Goodbye, Blue Monday

2015_01_26_Goodbye Blue Monday
Goodbye, Blue Monday!

An interesting piece over the weekend from the Weekly Standard‘s Stephen Hayes:  Iran Nonsense.  Excerpt:

The United States hasn’t “halted” Iran’s nuclear program. A week before that claim, Iran announced it would build two more reactors. During this diplomacy, it has made progress on its plutonium program and continued enriching. It was supposed to freeze centrifuge activities at the Pilot Fuel Enrichment Plant at Natanz, but the IAEA reported last fall it was feeding uranium hexafluoride gas into the IR-5 centrifuge there.

The fact that the Obama administration still insists Iran hasn’t violated the terms of its interim agreement with the United States and its allies says more about the administration’s eagerness to continue diplomacy than it does about Iran’s behavior.

triple-facepalmEven as the Obama administration has demonstrated its determination to give the Iranian regime every benefit of the doubt, the president reflexively questions the motives of anyone who has a different view. In comments at a press briefing with Cameron, Obama implied that Congress—not Iran—would be at fault if military conflict erupted. And at a recent meeting with congressional Democrats, Obama accused Senator Bob Menendez of bowing to the interests of campaign contributors when the New Jersey Democrat expressed concern about never-ending negotiations without consequence.

This is the Administration that dithered while the worst regime since the Third Reich and Stalin’s Soviet Union weaponized hate, and did so in the form of nuclear devices.  Iran will have a nuke – they will have several nukes – and, unless the apocalyptic nutbars that run that country have a sudden attack of sanity, they will use one.  In the considered opinion of yr. obdt. either New York, Washington, or Tel Aviv will be the target.  Sure, Stalin’s Soviet Union also built nukes, but most of us old Cold War types know the big difference; the Soviets, however disastrously wrong their economic policies ended up being, were nevertheless people who loved their children and wanted them to have a world to grow up in.  That, in large part, was what staved off nuclear disaster.  The Iranian leadership?  Not so much.

Back to their nuclear program.  “But Animal,” some say, “there is a big difference between building a nuke and weaponizing it.  Making a nuke that will fit in one of Iran’s missiles (which they are also building as fast as they can) is a whole different proposition.”

Yes, that’s true.  And the nutbag mullahs couldn’t care less.  They don’t have to weaponize a nuke; all they have to do is make one that will go “boom.”  They can then load it into a cargo container and do one of two things:

Kill it with fire1) Put it on a tramp freighter, sail it into New York or Haifa harbors one dark night, and torch it off.

2) Import it into the U.S. through any one of a thousand fake companies registered in Liberia or some other Third World shithole – statistically speaking, almost none of the thousands of cargo containers that come into the country every year are actually inspected – and put it on a truck.  They can then take it anywhere they want to go and torch it off.

Granted it’s very likely that Iran will cease to exist as a nation shortly after that, but it’s also very likely the nutbar mullahs don’t care.  They expect Paradise and 72 virgins as their reward, and striking such a blow at the Great Satan may be worth having their country transformed into a glowing radioactive crater.

And make no mistake (yes, that was deliberate) if it happens, this will be the largest part of President Obama’s legacy.