Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!
Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Here’s an interesting tidbit from longtime Democrat strategist Pat Cadell on the current state of the national GOP campaigns.  Excerpt:

Rank and file members of Congress find their constituents and supporters back home growing anxious and frustrated, while Republican leaders dismiss these citizens as mindless “groups trying to raise money off of Boehner” and McConnell. Caddell’s poll demonstrates that citizens want a more effective opposition to Obama’s policies.

One of the two Republican leaders confidently told a dinner companion last year that he can ignore the tea party agenda, as it is “only 8% of his base.” Caddell has news for the mistaken leader and others showing ignorance of those who put them in office. Caddell confirms, “It ain’t 8%. It’s about 40% of his voters.” He is stunned at the disconnect that seems to be growing in the Republican Party. He even relayed a warning that “1/4 to 1/3 of Republicans appear ready to bolt their party.”

Caddell discusses a “donor, lobbyist, establishment class” of Republicans who “have lost election after election” while lining their own pockets, abusing donors and destroying candidates. “They have no message,” he declares. “The problem with Republicans is that as long as they can keep their hands on their goodies in this town, a lot of these lawyers, lobbyists and others, they don’t care whether the Republican Party wins or what happens to the country.”

Excellent BearBear in mind that Cadell is a Democrat strategist.

There is a running meme going around that somewhere around 4 to 5 million self-identified conservative voters sat out the 2012 election because Mitt Romney wasn’t “conservative enough.”  On the one hand, this may have been an act of cataclysmic stupidity; Mitt Romney would have been a vastly better President than Barack Obama.  On the other hand, the 2014 shellacking (which was, I remind you, President Obama’s description) the Democrats took may not have happened were it not for the President’s overreach to the left.

But it’s past time the GOP figures out that the electorate is changing.

One of the (few) things that gives yr. obdt. hope for the country’s future is the growing libertarian bent of the electorate, especially the younger generations.  If these same younger voters become more concerned about the strangling burden of national debt which threatens to crush their futures, then that’s an electorate that the GOP could own.

So far it’s beginning to look like Governor Scott Walker may be the one GOP candidate that has that figured out.  As the primary contest gets under way, we’ll see if that’s truly the case.  If it is – well, Hillary Clinton had best start planning her retirement.