Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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Now we see the Mayor of Denver – a city we lived near for over thirty years – has a new plan to deal with homelessness, which is approaching Californian levels in the Mile High City.

Denver’s homeless problem is so bad that one resident resorted to dumping human excrement left by his office on the steps of City Hall to convey his frustration. 

Mike Johnston, the Democratic mayor of Denver, may be on the other side of the aisle, but he understood where libertarian think tank owner Jon Caldara was coming from with his viral stunt. 

“I’ve known Jon Caldara for a long time, so we’ve had more than our handful of discussions, but I think he and I share the same goal, which is what we want is be able to get people housed and be able to get back clean, safe public spaces that everyone can access,” Johnston told Fox News Digital. “We know one of the reasons that happens is when folks are living out in tents and encampments, they don’t have access to public bathrooms. They don’t have access to trash pick-up. And so often they have no place else to drop trash and no place else to go to the bathroom, and so that’s one of the reasons why we know it’s not the right solution. It’s inhumane, it’s not good for the city.”

No shit, Sherlock.  But wait, where’s the solution part?

Johnston, who took office in July, immediately declared homelessness a public emergency and released a $50 million plan to get 1,000 people into transitional or semi-permanent housing by year’s end, according to CBS Denver. He then hopes to keep homeless encampments that have marred city streets closed for good.

Oh, of course that’s the solution:  Pour more taxpayer money down this rathole.  That’s $50,000 for each person, by the way; why not just give them each $50k to move to California?

Wouldn’t it be cheaper just to put out a bunch of porta-potties?  Or start enforcing laws against urban camping and open-air drug markets?

Get out of the cities.