Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

Thanks as always to Bacon Time, The Other McCain, The Daley Gator, Flappr, and Pirate’s Cove for the Rule Five links!

Speaking of Flappr, from their YouTube channel comes this:

As anyone who has been following these virtual pages for more than a week surely knows, I’m a big fan of the Feminine Aesthetic.  Like most guys, I love pretty girls, and agree with our friends at Flappr that the traditional sundress is one of the best ways to clothe that Feminine Aesthetic for maximum effect, namely, making us guys immediately lose IQ points.

(Yes, the Blue Monday choice above was indeed deliberate.)

So, yes, indeed, enjoy the sundress, and all other, similar apparel that shows off the feminine form to perfection! Life it trouble enough, it’s good now and then to simply take a moment to enjoy pretty girls doing pretty things in pretty surroundings.

Vive la difference!