – they are private property and I’m sure the companies are concerned with the resale value.  But I like to enjoy the occasional cigar while driving.

I’ll be at my destination this evening.  Back to work tomorrow.

Harp BearSo, a short update today since it’s a travel day and I really have to get on the road, but here are some topics to look forward to this coming week:

  • Secular arguments against gay marriage – is there a compelling argument against gay marriage that doesn’t involve a religious argument?  Not being religious, this is a question I’ve given some thought to, and while we’ve discussed it here before, that post has vanished into the ether, so let’s do it again.
  • The late Ariel Sharon.  Reactions to his death are still coming in, so I’ll give it a few days and post some thoughts.
  • Hemingway country.  Last fall, during the involuntary hiatus, Mrs. Animal and I toured in Ernest Hemingway’s childhood stomping grounds in Michigan, including the areas around Petoskey, Hortons Bay and Mancelona.  We even got up into the You Pee briefly and saw some of the country around St. Ignace.  I hope to do some fishing up there this spring.  I’ll post some thoughts.

Stay tuned!