Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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A couple of bank and credit union robberies down in Anchorage have been solved, and the perp in custody, thanks to an online dating app.  No shit.

Anchorage resident Tyler Ching, 34, was arrested Sept. 22 in connection with two robberies at a credit union and bank in Anchorage.

On Sept. 19, authorities allege that Ching entered the Global Credit Union located on Industry Way. Ching menacingly approached two patrons in conversation with a bank teller, and brandished what appeared to be a gun. He demanded the teller fill a bag with cash.

Making his escape, he took about $2,320 with him. The next day, he repeated the pattern at the Wells Fargo Bank on Jewel Lake Road, making off with $2,820.

Meanwhile, the FBI put a photo out of the suspect and someone in the community recognized him from the Tinder dating app. He was also identified by an employee of the Anchorage Police Department, who knew a mutual acquaintance.

Here’s the fun bit:

Ching, a registered voter with the Green Party of Alaska, according to the Division of Elections, worked at a coffee shop not far from the Wells Fargo branch. He faces two counts of bank robbery and could serve up to 20 years in prison for each count.

Well, a Green Party leftist.  Not that there are plenty of Green Party nutbars who, while being nutbars, are at least law-abiding nutbars.  But Mr. Ching’s Green Party affiliation may well be a manifestation of the three personality traits an old retired cop once told me are present in every criminal; the percentages vary, but all three are always present. Those traits are Greedy, Mean and Stupid.

Mr. Ching, it appears, weighs in heavily on the Stupid side of the trilogy.