Goodbye, Blue Monday

Goodbye, Blue Monday!

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So, I watched Tucker Carlson’s intro program on Twitter; here it is in case you haven’t seen it.

I’m a little uncertain what he’s trying to achieve here.

Well, let me refine that.  I know the macro on what he’s trying to achieve; to build a following on Twitter that may well dwarf the audience he had on Fox News, and in that, I wish him every success.

But on the micro, I don’t get his comments lending credibility to David Grusch, about whom I commented last week.  Tucker seems to find Grusch’s story credible, when to my thinking, it’s just another crank.  Grusch has not and (I’m betting) can not produce any evidence.

I like Tucker.  I like his optimism and his style, where he dishes on the Left with humor and backs (most) of his arguments up with evidence, even though the broadcast format isn’t really conducive to scrupulous analysis.  That’s why I watch almost no broadcast or video news and instead read – a lot.

I hope his comments on David Grusch are an outlier.  I’d hate to see Tucker become the next Art Bell.