Goodbye, Blue Monday – and Goodbye, 2018!

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Not really a true-Blue Monday, because it’s New Year’s Eve, and plenty of folks are still off work.  But not our friends at Pirate’s Cove who are still favoring us with Rule Five links!

2018 wasn’t one of our best years.  Business was slow, with a several-month dry spell over the summer.  And we had a couple of losses in the family, primary of which was my Dad, the finest man I’ve ever encountered.

But 2019 is here now, and I’ve always been the sort to look ahead, not back.  Mrs. Animal and I already have some plans for the year which will in time be chronicled here.

In the meantime, thanks for reading!  I’ve always said that I keep this blog up mostly for my own amusement, but that doesn’t mean I lack appreciation for all you True Believers who come here to read every day (and, I’m sure, to once in a while look at some pretty girls.)

So, thanks!  May 2019 be a good year for you all:  Healthy, happy and profitable!