Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!
Goodbye, Blue Monday!

And not only Blue Monday, but St. Patrick’s Day as well, so (after work) feel free to hoist one or several in the time-honored Irish tradition.

But, Monday and Irish celebrations aside, the world isn’t looking to be all that happy a place this morning.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

We have a missing Malaysian airliner that may have ended up in Pakistan – protestations from Washington to the contrary aside, this is a nation that has no love for the United States.  Who knows what was on that airliner, or to what nefarious use it may be put?

Meanwhile, Crimeans seem poised to vote to join Russia, while Moscow (read that: Putin) is massing troops in the area for what may well be an incursion into Ukraine proper.

There’s an old saw that goes “history may not always repeat, but it does often rhyme.”  Putin’s grab for lebensraum for the Russian people sure does have a familiar ring to it.

And make no mistake  the United States can’t do anything about it.  We’ve drawn down too far militarily, and we have very little influence in that region.  Also, Vladimir Putin has accurately assessed Barack Obama’s foreign policy chops as all hat, no cattle -he figures he can do as he pleases in eastern Europe, and he’s right.

Peeking-Bear-150x99Interesting times, these.

In other, similar news, the Quebecois are making noises about separating from Canada again.  Interesting change in the North American landscape if it happens, but this change will at least be peaceful.

On reflection, this may be the ideal day to hoist a few.  Here’s mud in your eye!