Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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As someone once famously said, this is a big fuckin’ deal.  My boss over at RedState, Jennifer Van Laar, who by the way is one of the best investigative reporters in the business, busted commie-lib Democrat Ted Lieu wide open over campaign finance shenanigans – and Jennifer has the receipts.  ALL of them.  Check it out.

He’s still at it.

Since 2019, RedState has broken numerous stories about Democrat Rep. Ted Lieu’s potentially illegal habit of spending campaign funds on expenses that personally benefit him and his family, such as $10,000 to the Torrance Education Foundation, which sponsors his sons’ robotics team, $15,000 to his wife’s school board campaign, and a $50,000 contribution to the university at which his eldest son matriculated a couple of years later (Stanford).

Those stories garnered national attention, but he doesn’t care. He kept right on sending money from his donors to these causes, without his donors’ knowledge or consent. A review of FEC records shows that Ted Lieu for Congress has now donated $25,000 to Betty Lieu’s school board campaign and $17,000 to the Torrance Education Foundation.

Read it all. It’s a great portrait of a pol so deeply and fundamentally corrupt, that he could almost be a Clinton – or a Biden.

In any sane world, Ted Lieu would be looking at a prison term. But this is no longer a sane world, and Lieu has the best “Get Out of Jail Free” card in the world – a “D” after his name.

But then, if this was a sane world, at least half of Congress would be in the pokey.

There’s a reason these people, on relatively modest Congressional salaries, manage to grow monstrously rich while in office – and afterward.  It’s called graft and influence-peddling.  Ted Lieu is certainly guilty of this, and likely nothing will be done about it – shining light in these kinds of dark corners threatens the graft for everybody, and today’s breed of pols just can’t have that.

There is one political figure in recent history, though, whose net worth decreased while he was in office. That remains a fact regardless of what anyone thinks of the man himself – and his name is Donald Trump.