Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Now then: Who the hell thought this was in any way appropriate?

Deer Creek School District released a statement Friday afternoon after a video was sent to Fox 25 that showed students licking toes during an event for the school’s Wonderful Week of Fundraising.

“It was surprising,” an anonymous student told Fox 25. “I didn’t think they were going to do all that. I was just shocked. I didn’t really have like a feeling. I was kind of disgusted, and then kind of glad I wasn’t over there.”

“Whenever she told me yesterday that was happening, I had to ask her, ‘Wait, what? They’re licking peanut butter off of toes,” an anonymous parent said. “What?”

The week was spent raising money for Not Your Average Joe Coffee, which employs people with intellectual, developmental, and physical disabilities.

“I am all for fundraising and all for really fun and silly things, but that right there just seems a little excessive,” the parent said.

What the actual fuck?  Here’s the video:

The statement claims that no Deer Creek teachers or faculty took part in this disgusting exercise, which begs the question: “Then who did?”

Oklahoma’s State Secretary of Schools had the right reply:

Damn right, this needs to be cleaned up.  Anyone in the school system who enabled this in any way should be cashiered, forthwith.  If the schools, or indeed any organization want to use school-aged kids for fundraisers, let them do sack races, or chili cook-offs, or something sensible.  For example:  Here in the Great Land, every April there is a gun show down in Big Lake, that raises money for the Big Lake High School boy’s hockey team.

Plenty of folks on the left will no doubt rheeeee about that, but it’s sure as hell a lot saner and healthier than having school kids lick peanut butter off adults’ toes.

Honestly. Just when you think you’ve hit Peak Stupid, some shit like this comes up.