Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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I was going to write a few words on last week’s Trump conviction for… what?  Who knows?  But one of the nation’s premier legal minds and constitutional scholars, Alan Dershowitz – a liberal Democrat who voted for Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden – says it much better than I could.

Alan Dershowitz – and let me say that as a legal mind, Alvin Bragg is not fit to scrap dog shit off Alan Dershowitz’s shoes – is 100% spot-on here.  This sham trial was a gross miscarriage of justice, a travesty, and a fraud.

And they just handed Donald Trump the 2024 election.

The polls over the next few weeks will be interesting indeed, but the first few post-verdict polls have wandered around some, but as time goes on, the vast differences between Trump and the ever-more-dementia-ridden, befuddled, confused Joe Biden will become apparent.

I remind you, as well, that Trump drew 10,000 people to a rally in the deep-blue, hardcore Democrat South Bronx, while Joe Biden can barely fill half of a high school gymnasium in friendly territory.

The aftermath of this election will be very interesting indeed.