Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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This just in: Princess Liawatha Warren wants to file your income tax. No, thanks.

So what? It’s Congress, charged with writing tax code, that has spent decades making filing both difficult and time-consuming. TurboTax only exists because Congress has created a byzantine code. Moreover, tax preparation outfits are lobbying to oppose the federal government using taxpayer dollars to put them out of business. If TurboTax were lobbying against flattening or simplifying our tax code, I would be appalled myself. In this case, they’re lobbying against the efforts of a deranged apparatchik to nationalize another industry.

Warren not only wants the government to write tax code, enforce tax code, and withdraw taxes from your paycheck, she wants to file your taxes, as well. It is a guarantee that any government program created to “prepare” taxes would evolve into a government program that cuts the citizen out of the process completely. Our withholding system is bad enough. We don’t need salaried workers even more disconnected from the price of government.

I wouldn’t trust Fauxcohantas to run a latrine detail, much less come up with a scheme by which the Imperial government decides my tax burden – to hell with that idea.

But this brings up another idea (and one I’ve advocated for many years): Why do we even keep this wasteful, expensive, labyrinthian taxation system?  Why not a consumption tax?  Tax consumption at the retail level – only at the retail level – not production, and not only is it simpler, not only do the taxpayers see much more directly what government costs, but this also captures all of the underground economy. Drug dealers buy cars, illegal aliens paid under the table buy clothes and shoes – this would capture all of that.

There’s also this: Princess Liawatha is one of the dumbest people to ever sit in Congress. Taking the opposite tack to anything she suggests is probably a good idea.